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  1. The power setting is max performance and temp is a little bit hot dont know exact temp but its not about the specs, its about the game. This game still needs optimization improvements and lots of bug fixes. My laptop shouldnt be getting 30 fps on ultra and 40 fps on everything low. That's not right. While I get over 60 fps high in bf1.
  2. Having the same problem. I'm on a laptop with; i7 6700HQ 3.2ghz gtx 960m 8gb ram using headset plugged in to 3.0
  3. There is a bug which causes the game to crash and I believe the cause of it is because of sound. Currently me and my friends are playing on laptop and we hear that the sound stutters when players are firing and blowing stuff up during the lobby session while waiting for players to join. Moreover, this sound bug crashes the game most of the time. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this which I found, and it is to mute the main sounds the first sound bar in the settings while waiting for the game to start. After the players are teleported to the airplane, I can turn on the sounds and the game never crashes again. I just wanted to let the developers to know this to make this game better with every patch and better than h1z1. Hope this helps... Here is the screenshot of the error after the crash.