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  1. Not a bad idea or give out some 48-72 hour codes to paying customers to pass along to friends who may be on the fence.
  2. If you get owned at 100m by a shotgun it is not the gun it is you. The spread even choked from a shotgun at 100m is crazy so that means that you had to be missing your shots like crazy.
  3. Wait till you are almost dead and pop a med kit for 100% health works great with boosters already running.
  4. I'd like to see a stagger with the superman punch that interrupts reloads. Basically if you are trying to reload and all of a sudden a 200 lb man hits you flying though the air you will realistically not just stand there calmly trying to insert a mag. This would not fully apply to the pump or the revolver as reloaded shells would not magically fly out of the magazine or cylinder possibly not the OU shotgun either.
  5. Grenades are actually fairly stable creatures, so shooting one with intentions of setting it off is realistically almost nil.
  6. To my knowledge the game does not incorporate brakes into the driving mechanics only forward and backwards. I may be wrong, but when I go to stop I just hit the S key to slow down and stop.
  7. loot spawns

    I think AR drops are fine it adds to the intensity of the game when all you have is a SG and an SMG. Yeah you have to play smarter. I took second solo yesterday with only an OU SG. I had a 416 and pulled it out while crossing fields but most of my combat was done with a pump till I found the OU. Wasn't a great game but 4 kills and second place got me about 800bp. All on a toaster that runs 15-30 fps...
  8. I would like to see a rare drop of x4 magnifier for the holographic sights with a flip to side mount. You can go from zero magnification for cqb to x4 magnification in an instant. Another option would be an RMR sight on top the ACOG which is just a red dot
  9. If you look at a holographic sight they have several buttons. They are to increase and decrease brightness. In real life there is no perfect setting based on the ambient lighting. I think it adds realism.
  10. While the military does use a rail on their A4 that does not make it an a4 or an a2 you can put railed handguards on an a2. What makes it a4 is the flattop receiver. And I am pretty sure the m16 has that in the game. As for a collapsing stock unless things changed the military uses a fixed stock on their a4 series rifles only m4s have the collapsing stock.
  11. No sir. A brief history on the AR15/M16/M4 platform. The original proposed by Eugene Stoner was actually the AR10 (AR for Armalite) which was a 7.62x51 or .308, the US Army wanted lighter weight and more ammo thus the AR15 was born which was a 5.56 which is based off of the .223 rem cartridge. Once adopted by Uncle Sam it was given the moniker M16 which was full auto, had a super thin barrel, lacked a forward assist, and had fixed rear sights. Later development led to a heavier barrel, adjustable rear sights, 3 round burst, and a forward assist. This rifle was designated the m16a2. The A3 was never widely adopted but was an A2 that was full auto. The A4 had a flattop receiver with a picatiny rail integrated that the rear sight aperture (carrying handle) sat on, for ease of using optics. The M4 was an A4 with a 14.5 inch barrel and shorter gas system than was found on the 18-20 inch m16 rifle. The M416 is an M4 designed by H&K.
  12. Ok my thoughts on this. Pain killers and energy drinks yes all the way around while moving, even for the driver... I drive to work every day and drink a coffee so why not? Bandages while running. Nope it would be difficult to focus in real life on running and applying the bandage. In a car sure easy enough if you are not driving. Med kits and first aid kits. While I regularly used my med bag in a vehicle in Iraq, I think for balance sake no not while moving. But I do propose another option why not offer the ability to apply a bandage to a teammate? Now you have the ability to apply 2 bandages at 1 time while not moving but you are down 2 guns while bandaging like that.