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  1. Hello Chrismas007, This has been a known bug for a while now and to keep everything related to the subject i mentioned the above thread. As it saves you opening another thread about it. I do believe it falls under the same category even though it is combined into "Not Receiving Rewards" & "Stats not recording" . Thanks.
  2. The Leaderboard/Ranking system is a work in progress. since there is already a thread post that deals with this, I would mention something in there.
  3. Hello Chrismas007, I would mention this in the following thread.
  4. Hello em777, I would mention this in the following thread.
  5. Hello @EvilTwin Take a look at this thread.
  6. Hello Dayman,
  7. I believe I have been unfairly banned, who do I contact? If you want to appeal your in game ban then you need to contact @PUBG_FWG via PM on the PUBG Official Forums.
  8. No worries bud, Thanks for the Update.
  9. Eh?

    Hello Welcome to the Forums
  10. Hello Bohani, This was a funny watch,that fence spray pretty much sums my aiming at 9:45 haha.
  11. Looks really nice, I can't wait for the update to be released on the Main Servers.
  12. Hello Boyraza, As mentioned above look through the forums, or even external sites like YouTube or live streams to see how the pro's play the game etc.
  13. Hello Vexxer232, Try filling out a bug report including your PC specs and additional information to the following thread which deals with this issue.