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  1. Can someone help me with FPS Drop

    If it's bs then why has it been a solid fix for a ton of people? What you don't seem to realize is that this game is still not optimized and has severe memory leaks on occasion hence why extra RAM will help. For other games no it won't be a solution but at the moment it is for PUBG. Rather than come here and say someone is talking complete crap you'd be better off just having your input without putting another suggestion down. He and several others would not have suggested to upgrade to 16gb if it was bollocks.
  2. This would never happen, skill would never be compared to someones rig capabilities. The user chooses the settings, someone could be relatively bad at the game but has a pretty damn good rig, therefore they would be at a disadvantage. Some of the best players in the game generally use low settings so that would put those with a bad rig at a huge disadvantage. See why this wouldn't work? MMR will always be based on statistics, not hardware.
  3. Premiere pro is the way to go !
  4. That's not what you asked, you asked if their is better loot RNG in George compared to water town. In reference to the map and my experience, yes George is better. E.g. you will leave with better gear.
  5. In my experience this map is correct, fan made or not. Looting the red areas I leave with far better loot than the yellow. E.g. why George/Military/Mylta Power are so popular. The percentages listed are QUALITY, not DENSITY. I'm pretty sure that's obvious by looking, school & apartments are not larger than north George.
  6. They do actually
  7. Medkits and booster not working/

    The current ways to fix this are by switching weapon or dropping the current weapon and picking it back up. Both of which will allow you to heal again.
  8. When you gonna fix sniping?

    I gave you proof that PUBG does indeed take action against snipers and showed you where you can find this information. Then I gave my views on the matter, if you can't take that I'm sorry, but it's the truth.
  9. When you gonna fix sniping?

    You do understand streamers would rather put up with having the possibility of snipers than add a delay because it disrupts the ability to interact with the viewers. How exactly can someone stream snipe if you're not streaming? That doesn't make any sense. On top of that having the same person in 100+ games it down right bs, the amount of players and servers that are available removes the chances of that. I've clocked in over 450 hours and I've probably come across the same players (by noticing their names) maybe 5-10 at maximum. If someone is "sniping" you somehow without you streaming that's on you.
  10. When you gonna fix sniping?

    It has everything to do with streaming, isn't that your point ? If you've reported people it could take time and they'd only have action taken against them if there was absolute proof. E.g. someone going out of their way to find you multiple times.
  11. When you gonna fix sniping?

    There's not exactly something that can be done about this and it's the same for every game. The streamer chooses to show their perspective That being said you can be banned for stream sniping if you have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Do not stream snipe: this is a form of cheating and you will be banned if you do it
  12. Beta transition to full version

    Is the price going to change when PUBG comes out of Early Access? The game will remain to be at the current price even after Early Access. You will not need to purchase again when the game is full release, it just simply changes it's status.
  13. Using Razer Synapse to jump in-game

    A simple re-bind is perfectly fine and extremely common, as long as it's a manual input and not automated like a 'true' macro then you're good.
  14. Can someone help me with FPS Drop

    So you're basically just going to ignore everyone who's said that have had a huge increase in performance by adding another 8gb? Don't tell someone to stop spreading 'misinformation' when it's been seen throughout the forums as a valid upgrade.
  15. If someone is less than 100m from you I have no idea why you just wouldn't use an AR, it's better in every way.