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  1. Hello Fiz, i understand your frustration there releasing a patch for this soon hopefully to fix the lag issues happening on the servers.
  2. Since its apart of the game mechanics i don't feel like its a bug, i would post this in the suggestions thread.
  3. Hello Onehit, At this current state the leaders boards are currently a work in progress, try waiting a couple of hours for the leader-boards to update.
  4. Hello Ragic, this topic has been talked about for a while now, and i even made a post about it. I think a option to lower or mute the sound in general would be good. Also just a heads up, just make sure you are posting in the right area next time as it falls under "Suggestions & Feeback"
  5. Hello Sheep, it seems by restarting the game could lead to a possible fix. Overall custom games are need of some work at the moment, and will be hopefully looked upon in future patches.
  6. Steam is back online, issue should be fixed.
  7. Hello Ky-Zo I am not sure also it is meant to be intentional aswell. but if it seems to be a general map issue which needs to be fixed. try mentioning it in this thread.
  8. I guess for a temporary fix is to move your task bar back to the bottom if it becomes irritating.
  9. Hello Shinon, there are multiple threads about this already.
  10. Steam is currently under going maintenance, so the PUBG servers have trouble connecting to your account as viewed in this photo. Users who where able to bypass this where in a game before this issue happened. Resulting in your character been offline. Your items and points should be fixed up when steam is back online.
  11. I have seen a similar thread, floating around where if you hug a certain wall then throw smoke grenades from inside buildings they can go throw the door or been rebounded of them "which in your case" it happens. I do believe it is a known issue though.
  12. Did this just happen recently? If so steam has gone offline. Try restarting your steam.
  13. At least the issue is solved for now.
  14. Hello Yora, it is good to see you fixed your issue.
  15. Hello Xuqe, I couldn't find a particular fix for this, but why don't you just leave as default or try looking in the User Game Settings to see if you can rebind. C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor