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  1. It's happening to me AND my friend now about 3 times a game...I cannot play anymore I get too frustrated through these few minutes of not being able to turn and shoot...I will start playing another game and check back in 2 weeks..
  2. After the patch...It's even worse..I am now jumping from the plane unable to turn for about 3 minutes I just keep leaving and entering another match as soon as it's totally at random how arent they fixing this?
  3. Can this please get fixxed..still costing me some matches
  4. At TOTALLY RANDOM times, I cannot turn my character...I can look around with my mouse, and crouch and prone, but that is all...I cannot aim, shoot or pickup anything. It tends to happen at least every other match. It lasts from 2-10 minutes or i have been forced to leave...I am VERY salty rn I just lost in the top 10 because I froze up and did my usual "cannot turn". getting into and out of a vehicle (good luck getting into the vehicle) then you are good to go...Please fix this :(( otherwise game is A1 10/10!! This is the only thing that has me log out and not play it lol
  5. HELP! This crap is happening to me about once every other game at least..It just cost me a game in the top 10 and I am VERY upset..I understand it is still in BETA but jesus christ this is so frustrating it lasts from 5-10 minutes or until i get into a vehicle..