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  1. People need to realise this is still early access...
  2. Ayy welcome man, yeah Ik bro this game is addicting
  3. Oh boy, I already see people raging, after 5 minutes of looting they try to do a flip and die LUL
  4. These are my NA solo stats, would really appreciate new players to add me
  5. Bump, Still need players EU/NA I don't mind
  6. Not as amazing as noodle
  7. Yeah man! Ofc, I like to wait like 2 weeks so I can watch 2 instead of just one 20 min episode
  8. Amaterasu?
  9. I'm guessing you're desperate to get mod? O.o

    1. Aldawgs


      Post Count has nothing to do with getting mod :) read the FAQ. I just love the community ^.^

  10. Tbh I feel like the Kar is alot slower at shooting & reloading
  11. Because I assumed everyone would say AMW because its OP
  12. SuPer EffEcTiVe At RaNgE
  13. Now ik where the 'Potato Aim' comes from
  14. Ikr dude & yeah lets hope its not like the SKS...
  15. I'd easily say the M24 is the best sniper in the game, ofc excluding the AMW What sniper do you guys prefer?