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  1. This was not a hit..?

    i went frame by frame on my recording trying to figure out why i did not hit him. the picture shows the scope angeled as the recoil hits from firing. There were no blood splats on the enemy after the shot was made and he did not move from that position for about 1 .5 s after the shot. xplain dat note: i did not die before the bullet hit him, he killed me a few seconds later with his nade ( you see him throwing)
  2. So i bought 4 crates at the same time after saving up some points.... wtf
  3. Shotguns pumping mid fight

    Sometimes when in a fight, even when i have the shotgun out and ready,the second i deside to shoot someone it loads a round in the chamber ( pumping motion) How can you ever tell if it's been pumped or not, by randomly shooting to test ? this srsly needs to be fixed
  4. Most frustrating death...ever. What's yours?

    heres mine http://plays.tv/video/593ff1a3be4159efbc/dfhd?from=user sorry for the weird quality something happened with the recording software while i was using avg's turbo mode but yeah,,,,, this was fucking annoying
  5. Snow map ?

    any thoughts ?
  6. Cant f*cking play, help

    Click windows key and write : cmd. Right click and run as administrator. The type in: netsh winsock reset. After this restart your computer and things should be fine. Alteast it worked for me and i tried everything possible for 2 days before i found this solution
  7. Cant f*cking play, help

    FIXED WOOHOO i did try flushing earlier today but what help was a different command for resetting you socket ( thinking this is a network socket) argh im so happy
  8. Cant f*cking play, help

    also theres this, and that's the fan speed running at 100 % ..... from opening to closing the game. note: at 50 % fan speed the gpu temp went up to 70 c
  9. Cant f*cking play, help

    ok so i went into my currently running programs and files. Pubg was getting : running, not responding, running, not responding over and over again. Also it was not using any memory from my network while running. This shit is so strange...
  10. Cant f*cking play, help

    hehe thats ok, thanks so much for atleast trying my man !
  11. Cant f*cking play, help

    yeah i've tried disabeling, no dont think it has any gamemode, not that i've seen atleast
  12. Cant f*cking play, help

    im using avg which is a bitch to beginwith when coming to letiing programs pass but i've added both battleye and pubg to all the selections i could. not sure what you mean by going to the browser ? as in going to steam on ur browser ?
  13. Cant f*cking play, help

    done it probably 30 times today my friend
  14. Cant f*cking play, help

    Did all this still got nothing ...
  15. Cant f*cking play, help

    can find any of those files ? Is that the problem maybe ?