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  1. Question on Flashbangs

    I have a pretty good feeling flashbangs work with 1. proximity to your player character and 2. line of sight to your player character, whether your character is actually looking at it or not. So I'd imagine you'd be safe in that situation. Nobody has done any in-depth testing of it yet though.
  2. Match Making

    I can't say I've ever seen the ranking system dish out weird scores like that. Typically it goes like: low-ranked player + top50 finish will net you points high-ranked player + top10 finish will net you points mid-ranked player + 50-100th place finish will net you negative points high-ranked player dying immediately at 99th place will net you huge negative points very high-ranked player + top10 finish without any kills will net you no points Any kills on top of those placements will help offset or add on to your final score. As you climb in ranking, the ranking system seems to hold you accountable for early game deaths. It expects you to be able to consistently survive into top placements. I can't imagine if you're at rank 100,000 that a single bad finish will offset two good top10 finishes. Are you very highly ranked?
  3. Are Smoke grenades client side?

    I'll put what I've said in previous threads about smoke grenades. It has been stated by the devs that the smoke is rendered client side, but that they sync the positioning of the smoke across all clients in the server. I doubt the accuracy of the syncing though, as I've seen many instances where players seem to be able to shoot at others through smoke as if their view was unobstructed. Watch this particular engagement from Aculite: https://youtu.be/F2OUwkPfZi8?t=4m18s These issues should be fixed in the future though:
  4. Can someone explain this to me please

    Yea I think we pretty much get eachother. The main point I'm trying to make though, is with that last drawing I made. You could be aiming right at a guy, and have your shots miss, because you're aiming in between his arm and torso or some shit. That's what I'm trying to make clear.
  5. Can someone explain this to me please

    I very much understand this. The point of my pictures, especially the second one, is to demonstrate that you may not be aiming where you think you are. In the second picture, the reticle looks like it may be on the enemy, when it is in fact in between his torso and arm, resulting in the reticle landing on some far away object, and your bullet trying to travel towards that point instead. For clarity, the blue circle is the camera, the blue line is the cameras line of sight, the green circle is your character, the green line is the bullet trajectory. I am showing the bullet coming from the character, and going towards the point that the camera line of sight intersects with an object.
  6. Can someone explain this to me please

    My edit button disappeared? Here's another fun one:
  7. Can someone explain this to me please

    The problem lies in when your reticle is not actually on the enemy, but rather say an inch to the side of him, or in between the arms or legs. Lemme whip up another quick shitty paint sketch : Even in an open area scenario, the 3rd person perspective can mess with your shots, and you can get some weird behavior like that ^
  8. Can someone explain this to me please

    I think everyone's in agreement at this point that 1st or 3rd doesn't affect the spread of the shotty. Now I don't know the context of the video since it's down, but Kringe has a point in that the 3rd person aiming can cause your shots to go somewhere you may not intend based on how the system works. In 1st person ADS, the bullets/pellets will always travel perfectly straight away from your camera. In 3rd person, the bullets travel a bit sideways left to right in comparison to the camera because the bullets have to travel from the end of the barrel, towards the center of your screen/reticle. How much it travels left to right is dependent on how far the target is that your reticle is resting upon. I demonstrated this in a shitty paint drawing from a different post a while back: Whether this actually applies to the situation or not, I dunno. Just thought I'd throw this out there. It's probably just the fault of the RNG pellets. RIP Phroste
  9. Random Gripes

    - 200m isn't THAT far away. You're definitely not going to see damage dropoff at that range. If you're referring to bullet drop, it's not the most difficult thing in the world at that range to lead and aim high on a bike, but definitely not easy. Shit happens. You may surprise yourself at the hits you can land if you just try and take shots sometimes. - The first through third circle are easily out-healed by bandages and a couple boosts. You can run pretty much from any point in the map early on and make it into the circle eventually. And if you're running that far, you're just about guaranteed to find a vehicle at some point. I've not once died just because I was so far from the circle without a vehicle. You gotta act early if you know the circle is far. - Crossbow is a powerful early game weapon, and can even hold its own endgame when it's in the right hands - one shot on unarmored torso, and one shot on level 3 helmets. I'm inclined to agree on the VSS - it's really fucking bad. Maybe a slight buff? The S1897 fits right in with the other shottys, as each one fills a specific role between the 3. Double barrel for quick 1-2 taps, pump action for slightly slower paced shots at range or at multiple enemies, and S12 for the maniac squad wiper. - Drop shotting can be an effective strategy in close quarters, but this is definitely not the intended use. I've had my fair share of enemies drop below my aim while doing so and cause me to miss several shots. Proning in general is best saved for being sneaky-beaky like, especially at endgame in wheat fields or grass. It's also really good at reducing recoil. The M249 deploys a bipod when proning allowing you to spray down cars at range.
  10. Solo stat games aren't recording

    I'm gonna chime in here as well. My past 5-6 duo matches over the past couple hours aren't going through.
  11. a few questions from a new player

    Well, we'll definitely see it as a custom gamemode or mod at some point if it isn't implemented as an official one. I've watched some streamers put together 50v50s, and it looks pretty fun!
  12. a few questions from a new player

    1) It sure is. Some weapons are rarer than others though. Kar98s and vectors may be hard to come by, while pump shotguns and micro uzis will be plentiful. Super special loot such as the M24, AWM, M249, groza, tommy gun, or the mystical 15x scope can only be found in loot drops. 2) You are likely to find vehicles wherever there are roads, even roads going through cities. In some cities there are special garages that have about the same chance to spawn a vehicle as any other spawn along the roads. I personally drop into high road density areas to find cars. 3) You use page up/down to adjust your zeroing distance. This zeroing feature works the same regardless of what scope you have. Let's say you have a target about 200m from you. If you are zeroed to 100m, your bullet will hit below where you are aiming at the target. If you are zeroed to 200m, it will hit your mark perfectly! This system relies on you being able to estimate distances well, or by opening your map and counting out the distance using the grid. The small white squares are 100m x 100m, the large yellow ones are 1km x 1km. 4) Idk! 5) We have heard mention of more gamemodes in the future, especially a 50v50 war mode that was mentioned somewhere in an upcoming features description. Mods will also play a big part in the games future. Playerunknown has stated that he wants the game to be very flexible for modders and custom gamemodes.
  13. lobby takes way too long

    I've never had a match take that long to start; you seem to be exaggerating. Even as it is with 1-3 minute lobby times (as I've experienced), downtime between matches in PUBG is far less than in a lot of other AAA titles. I'd say it's doing a damn good job given you have to get 100 people in a server together.
  14. You only have yourself to blame if you are letting the RNG dictate if you die/lose or not. After playing in several tourneys, I've noticed that all the players ensure that they don't let the RNG screw them over, and you have every single player still alive 15 minutes into the game. YOU are making the decision to drop alongside other players and risk not getting a weapon immedately. The RNG is what keeps the game interesting. If you want to do well, figure out how to work around it so it doesn't screw you over.
  15. LF strong duo mate

    Why a smurf account?