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  1. Still haven't fixed this and it's getting ridiculous. Seems to happen to some degree every game.
  2. How does one screen shot the absence of something they don't know should be there? We'd have to be videoing it or something. And most people don't record their games.
  3. If we have a scope on, could we have a hotkey that has us tilt the gun to aim down the side of the barrel instead of having to choose between scope or hip fire?
  4. Hopefully the questions are answered before it dies. The one that was answered was the F key not working, seems like that's been an issue for ages and until they get some stuff worked out will continue to be an issue. I don't really run into any of the "big" bugs anymore (yay progress!) but these two are CONSISTENTLY making me hate games.
  5. Shouldn't the limit of players be 100? Like... no matter what? If there are 100 players in the game there should never be the chance that one wouldn't show up.
  6. How do I delete this post? I see now the question was answered elsewhere.
  7. Which is, obviously, enough of a delay to get you killed.
  8. SSD And what specs do you want? Processor is Intel Core i5 6500 @ 3.20 GHz 8GB Ram I do apologize that I'm not as computer savy as I'm sure would help. I'll have to get into a custom game to test for you the delay. The thing is it's not consistent. Sometimes it's less than a half second sometimes it's more, sometimes it's "instant".
  9. Have they said anything about these issues then? I mean... surely neither are considered acceptable or intended are they?
  10. There are two problems I see nearly every game. I have seen topics where others talk about them but haven't seen them addressed by anyone definitively. There's a good chance I just don't know where to look to find if these issues are being addressed. I'm new here. 1. Invisible players/ Parachuters at the start of the game. -Players/Parachutes will "appear" just feet above the ground where they were not loaded/visible beforehand. It makes the early game super obnoxious having to turn at the last second because 4 people appear around you where there were none. (and no, it's not that I missed scanning for them, I've done that before too, and this is not what's happening in the situations I'm referencing.) They literally just appear where they were not before. 2. Interaction with Vehicles. It seems that there's no right answer with entering vehicles. Do I spam F and hope it goes through? Do I hit F and roll the dice as to if I'm going to get in or not? It really seems finicky. Thanks in advance! Also Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, I put it where I thought was best.
  11. Cars still super unresponsive when getting in... no clue how this isn't a priority.
  12. Agreed. I generally quit games as soon as I find they don't have jump.
  13. In the early game it seems like things aren't fully loaded yet or that input isn't getting through for the first minute or so. Ex. Picking things up seems to take spamming F in the early game (only in some games) where as later on it takes just one press.
  14. This is the main area that I experience lag. Just let me in the freaking door! I shouldn't have to spam the F key or hit it once to "test the waters" as it were as to if it's working right then.
  15. IMO this is the #1 thing that needs fixing right now. It's infuriating and is consistently horrible.