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  1. PUBG Product life-cycle

    That's a pretty out there theory when you consider how many concurrent players this has been having.
  2. Random Gripes

    Crossbow is only miss = dead if they know you're there. You pull into one of those bushes late game that hide you really well and you can miss 2-3 times and still get a kill lol.
  3. PUBG Product life-cycle

    I don't get what you are trying to say here. Could you elaborate?
  4. Are Smoke grenades client side?

    Yes. As such, they are incredibly unreliable.
  5. Elo system? LUL

    Where are you tracking these?
  6. Another good one is having high value items like meds and boosts and dropping them inside a room that has a decent spot out of immediate sight. People tend to use items like that as a sign of vacancy because there's never a reason not to have those items(besides not being able to pick them up, but if you have a backpack you will make room lol). People will sprint right into a building without checking the whole area if they see those items, and then you get a free ambush.
  7. Me too lol. I never thought about using anything besides a frag.
  8. Can someone explain this to me please

    I'm at work so I have limited response time as it is. I will come back with video evidence of my point when I get home.
  9. I didn't unfortunately. I don't really record because it often causes issues with my fps on BG. But this is a tactic I often have to use. Finding an Uzi for me is like Christmas, nothing beats that bullet hose when you flank somebody who doesn't know you're there.
  10. Can someone explain this to me please

    Oh now the video is unavailable. Did somebody remove it to avoid further confrontation?
  11. Can someone explain this to me please

    One: No choke on this. Two: Until I get a response regarding the other points listed, I'm not going to go at a strawman for you anymore. You're holding up another argument to avoid the POINT of this THREAD. As you and I both stated and agreed upon earlier, you were at medium to close range when the fight occurred so your previous replies have no relevance what-so-ever to the topic.
  12. Can someone explain this to me please

    Did you not read my post? The post is BS because it doesn't represent longer ranges where first person ADs excels, period. You claimed it has none, which isn't true. There just isn't much or any at close ranges. However, that has nothing to do with my original post, which I stated in my previous post at length. Your shots were wide due to the way third person ADS camera screws your aiming. Or you can keep whining and ignore the point and pick out other parts of my argument that have nothing to do with why your shots didn't kill him. The shots, and their spread, went wide because you were tracking a quick moving target further than point blank range and didn't land a full blast from either shot. That's why.
  13. Can someone explain this to me please

    For one, this test is BS because there's going to be low spread with any ADS at that range while not moving. The spread tightens at longer ranges with 1st person. For two, I was referencing where the spread was at. It went wide because third person ADS is notoriously bad with close range weapons, especially shotguns. There's countless videos of people clipping doorways and walls from third person, but in first person(without moving from where they shot) they clear it. The camera perspective causes so much inaccuracy it's ridiculous at times, especially on moving targets.
  14. I dropped and found, through 7 houses and various small shacks along the road, ONE pistol, ONE clip of 15 ACP rounds, pistol silencer, L2 backpack and 1 energy drink. Then various useless ammunition I couldn't use or attachments for every gun ever created, but obviously couldn't use. Snagged a Jeep and intentionally went looking for people and found a guy, passed him as if I didn't see him and ditched the jeep further towards the circle, shot out one tire on the side he would be approaching from and hid between rocks and waited. Dude came up on the jeep, approaching slowly to see if he was late to a party and I stepped right out behind him and popped him a few in the head and got my weapons and armor and meds. Sometimes you gotta loot people and not houses.
  15. Another week without an update?

    You should look harder.