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  1. waypoint

    Yup, which is what I stated above. This will be useful with use and in consideration of the map marking system at this current time. Another simple addition: key based marker removal as well.
  2. waypoint

    Yup, I noticed a few others had ideas like this. I thought of a good solution for the entire aspect of it. I think it would be a very practical and useful addition to the game. You would only need this addition along with the current marker system and it would work out 100% well. I think that would probably finalize the entire marking system so devs can focus on other aspects of the game as well.
  3. The map marker system is working fine and it is useful. The colors are great of course. Here is a suggestion that I don't see other games do but in the case of this game, would be increasingly useful for squads and teamwork based games. How does it work? 1: right click mouse once to get scope. 2: aim your scope to a spot 3: click button that you designated in your controls to change your map marker to pinpointed location from scope. Why is this useful? To pinpoint enemies if need be. To locate or point out where a weapon or item is in a house. To pinpoint a location to move to. To give members directions and shot calls etc. This would improve the tactical aspect of the game and would improve teamwork aspects that, during difficult moments in the game, you don't have to bring up the map and risk getting shot in the head. I mentioned this in a popular discord and many said they like the idea. The problem is, do we limit it to only buildings? do we limit it to an "invisible laser" that would pinpoint the location? Im not a game art developer and I am unsure of how difficult this would be. From a game art devs point of view, this could be easily integrated depending on the system and coding they have in place. Let me know your thoughts. -trivenge, the coolest cat at the lunch table clearly