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  1. If you have an FPS counter on screen does it show a drop in FPS when this happens? You can turn on FPS counter by opening your Steam overlay and it's in the game settings for PUBG. In general if your FPS drops it's a performance problem, if it doesn't it's a lag problem. I know I'll often run into stutters during firefights that are simply the result of server lag from the game engine. I also see it when enemies come close (racing during initial drop, for instance). If it's a performance issue I'd say your processor is the most likely culprit. If it's lag there's not really anything you can do, but if it makes you feel better it's probably because the guy you're shooting has crappy internet.
  2. Yah I was going to mention that as well. They didn't just go "there's 9mm lying all over the map anyways, let's throw that in the VSS" The rounds wouldn't be the same as you would put in a M9 because it would shoot subsonic rounds, but it's close enough for playability.
  3. From a primarily solo perspective I wonder at the need to clear houses at all. The video above does seem kinda handy since you can take out multiple enemies in one location, and anything AoE has a better chance of hitting. In solo you just put trees between you and the house and wait for them to be forced out. House campers are generally worse at aiming. After the rounds down to about 50 people or less I almost always regret going into buildings at all. It takes too long to go in safe and there's just no good way to know whether a person might be third personing a doorway except gamesense.
  4. @Avengeful 70-120 FPS once you get things tuned in I imagine. Shouldn't expect major FPS drops in cities, there's just a sort of ebb and flow of frames.
  5. Yah I think the general consensus is that this needs some tweaking. My favorite of possible tweaks is to slow down the speed the blue moves at for latter circles, that way people would still be forced to move but if the circle ends up on the far side from you multiple times you won't have to unarmed sprint for 5 minutes straight then get shot by somebody who's been chilling in a house the whole time.
  6. 15-50 FPS and tons of heat, most likely. Possibly after optimization is complete you could run it solidly though. On laptops right now I wouldn't advise getting the game unless you also have a desktop or are OK with waiting for the game to work with your rig.
  7. Using the hold right mouse button or click right mouse button aim modes will allow you to shoot from passenger seats.
  8. Is it possible it was gifted to you? I've never had anything gifted and assume you have to acknowledge receiving them in some way, but if not that it would have had to come from a crate or purchasing on the marketplace I think.
  9. I assume they didn't add this into the game. I know to expect this with real bullets but it seems like it would just be really clunky unless they were able to do each shot the same way you would do a physics calculation (with the acceleration of gravity acting over time to each of our bullets).
  10. Yah a lot of the performance problems aren't directly related to your system specs. The game still has some problems with how it handles RAM. I had problems caused by the size of my pagefile on my SSD and ended up increasing it to Windows recommended (about 17GBs). The game may be having trouble sending information it's done with off to die.
  11. It's been brought up as a suggestion. Quite a lot of people would prefer it. There's a thread in the Suggestions category with everyone getting on board.
  12. It's ALMOST funny if you're stuck outside in some of the final circles and you can only run about 10-20 meters before you have to stop and First Aid again.
  13. @z0yk @AintrealTV If you have progressive FPS drop over the course of the match that's not related to server/engine lag, it's a game performance problem on your system (lag will stutter you and stop your character but won't drop FPS). I'd say you may be looking at a memory leak or components that are getting extremely hot during play, with the memory leak being the most likely (if it doesn't crash your system it would be like you just progressively had less RAM available to use, which would drop your FPS). For server lag, I had WAY better experiences playing solo in squad over the weekend than in solo servers (which were just a catastrophe).
  14. @Tykjen I don't know about the issues with your network but here's the other half:
  15. Do you think that NA has all the "good" servers and EU has all the "bad" servers then? It seems like it would be strange to not just get better servers in EU and take care of a major issue, then. EU servers actually feel smoother for me then the NA Solo servers right now. Do you think that happens because they send me straight to the "good" EU servers, or is it possibly something having to do with how the engine code compensates for high ping?