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  1. Recommended settings for my build

    your playing in 1080 p ?, i think u should try to play in 2k, if you dont have a 2k screen, put dsr on, try to get this game more gpu bound, or try to overclock that amd to 4ghz
  2. Lag Spikes

    it will also make your 1080ti used way less and heat way less, therefore u can pull in a higher overclock on it because it ll heat less
  3. Lag Spikes

    if your running a 60 hertz monitor i would recommend to cap your fps to 60 or 61 in gameusersettings C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor there is a line called frameratelimit
  4. anyplan for dx12

    game could still be played in dx11 anyway, i was just asking if we could get dx12 support on top of it, vulkan would be great, but it is barely used, the only AAA game that uses it is doom and it is gloriously implemented
  5. Asus GL552JX

    its a shame you only have a 950m, it is pretty low end, it ll struggle at 1080p no matter what settings
  6. Which Parts Should I Change For Better FPS?

    can u overclock your ram marjuss close to 2133mhz, im sure it would increase your minimum fps and you could get that 60 fps all the time
  7. 3 shot by Scar - Full lvl 2

    the 13 fps killed u bro
  8. Framedrop in 2x980 ti

    sli is dead, sad to say, sell those and get a1080ti
  9. then try to squeeze in a ryzen my friend even ifs its the 1500, at least the platform is compatible with there better cpu, so u could just upgrade the cpu after, and you have a 2017 platform to upgrade from
  10. Insane random FPS drops?

    then i would increase your pagefile, i guess, if you drop to 25 fps, its probably a stutter, how long your fps drops last ? if possible try not to play with rtss overlay, ive noticed that the rtss overlay make my fps drops when i see the bombing of the red zone, if i take it off i have no drops
  11. How to optimize game the best i can?

    u should run rivatuner with msi afterburner and check how much vram your game use, make sure it doest go over 3.5 gig, the gtx 970 has 4 gig but really onlly 3.5 usable, because the last .5 is slower therefore will cause stutter or slowdown, so u might be getting over that limit, run the game with shadow to low or very low and post processing to very low
  12. Dell XPS 4K

    you should get normal fps, altho your game will look blurry because your not playing at native rez
  13. Low FPS / FPS drop

    uninstall your driver with ddu http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html and then reinstall your driver
  14. well i dont know how u can such low fps with a ryzen 5 and gtx 1060, im getting solid 60 fps in 3440px 1440p on my ryzen 1600 with a gtx 1070 and im getting 100 fps on my i7 7700k with 1080 ti same resolution
  15. How to optimize game the best i can?

    your system is powerfull enough, and you have good ddr3 speed, the only thing i could see is you hit more that 3.5 gig of vram on your 970, therefore you stutter because of the last 500mb of slower vram on your 970, my bro in law runs the game very well with his 970 and i7-6700