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  1. They don't. Did you see my picture? I have a lot of time in this game, and I've never had to aim below my intended target at 0-100m to land my bullets.
  2. Bullets will not go above a targets head if the zero is at 100m. Only at longer zeroing does the bullet travel above the target before eventually falling to the reticle.
  3. It's a game. Cars in games explode. Explosions = fun. Don't read too much into it...
  4. I highly disagree with this method, maybe unless you're managing 144fps on a 144hz monitor at 4k or something. Moving your camera quite literally makes every pixel on your screen move, removing your ability to spot the odd pixels out (players) that are moving.
  5. Invincibility = big no-no
  6. The key to spotting players, is spotting movement. Your screenshots can't possibly show someone moving. And yea, also keep in mind that videos on the internet are always reencoded and will lose fidelity, especially at range. When looking for enemies, flick the camera around to different positions keeping it perfectly still for a few moments, and scan with your eyes.
  7. I've been trying to figure this out myself after racing motorbikes around all day yesterday doing the subreddit's racing challenge. I have no fucking clue. Sometimes when I intentionally rotate for a flip, I get ejected. Sometimes when something bucks me and and I go flipping like a madman, I stay seated. And vice versa. I can't find the logic in it.
  8. Your bullets weren't going through the hole in the door. They were hitting the piece of door that wasn't destroyed on the left side. This is due to the fact that bullets come out of the end of your barrel, and travel towards what you're looking at with your reticle. You would have benefited greatly from going first person in this situation.
  9. I've just now realized that 'C' is the hardcoded key to dive in water. This is much akin to the hold breath mechanic, that was hardcoded to 'SHIFT'. So, the same change that was just implemented for hold breath (allowing it to be rebound), needs to be implemented for diving in water. OR it should be bound to the same key as crouch. I'm sure this has been talked about before, but to reiterate, we need to be able to bind 2 actions to the same key. Anyone that has rebound crouch to 'SHIFT' and sprint to 'CTRL' knows that this messes up both holding breath, and itemStackCountHandling (splitting stacks of items), forcing you to bind those to separate keys.
  10. All helmets protect the entire head & face. It's a single hitbox. You did not get killed by 2 shots to the body. The game does a poor job in relaying information to the user, and you were likely shot at in full automatic taking 5+ shots. Keep in mind, also, that you can not tell if one of the first hits was a headshot if the hits that downed you are in the body. And for like the hundredth time on the forums, the developers that work on server infrastructure, are not the same ones that work on new guns and vehicles. Programmers can be working on code, 3d artists working on new assets, and animators working on new animation all at the same time.
  11. I think I recall seeing something about how they will give us detailed info at release. Since the guns are going to undergo many balance passes, it's a waste of their time to constantly post weapon stats. Also, I'd imagine they'd want unbiased testing of the weapons. Basically, they want us going in blind to each balance pass so we can come to our own conclusions about weapon balance.
  12. 7.1 will not help you at this time. The devs have stated you should stick with stereo for now.
  13. This image is incorrect. The figure on the right would be what would happen if your zeroing was at 100m, and your TARGET is at 25m. There's a better image demonstrating this, but I don't feel like finding it. Here's a basic mockup: The blue line essentially represents the top of the chevron. The blue dot in that video is simply the bullet impact location (or the red line in my shitty picture). It is hitting low relative to the top of the chevron.
  14. Another thing to keep in mind, the gas/blue starts to do more damage to you once it has reached the white and stopped moving.
  15. The bullet travels in an upwards trajectory from the barrel towards the top of the chevron at a 100m zeroing distance. This means that if a target is at a distance less than 100m, the bullet will hit low.