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  1. I really like this idea. However, I don't think you need to have a spare quick draw mag or something. As you can share and drop ammo onto the ground, I would say you must be able to throw ammo as is, but in the default quantities that you pick it up in. So if you have a 5.56 rifle in hand, you can tap a button and throw 30 rounds of 5.56 ammo to a mate. If you equip your 7.62 rifle, you will throw 30 rounds of 7.62 ammo to your mate. It would also make sharing ammo in general much easier.
  2. Damn I was upset! lol You can hear in his recording how he and the other guy laughs in the background. We were jamming together from my house. Needless to say, I was very wary the rest of the night lol. Check out how nonchalantly he shoots me
  3. ah damn that sucks! I have not seen that yet, so quite interesting. Switching to first person and back doesn't change it? Is it always that angle? If you look in a different direction as you land, does it lock that direction for the rest of the game or does it also go into this view mode?
  4. So do you want them to add a 25m and 50m option that can be adjusted using the zero'ing button? I would not make it 100m by default though but adding the option to change it to 25m or 50m after picking it up is fair
  5. True, but a SCAR is not made to shoot at 25m distances. Do you want the developers to change the way the guns work? For that is how it works in real life. At 25m you then need to shoot from hip, or use a red dot sight.
  6. But iron sights on rifles are usually zero'd on 100m or 100yds by default... Rifles can be adjusted, but making it 25 or 50m by default will take away the true bullet flight path from real rifles which the game is trying to simulate. I have never shot a rifle which has iron sights zero'd for 25m or 50m by default. It is usually 100,200 and 300m settings. Only .22 rifles and lever action .38 and .44 rifles are sometimes zero'd at such a short range. Adjust accordingly...?
  7. I vote we make this thread a sticky in every forum category
  8. Well come on, it is pretty realistic. Shotguns do a ton load of damage easily up to 20m or whatever or even more. I would expect to die one shot from a shotgun in a house.
  9. 2 Buildings not indicated on map:
  10. I did look there first but didn't think it was the right thread for it
  11. Description: I ran past two buildings which was not indicated on the map. It seems like the general shape may be there but in a very light grayish color. I took a screen shot showing the houses, but the mini map does not indicate the house. Date Seen: 2017-06-03 (yyyy/mm/dd) Server: EU
  12. So basically, we are both calling for the same thing? Give us the option to use one button for ADS or hold-fire (like a check box) and when unchecked, separate the two into two different binding options?
  13. Okay I hear you, but just tapping r-click does all that and tapping r-click uses less 'effort' than holding ADS. So why the need to change the way the game works? Just add the option to assign a different key for ADS by itself?
  14. How is this better? You might want that, but I again don't. And why only two modes? It makes sense to have normal hip-fire or the first firing option while moving fast and holding R-click to move slower and give steadier aim while giving you better view of your surroundings and when needed ADS. If it is only normal hip-fire and ADS with no slow-more-accurate-hip-fire option, then it would negate the use of playing 3rd person. I play my battlefield games with the option of holding r-click for ADS and not just clicking r-click. If you really want to make a suggestion, ask them to give the option of assigning different buttons for ADS and zoomed-hipfire. Then you can clear the one key and pretend that firing mode isn't there...
  15. Dude what bug?? Pics or videos please? If you want to report bugs then follow the correct format or requirements. After reading this, I have no clue what you are even talking about. Your demanding attitude stinks too.