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  1. feedback

    A Tommy is useless end game? Most of my last 3 circle fights are fought with an ump... not saying I am great or anything but I have several chicken dinners. I think snipers are most deadly early and mid game. Late game goes to ARs and SMGs and the occasional shotgun
  2. A REAL life grenade has 3 levels of protection. It has a thumb clip, pin, and spoon. The thumb clip prevents the pin from being pulled and is swept off with your thumb. Then the pin is pulled. The military teaches you to hold the spoon in your hand as to prevent milking the grenade.
  3. I would like a time machine so I can go back to preorder and preorder this game to get the Ezio style trench coat...
  4. I don't think it would result in much resides people blowing themselves up resulting in a suicide instead of a kill for you.
  5. Same.
  6. That doesn't mean that they would be willing to loan out fragments of their IP for a game.
  7. There are plans to add a kick or stomp to downed players. Inability to punch was not intended and is covered by the FAQ section. School bus... not sure why but hey maybe. Tractor... what why!? Super slow and in protected. Hot air balloon would be a massacre. A watch I am not sure what this would do for gameplay. Sunrise and sunset would be neat but at this time they don't want a dynamic weather or time system in the game.
  8. I know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes you are standing still and can't use drinks, pills, or kits. I don't know why it does it but it usually lasts for about a minute then fixes itself. I am assuming it is some sort of desync.
  9. That will probably all be addressed as they optimize the game.
  10. Sometimes weapons don't quite spawn right away. It can take what seems like a minute for everything to spawn in.
  11. Neat! But why are we there? Why are we fighting? Why do they only feed me chicken, pain killers, and redbull?
  12. Military armor is ceramic not steel plus they crack when hit. So this eliminates energy of the round but they can only take a few hits before the plate is ruined. Bruised ribs a plenty but I don't recall ever seeing any broken ribs from gsw to sappi plates from 7.62x39 in Iraq either time I was there.
  13. There is no lore to the game as of yet so we have no background as to what is going on. Is this a hunger games scenario, is it a computer simulation to test combat skills, or some form of prison reform system like in gamer or death race? We don't know why we are falling from airplanes and hate each other enough to bop some stranger on the head with a skillet for some cake (it is a lie) err... chicken dinner. All we know is; that we must be the last one alive, watch out for bush wookies, windows are abnormally high, this island had a horrible problem with break ins through windows but not doors, the locals were avid pro gunners, ammo manufacturers apparently sell ammo in 15 and 30 count boxes only (but if you collect a bunch then drop it out of your pocket you can fit 200 in 1 box), there is no natural wild life, and most importantly all cars face east and boats face west.
  14. Ok so if you are clearing a house by yourself that is a decision you made. The consequence is that you have no backup. I commonly open doors from the edge and back up and use 3rd person to corner peak bathrooms and whatnot. There is no reason to stand in the doorway. In real life breaches the "breacher" is not the first one through the door. The pointman is. As for charging through a door. I would love to see a video of you personally running full speed at a solid wood door to see what happens. I bet it is not the door bursting into splinters and you emerging on both feet on the other side ready to fight... as for a bracing feature if you prop yourself against a door to prevent it from opening and I am on the other side I will just spray the door and kill you... Not really a good feature. If you know someone is on the other side of a door. Shoot a hole in it and throw a frag in the room. Problem solved.
  15. Not really though it on average takes 2 seconds to pull a rifle off your back regardless of the carrying method. Even a 3 point sling commonly used by service members takes time to bring up and be in a firing position. Stop putting yourself in the position you have to put your rifle away to Sprint faster. It is a tactical decision you made that put you in that predicament.