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  1. Hello, stranger

    Hello and welcome to the forums, Drifter! And yes, I recognize the UI mockup, well done! =)
  2. new to forum

    Welcome, Coom22!
  3. how to remove topics?

    You can't! If you want to remove a topic you have made, you can always report it yourself and I'm sure one of the mods could remove it.
  4. G'day from Australia!

    G'day, mate! Welcome to the forums =)
  5. Hey guys!

    Hello and welcome, Toby!
  6. ShadowPlay Audio

    Correct! The audio from both microphone and in-game sounds will not "follow" the video, so if you want to edit a lot it may be a pretty tedious process. Aye, it all comes down to personal preferences. I have never tried Shadowplay myself.. But once you get used to OBS I think it's great. The multiple audio tracks feature is a huge plus! Good luck with your videos nonetheless! =)
  7. Hello together

    Hello and welcome to the forums, aziconcazi! =) Funny video, I don't know how that guy dared to mess with the Dacia though.. I was expecting his car to blow up!
  8. New to the forum

    Welcome to the forums, authenticsim!
  9. HI!

    Hello and welcome to the forums! Good luck with your stream =)
  10. Greetings Everyone

    Hello and welcome to the forums, MrPotatoChips! =)
  11. Considering buying the game.

    Hi! I've never encountered a cheater in-game so far. Almost got 200 hours played, and I'm still having a blast =) I don't think you'll have any bigger problems running the game on those speccs.
  12. Hello

    Hello and welcome to the forums! =)
  13. Are you playing anything else besides PUBG?

    Really? That brings back a lot of memories..
  14. Hi Everyone, looking for ppl

    Hello and welcome to the forums! =)
  15. Custom Games - Devs Hook me up?

    Hi! They have been accepting Community applications earlier, but the submission form is currently closed. You can read more about it here: