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  1. The servers aren't final servers or productions servers buddy. Whether they test it on the test server and have issues or upload it to the normal server and have issues is negligent. The reason why we have servers and can play the game now is to provide feedback. You're approaching this as if the normal servers are the final, released game version scenario which it aint.
  2. Guys, stop complaining and ride the wave like the rest of us. The dev team know what they are doing, despite what some of you might think. If you think you know better and can do better, maybe you should send in your CV to Bluehole and ask them to let you help work on the game. Your entitlement attitudes are really annoying and kills the spirit that the rest of us have who want to help and contribute by being a part of the EARLY ACCESS stage of the game. If you are unhappy, sit back and wait until the game is finally released. Damn, the constant moaning about optimization and not doing anything else shows a clear lack of understanding on how development on a game works.
  3. How do they even get it right to join the same server? Or am I assuming they are all on voice chat? I saw a video where two squads were playing together, or so it seemed. They shared vehicles etc and it seemed they were all on comms. I for one, would love to be able to play a duo or solo server, knowing my buddy is on that server and that I can hopefully hunt him down and fight against him. But I guess that wouldn't be possible unless one can join a party and still join a solo server but just put everyone in the same server.
  4. Nice find! That way you can have two rifles and swop one mag between them to get 40 rounds in each rifle
  5. Windows 10 game mode might help a bit for guys with 8gb or less ram. Isn't the memory clearing properly after closing the game?
  6. I like this idea! Except it could be abused, someone just hiding in the car until someone comes close and surprise! OR, let you duck down and hide your head but your back is slightly visible. So you can't hide and not be seen, but you stand a chance of not getting hit in the head.
  7. It really is random. I will have two mates over at my house playing squad and then about 5mins into the game the one would desync and then the other two are left. One night I had the one guy constantly desyncing and we thought there would be other issues. I reset my fibre connection and we all restarted computers and it seemed fine and then whoops another guy. I always felt sorry for them and then 2 weeks ago I had my first desync too and it was their turn to laugh at me lol.
  8. It is amazing how the experience differs. One guy has awesome experience with no lag and then next moment someone else experience what you experienced.
  9. Is that the first time happening? I would assume if it is a bug then more people would experience it? Can't that be due to lag/latency maybe?
  10. I would also like elevation on the map.. a few times buddies and I sit still for too long while trying to figure out on the map where there are hills or no hills and where to move to next.
  11. free versions as in legal?
  12. Hey guys, So I thought I would share some of my fails or lucky videos that was recorded. I don't record with my voice added yet as I need to get a headset (using laptop). Where I used the built-in mic, it had static... Anyways, here is a short clip showing how lucky I was to get a kill with my health on 1%: And here I missed the driver, took a bullet to my pan and still ended up dead :-( And then some fail shooting where I had the drop on a guy. Buddy behind me was just shaking his head in disappointment I am hoping to be able to compile the small cut-outs that I have somewhere in the future but can't find a free video editing program that is easy to use. I used to use iMovie on my mac which was great for this, but with windows not so easy. Any suggestions? Thanks guys, raving
  13. Okay yeah I agree on the suprise advantage. I had one instance where a guy was running towards my tree and I popped out infront of him at the last second pummeling his chest full of 7.62 rounds. Needless to say I figured that guy must have had a heart attack (it was a solo game). That element does indeed make a difference, being able to lie in cover and look around, knowing whether you are properly hidden or not. There are pro's and con's to it. I would enjoy 1pp only servers for the added difficulty, but it would also take away much of the game's feel or experience I think. I switch to 1pp when entering buildings most of the time, but outside I want 3pp. Best would definitely be when 1pp only servers come out and we can alternate between them.