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  1. It just tickles me pink that players who are apparently grabbing level 1 gear, a shotgun, and a vehicle then heading for a shack in the middle of the circle can be so final about whether there's any tweaking that would make sense for the circle. Why try extra hard to avoid dying to the circle for a .8 KDA? My biggest thing is that I don't want it to be almost required to have a vehicle you take with you just in case the circle takes a crazy swing. I really don't think anyone should want that because besides the fact that it limits what is viable as a tactic, there's a decent chance we'll see more and more people doing donuts in the 15-30 players stages of the game and they'll have to nerf vehicles in some way. I don't think instant death would be a great way to go on the circle, either, but it's hard to picture what is would be like if it was just slow as molasses.
  2. It's just a rhythm you get into, if you start to get in the zone while playing you'll find yourself doing almost all the time because it makes sense to do it as you're running, too. I can see an argument that it's a bit unrealistic but I don't think this is as bad as bunny hopping or crouch spamming, it's more like just moving furtively. If you picture how you would take gear out of a crate in a dangerous situation, that would be pretty jerky and quick, not really sitting still with your head in one place. I could see adjusting the speed at which you could switch directions so that it's not too strong, but at the moment when you're playing against good players you just have to do this or you'll die pretty easily.
  3. If you read carefully I do have some reasons why they might not put it on sale besides the 3453 code.
  4. Possibly but I have a hard time telling anymore.
  5. Just keep refreshing until it is. No idea why they wouldn't put a game that is in early access and is 4 months old and is a top seller anyways on sale already.
  6. Without animation clicking would be faster than drag and drop, but I picture it as being the slow way in my head because there's always been the animation.
  7. From reading the notes for the upcoming patch it seems like they may have decided to just make it a little faster to loot with the interaction key. Hopefully they're not still planning on slowing down inventory looting.
  8. Do you use the parking brake to do that or just normal brake?
  9. I was hoping there would be more 7.62 ammo around because of the Groza...so I think they should nerf it and make it a common spawn. I don't care if the gun works or not as long as people don't kill me with it, I just want the ammo.
  10. @Kevinmcc2 Anti aliasing and screen scale are important for spotting. Depending on what's comfortable for you different levels of texture and foliage can also make people easier to see.
  11. This would be really easy to abuse since you can switch seats while driving.
  12. @ApexAZ Yah I agree, it's just a bit too extreme and needs some tweaks. I think that @oddmonster makes a decent suggestion that should be fairly easy to implement and fair if it was done, too.
  13. Anyone have any techniques they like for stopping a car as quickly as possible? I'll frequently see an engagement I'd like to take but decide to leave it because I don't want to be exposed while stopping and figure if I stop behind cover an enemy will just vanish like smoke. I figure there's probably people that spend more time in vehicles that have developed methods for things like that though.
  14. Is it hilarious to anyone else that PUBG is around the top of the sales during the summer sale even though it's not discounted?
  15. I think stats are usually about a game behind for each category, so your win will be updated after you have played another game. There's still some periods where stats aren't updating for prolonged periods (day or two) but I believe they're still recorded.