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  1. I have a new monitor, played with it one day, it was fine, then the second time, the frames dropped. I later found out my display hertz was at 60. I upped it to 240 and the game has been fine since. Perhaps it was my own error.
  2. It's 5/26/17 Before this week's patch, I could put the settings on low with max distance and not notice any FPS drops. Now with everything on low, I'm getting around 30 FPS with drops to around 5 in certain areas. I'm also hearing people walking and doors closing near me when there's no one around. I believe something went incredibly wrong during this update. My PC is pretty beefy and I have an Asus ROG swift monitor with G-Sync. I posted my specs.
  3. I got on a motor bike and was trying to maneuver around sand bags. Slightly drove over the sandbag and caused the bike to tip. I died from falling.
  4. I can't apply or save any changes to my key binds. I don't like the natural key binds and it's making the game infuriating to play. CAN NOT APPLY CHANGE OF CONTROLS IN SETTINGS Game Version EARLY ACCESS - v2.2.47