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  1. I think so but I'm not entirely sure and I don't want to sound arrogant ^^
  2. I didn't know there was another Slix x) I'm not sure if you mentioned the correct Slix because I believe that I was the right one, I never saw the other Slix in the leaderboards.
  3. Hello everyone. First of all, I want to thank the developers for the recent stream. Now to the topic. As you could probably see in my forum posts and in my videos (if you were that bored ), I'm really disliking the high amount of trade kills in close ranged fights. I remember that the developers of the survival game Rust managed to solve this problem by making the bullets hitscan until a certain close range. Then the bullet would travel normally. I'm not sure how difficult this would be to implement but the devs made it and I've read that this was also the case in Battlefield 3 and some other games. What do you think about that? I think it would make the close quarter combat less random and the game itself much more enjoyable and competitive. Thanks for reading, have a nice day or night!
  4. Thanks for giving us the ability to ask questions! I have mutliple questions, I'm sorry if some of these got asked already: 1. What do you currently think about the amount of trade killls in close quarter combat? If yes, how do you plan to lower the amount of trade kills? 2. Whats your ultimate goal with the balancing? Will you increase the weapon damage for pistols et cetera? 3. How does the damage and armor system work? 4. Plans on optimization/graphical improvements? What are the current issues? 5. What are your future plans? (examples: game additions, mechanics, cosmetics, mod support) 6. Why did you choose Unreal Engine 4? I'm sure these were the most important questions for me. A last one right below: 7. Do you know that we appreciate all your effort? <3
  5. Das Spiel befindet sich zurzeit in der Alpha Phase, man kann es nicht kaufen. Letztens gab es eine 4wöchige Testphase, in der man an den Samstagen und Sonntagen spielen konnte. Eine weitere Testphase wurde bis jetzt nicht angekündigt, da müssen wir uns gedulden. Einen Alpha-Key konntest du durch das Registrieren für die Alpha oder durch das Gewinnen von Giveaways auf Twitch bekommen. Das Spiel soll übrigens in der ersten Hälfte 2017 erscheinen.
  6. I'm sure that's why we have the quickdraw magazines. I only think that the reload animations overall should be timed correctly. They feel so unresponsive and the weapon gets loaded a tiny bit after the reload animation is done.
  7. Hello, this issue already exists since the first test last month. I don't know what is causing it but it happens randomly. The animation plays and is completed but the mag stays empty. Maybe the character isn't reloading at all and it's therefore an animation issue? Example clip:
  8. Not sure if it means anything about the armor values (I don't know much about them anyways) but it seems like you did hit his shoulder. There were also three bullet impacts in the wall.
  9. Hello, I'm unsure if this belongs to the "General Bugs" category or "Vehicle Bugs" one. Let's start with the ragdoll collision issue(s), you can watch these clips to see what I mean: The other issues General vehicle collision: Car disappeared shortly after hitting it with two smoke grenades: Not really a bug but I think that cars should move much farther after hitting them with a fast moving vehicle: Thanks for reading. Tried something different with the formatting this time.
  10. Hello, last weekend was as great as the other weekends before. I enjoyed catching some bugs while playing the game. I've experienced three minor issues with windows. 1. You can climb through windows with glass. You don't need to break it the glass to pass/climb through them. Example: 2. Throwing (smoke) grenades through windows will trigger the glass shattering sound. Sorry for the freeze, my hard drive isn't happy while recording and playing on the same drive. 3. The glass won't break if you stand too close to the window while throwing grenades. I didn't record this type of situation, sorry.
  11. As always, only watch them if you have low expectations and/or boredom.
  12. It normally does, at least for me.
  13. The headshot damage is absolutely fine but the body damage seems to be a bit too low against armored players in my opinion. Hitting the body for three times takes really long but I could also see it in this way that you're supposed to go for headshots with it. I just think that the M24 is rather weak for a crate weapon but I know that you have increased damage, range and accuracy(?).
  14. I was in the top 10 two or three times but got out of it because my stats rolled back as well. I had a bit more than 248 kills altogether yesterday and I'm sure that my stats didn't count correctly the week before as well. 16 hours recorded ingame, 52 counted on Steam. I only want to be in the top 10 c:
  15. He is a streamer mainly known for playing CSGO and H1Z1. He has decent/good aim and he seems to be entertaining for a fair amount of people. He once played in a professional csgo team (as a stand in) to try it out and accidentally suicided in the game by running through a obvious molotov. It was a really embarassing moment and he gave up his attempt to go pro because of that. So if you see someone die because of a molotov, don't be surprised that people spam or scream "1G"