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  1. Thank you very much!!
  2. Mods, do you have any suggestions?
  3. The mouse I just bought is the Logitech G502, one that was recommended by a friend who also plays PUBG with the G502 with no issues. I can confidently say the mouse has nothing to do with the issue.
  4. Colinoo could you post your specs here? Interested to see what similarities we have. Might help narrow down where the problem could be.
  5. Yep I'm right there with you. It's unbelievably frustrating trying to explain to everyone why I couldn't shoot someone, especially when they are spectating me. My most recent game I was #3 and was killed in the final shootout, I fired one time and then it locks up, essentially just letting them know where I am. Needless to say that ended in a loss and a rage quit
  6. Sorry to hear that but good to know I'm not the only one. Really hope there is a fix for this as sometimes it makes the game borderline unplayable.
  7. I have not alt-tabbed, but I have shift tabbed and steam's menu responds to the mouse clicks. This issue is solely in this game. Both my mouses work 100% of the time outside of this game.
  8. Should add that I have changed all settings to low as well.
  9. Bug Description: My left and right mouse buttons periodically do not work. The bug is not constant and unpredictable and typically disables my left and right mouse buttons for roughly 5 seconds (inconsistent durations). The mouse otherwise works fine, I can turn and do whatever I want. If I am zoomed in (right-clicked) when the bug strikes I cannot zoom out. It is not a lag as my clicks do not register later, they are simply void. This bug seems to happen mostly when I am attempting to kill other players, it has got me killed many times as my first or second shot will register and then there will be a period where I cannot shoot at all. I originally thought it was the mouse (despite it working perfect in other games) so I bought a new one, same issue. Date Seen: Last time seen was today (5/17/17) however it has been an issue for me since day 1. Server: Not on test server. Normal NA server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have bought a new mouse. I have made sure all drivers are up to date. I have made sure the game is up to date. I have disabled "enhanced pointer precision." I have toyed with numerous mouse settings. Other Information: Nothing I can do to work around as far as I can tell. I play on a very nice gaming laptop and I've tried using the mouse pad while the bug is active and it still does not appear to work. Launch Options: I haven't tried any command options. System Specifications: see attached
  10. I randomly can't shoot or zoom but I can do everything else. Also if I am zoomed in when this happens I cannot zoom out. Seems to come in 5 second intervals. I have not been able to figure out a solution and it has gotten me killed more than once now.
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