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  1. True
  2. 4X All the way!
  3. Welcome Vaes!
  4. - These are my solo stats, this is my steam -
  5. Please somebody update me
  6. It says the stats reset @ 8am utc but shouldn't they be reset already? I'm from eu so I'm not sure
  7. Im not looking for a community, just want individual players
  8. Thanks, Still need some more btw people reading this - this is my steam
  9. Sorry to hear that bro, that sucks man
  10. Everytime you bring out an update its one step forward and two steps back, take the vss out, bring the old x8 back, make gargages 100% spawn
  11. VSS just ruins the purpose of the games, you wre meant to loot suppressors, sights and stuff & I feel like I come across it so easily
  12. C'mon boys need a few more
  13. Still looking for more players
  14. How can I play the test server?
  15. People need to realise this is still early access...