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  1. The point of this game isn't to land in the same 4-5 spots every time and drive away to safety. It's about surviving AGAINST the odds. It's about RNG favoring the other guy 99% of the time, and still prevailing. The skill in this game isn't nearly as textile as you want it to be, and if you don't like that you shouldn't be playing this game. The skill in this game is decision making, and if you had that skill mastered you wouldn't be bothered because you'd be able to make different decisions each match to adapt and win anyway. This change is good. There should be NO 100% guarantee of anything in a game like this. This isn't your average shooter.
  2. They didn't release the game, it's still in beta. The second this game was available for sale it entered open beta, and about 3 weeks after that it was discovered. Also, the entire team isn't made up of coders. They have animators and designers who CAN'T work on the issue because they don't have the qualifications. What, should they all just stop working while the coders fix the issue? That's ridiculous. EA = Beta. Please, stop with the baseless accusations.
  3. I'd prefer something else because that promotes a, 'If I can't win nobody can win' mindset for someone who may feel they are outgeared and outskilled. They just hide and make everyone lose since they can't win. Instead, make it the last couple of circles a green circle, which requires you to keep moving in order to not take damage. That way camping will literally kill you and getting up close and personal is now a viable option. It also makes med kids and bandages completely unusable, so I would say in this circle pain meds and drinks are instant use for boost purposes. This would turn the last few circles into an actual battle royale and not everyone sitting in a bush not moving for fear of being seen.
  4. Your entire argument is the worst case of the slippery slope fallacy that I've ever seen. Majority of the players didn't even know that it saved time doing that, which is why it's listed in every tips video ever for the game. I guarantee you more than half the people you've played against never once drag and drop looted. It will have an impact on the game, sure. But a small one at best, and it doesn't take much longer because you don't need every piece of loot you come across. Pick up what you need and keep moving and you'll save yourself plenty of time, my friend.
  5. And you can still click and drag, it's just the same speed now. And I didn't say that's why you wanted it, I said that's the only reason I can think of besides having an advantage, which I placed as the reason I thought you wanted it. The thing is you aren't being punished, it was a bug that wasn't intended to be put in. The Devs want an animation for picking items up, and this circumvented that. You were being falsely rewarded for something that was never intended to be that way, so they fixed it. It's not about hurting you, it's about what they wanted it to be in the first place.
  6. 'Not happy about the animation when dragging. It's fair to have both options when you get better at looting it can separate you from the less skilled players.' I would imagine the only reason for this is to give you an advantage for a greater chance at winning, unless you're solely looking for a way to differentiate yourself as 'better' than others for nothing else besides an ego boost.
  7. Except we would need a bell we could ring when we wanted to be ballsy.
  8. Clicking and dragging is such a mundane and unnecessary activity. When I think of a video game and the goal for differentiating good from bad players(especially in a 3rd person shooter battle royale) I don't think, 'The person who clicks and drags rather than clicks to loot should win'. I think that about gunplay, and tactics, and sneaking, and controlling your noise, picking fights, looting smart areas and knowing when to use vehicles, and probably a dozen other things that I would say should decide a match, not preference between clicking or dragging the loot screen.
  9. Devs stated it will at least wait until after PC release(late 2017), and I assume it won't happen right after. I'd guess early/mid 2018 as UE4 is super easy to port to consoles.
  10. You're acting like there isn't anti cheating software or teams of people games can dedicate to keep hackers out. Plenty of games have marketable items without an up front cost and they don't suffer the hack-pocalypse you are preaching about.
  11. If a company buys a game key and then charges it back via CC company, or it gets cancelled AFTER the purchase because the CC was stolen and the owner cancelled those payments, the only defense the game developers have is cancelling those keys for fraud so the people who bought them with invalid form of payment can't sell them. Here's a really simple diagram: PUBG Dev>third party seller with stolen CC>you PUBG gets their payment revoked because third party seller stole that CC PUBG cancels the keys they sold to third party seller, who sold that to-be cancelled key to you.
  12. Definitely need guns like the P90 in the game as top tier sub machine guns. Would put more of an emphasis on having a breacher/CQC specialist in squads that isn't toting a shotgun.
  13. You sound like you've played alot. Welcome to the forums. If you're ever looking for a group HMU, I don't play a ton but more is always merrier.
  14. Friends, foes, and everyone inbetween . . . We need the P90 in this game. With attachments for extended mag. Please, it's my favorite gun and it would be much more different than the current non-create lineup. Plus, I want to be able to down 6 people without reloading.
  15. Me either. Although dying while in the air/on the plane is an exploit, not a hack. To avoid it just jump into the water on starting island.