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  1. Hey guys I am currently looking for a decent player to duo up with for a consistant cooperation in order to develope essential skills and get fat from roast chicken dinners in the process Anyone with 200h + on steam and fluent english is more than welcome. No moaners and tryharders blaming and analyzing what we could have done after every game please. Hit me up on steam ASAP -
  2. Yea right. Especially with all that desync and lag You have plenty of time to fire back when u're caught in the open by somebody behind the cover...
  3. Yep. I could happily play thorough a session of DUOs with not a single problem, everything was back to normal. Today i started my pc and its the same again. Not a single update or change performed... I did just do CC cleaner and erased all the bad stuff. Didn't help. I decided to delete all the .Ini files in WindowsNoEditor folder. It partly solved the issue. The game is back in FULL SCREEN since then but i get horrible fps (20-40) and i still have only 3 resolution options to chose... Also i realized that rolling back the display driver solves the issue entirely, but when i get into cities the textures flash white and its unplayable (but fps rate is pretty high and smooth).
  4. UPDATE!!! Yesterday i DDU deleted my display driver and reinstalled it right after i wrote this post. It solved the issue for the rest of the night. I played till about 3am having no problems at all. How on earth is this possible that i haven't done any change since last night, just switched the PC off. I start it today, launch the game and the same bloody thing! Oh my god i am about to give up on this game, this is beyond any joke.
  5. I do not have multiple screen setup. I use only one monitor - HP X2301 . Yes, i did modify .Ini files before (2 reinstallations ago) as part of the FPS boost guide. I have edited about three of them, but after i realized it made my game look too bad while not giving me much higher fps rate, i deleted all the .Inis hoping that it would make it go back to default settings. I have no launch options at all. PS. Thank You for Your interest in my case.
  6. It seems like this is ordinary Generic PnP Monitor driver indeed.
  7. HI guys i would like to desperately ask You for help. I have been having issues with this game regardless very decent specs. Multiple rebooting used to be the solution for last couple of days but it seems to no longer work . Whenever i launch the game, the black screen with BLUEHOLE logo loads up full screen, then the window shrinks once i get to main menu. I attach a screenshot explaining it all. I have only 3 basic resolution options to chose (800*600, 1024*720, 1920*1080), besides that the game seems to work as normal, but if i get into the game, my fps is horrible and game feels veeery rough - i get like 19 fps. The lower resolution i set, the smaller the window gets, outside of window stays unchanged and i can use desktop as normal without ALT TABBING the game although its set to full screen as you can see. Please guys, help as I am desperately trying to find a solution. Steps already taken: Complete Windows reinstall Game re-downloaded All drivers updated Power plan set to high performance Deleted AMD Crimson Relive Deleted AMD Raptr My specs: CPU: Intel i7 6700K SKYLAKE 4.00 GHZ GPU: AMD MSI RADEON R9 390 series 8 GDDR5 MB: MSI z170a m5 gaming RAM: Corsair Predator 16GB (8x2) SSD1 System: Kingston HyperX 240 GB SSD2 Games/Programs: Kingston HyperX 480 GB LIQUID COOLING: Corsair H100i v2 PSU: Corsair AX 860 Modular HDD 8TB STORAGE
  8. Hey there. Add me to Your friend list please - . I am down for some games.
  9. Hi mate. I play on EU server. Thanks for the interest.
  10. Hi guys. I am 23 years old and I would like to play some DUO games, preferably with a chilled guys who has quite a bit of knowledge about the game. Previous FPS experience highly preferred. Aiming at the very TOP. Invite me on steam if you speak English fluently - . Looking forward to hear from You!
  11. Siema panowie. Szukam osoby do oporowych DUO. Preferowane doswiadczenie w FPS'ach (Counter Strike, Battlefield et cetera). Jesli jestes zainteresowany to dodaj na steam, jestem bardzo czesto aktywny.
  12. Siema, tutaj NiNJAWALK. Dodaj na steam to pogra sie cos na spokoju bez zbednego obwiniania sie nawzajem.