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  1. The Mk14 EBR

    Mayan, just want another game mode lol not another gun I'll never use.
  2. Stream Snipe Question

    No It's like playing split screen with your brother/sister but only one of you is allowed to look at both you and your opponents screen. Does that sound fair?
  3. What riffle do you preffer ?

    I suck with any rifle anyways, doesn't matter what I pick lol
  4. Would you use gun skins/camouflage?

    I prefer the winning system or objectives. Like "Get 1,000 headshots" and you get x Or "Win 2 games in a row" and you get x "Kill player by backing up over them with vehicle" Having them as loot would be fun also
  5. Could someone explain how I died????

    Yeaa I think it's a bug. I think the crate was suppose to move so it looks like it touched you, but it didn't. Happened to me when I was hiding behind a vehicle. It's like the movable object is bigger than we think and there's like an invisible outline or something.
  6. Get rid of Burst Fire UMP

    I'm gonna have to agree But the way my mouse is set up, it's next to my thumb so I can easily change it instantly while on the move.
  7. How to grenade head shot

    Lol such bouncy physics. I think a direct hit like that should have gave him a knockout atleast, aw well
  8. Poll: $15 Dlc or Cosmetic microtransactions

    The words micro-transaction and free in the same sentence just sounds weird lol I like GTA's philosophy sorta.. Free DLC But you have to pay real money for game money, which kinda sucks though lol since everything is priced high. But none of that is stuff is actually necessary, if that makes any sense
  9. Do you pay attention to your ranking?

    Nope lol I've been soloing squad mode and losing like 99% of the time lol. But it's just to have fun since it's the only way to get more shooting time compared to the other modes =/
  10. The mic abuse is out of hand in game

    Lol it's their game, they can do whatever they want pretty much.
  11. Microtransactions

    Totally fine with that. Dependencies between their statements and actions will help others/us in determining what kind of people are behind this game . I say, keep em coming
  12. Microtransactions

    Meh, they're allowed to change their minds.
  13. New multi-dual-combo-weapon - cheat? :P

    Lol wish we could put sights on shotties though. I mean in real life you technically can so why not =D.
  14. Enough with the Camper and RNG QQ.....

    Meh.. It's a forum, complaining is another form of discussion