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  1. Good KDA Does Not = Good Player

    That's good then because mine's a bit pants, haha. My win rating is always much higher than my KD. It certainly helps to be better at combat though.
  2. They're aware and said they'll post a hot fix shortly.
  3. Aye, I suppose if you're thinking of it from an e-sports perspective it would have to be a bit more refined. I guess as a casual player I just roll with it but if it's causing that much bother to some people then tweaks will be necessary.
  4. rain match?

    I don't like the rain maps personally but it should probably be an even split between them. Only had it twice since the update. I do think the rain map should be set so the rain intensity varies as in real life though, so that it might occasionally be possible to hear something.
  5. Personally I think the RNG is part of what makes it interesting. There shouldn't be a setup that could guarantee you a win, if there was then everyone would go there and it would become boring and predictable. Also if you find rubbish loot - challenge mode! I won the other day with nothing but an un-sited scar and a pistol (no healing or armour) using the awesome power of sneaking (and a bit of luck). You might well get dead but it'll be a heroic tale if you succeed.
  6. Random Gripes

    The S1897 is a mean-ass weapon, you should consider using it. It's got me out of a lot of tricky situations.
  7. lobby takes way too long

    I think you might have chosen the wrong game for you. This isn't a balls-to-the-wall shooter, it's as much stealth and positioning as it is killing.
  8. lobby takes way too long

    The lobby barely ever lasts more than two minutes, often no more than one minute and in that time you can flap around to your hearts content. It's fine for now.
  9. Vehicle preferences

    Man, I really want to love the 2 seater motorbike but I just can't stop killing myself on it. The other day I did a big old jump but just as I landed clipped the very top of a barbed wire fence that i couldnt see until it was too late and went flying at 120rpm into the ground.
  10. Tips against campers

    No worries man, carry on. I just get frustrated at the use of the word "camper" on the forums like it's equivalent to cheating. I understand you're not doing that.
  11. Vehicle preferences

    What vehicles do you prefer over others and why? I tend to prefer armour over speed, here's my best to worst: Hard top UAZ Dacia Soft top UAZ (never certain if the soft-top stops bullets or not) Buggy No-top UAZ Motorbike Biting into live electrical cables and hoping it launches me in the right direction Motorbike with sidecar
  12. Solo Car Drive by Tactic!

    Someone chased me in a boat doing this the other day. I couldn't work out how they were doing it at first. Managed to escape by the skin of my teeth. I may or may not be tempted to try it for boats in future. Cars not so much as the aim penalty is horrible.
  13. Tips against campers

    I would just like to re-iterate that there is no camping in this game, just surviving. If your method of survival involves being in a building then so be it, you're as likely to be forced to move as anyone else with the whims of the circle. A camper is someone who stays put and ignores the wider objectives of the game. Anyone who does this gets dead from the circle. There are no campers.
  14. What is your strategy when there's 10 people left

    Get on my belly and crawl about a lot, foliage permitting. If there's hills overlooking then try and find a lucky tree or bush where hopefully no-one can see you.
  15. off days?

    When I get in to this kind of rut I set myself a multiplayer only with friends rule as it generally keeps the mood light and allows you to get a few kills in a generally slightly looser duo or squad environment. If that doesn't help then just a general break if you can find another game to fill the void. I also find the more games you play in a row the more careless you get, running around looting without taking as much care because you've already been at that stage 10 times that day. I try and be aware of that and use it as a sign to take some down time.