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  1. New to PUBG! but TECHSTOMPER has arrived!

    Welcome man.
  2. New comer to the GAME

    Welcome to the game and the forums!
  3. AK47 w/ x4 or x8 scope?

    I love the 4x on the AKM. 8x is a bit much for me on that weapon.
  4. first person only server coming!

    No I don't. It's my opinion and viewpoint and it's not toxic at all. It's my experience of what I have witnessed. People are just oversensitive to a difference of opinion. I'm fine with someone disagreeing with me. Have a good one man.
  5. first person only server coming!

    Welcome Back! I can't wait for another lecture from you in the distant future when you decide to grace us with your presence again. P.S. An opinion isn't toxic just because you disagree with it.
  6. first person only server coming!

    Good. This will keep the "I got killed because of a feature that I can use also - please change the game for me" people happy.
  7. Weapon Combination & Use Question

    AKM with 4x/Compensator/Ext. Quickdraw S686 with Choke/Barrel Loops P18C with Red Dot/Ext. Quickdraw ----------------------------------------------------------------- ^This has been my bread & butter lately. AKM is my jam though - I use it in about 95% of situations (Single & Auto) especially if it's decked out.
  8. FAQ

    Rules #1 and #2 crack me up. You ever been in a lobby for more than 3 seconds? heh..
  9. How fast is your internet?

    245 Mbps is what I got this evening.
  10. New P18C Pistol

    Yeah - it still is a pistol.
  11. Early Access Roadmap Update - July 7th 2017

    I don't think anyone is really surprised about this. I love the transparency.


    I'm not sure I'm a "stuff" member but Reshade has been confirmed by the Developers to be "OK."
  14. Ditching Reshade

    I just tried these filters for shits and giggles and went from 144 to 113 instantly.
  15. Why m4 loot rate is so low?

    The Cafe there is my jayum. Quit spreadin' that around.