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  1. This was not a hit..?

  2. A suggestion to end to camping in houses

    I think camper is part of the game. Stop crying because you died. If my strategy is hide in a bush all game ... or hug my knees in the bathroom until i have to move ... so be it. Stop being a carebear.
  3. Can I just rant here for a sec?

    I think a better analogy would be: Hey i just build this new awesome car, pay me 60 bucks (in my country) and you can go for a test drive !!! Terms of use: The car might not have wheels Do i have to explain... FPS>hit reg>dsync...? But i agree, they should not stop adding things, this would be stupid. New things = happines and distract people from problems, its like TV
  4. Desync & Hitreg

    Bragorn you are being naive my friend, obviously they care, we are talking about money, power and reputation. If they screw it up not only will lose money but Devs reputation go to trash. They care but they dont have what they need to fix it right now. Will take time untill they get it and we gonna cry untill they fix it. I will, they have my money.
  5. Two shots point blank with shotty and I die (VIDEO)

    Yes summit1g DID complain about it many times. But he just one between millions and i dont care if he is a streamer or not, actually the fact that he is a streamer is a bad fact when it comes down to complain about things. Would look like a weak loser and you know... Ninja in the other hand called this game a JOKE... and i think right now he is right. Dear xTekx why are you a shine knight aways prepared to defend this game? The fact that it only happens (SO IT HAPPENS !!!) to you a few times means it only happens to other ppl a few times? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. What i wanna say is: If so many people complain about the issue that DO EXIST, its because THEY DONT F*** TRUST THE GAME MECHANICS. AND THEY SHOULD NOT TRUST. The problem is not people complaining, actually its a sintome that the game cant be trusted and lead people to aways wonder if they died due to a mistake or a BUG. Wich is totally frustranting. You are right m8, EVEN if you died due to your mistake the fact that you aways wonder if you died fairly or not SUCKS, not trusting the game SUCKS and its Bluehole´s Fault, they brought it upon themselfs obs: sry about the english, not my main language.
  6. Desync & Hitreg

    I think that the biggest problem is that THE DEVS DONT SPEAK TO US ABOUT IT. They know the game have Dsync and hit reg and lag and.... but still no one from staff says anything. Seems shady, seems like they hiding failure, that they have no idea how to fix it and that they hadn´t any progress People have to deal with this issues everyday, i have to deal with this issues almost every single game, no joke. So i come to the foruns wondering if devs said something about it, any tiny little update on these issues subjects and what do i find? nothing. Its frustrating. They have time to explain a lot of stupid things and questions from the community why dont explain the major issues with this game and tell us what are they doing about it at least once a week? a month maybe? Its EA i know, but there is no excuses imho for the dsync and hit reg since its a FPS ( yeah BF 3 had it, thats why the game sucked for a long time but Hey, EA games is a huge company, they can afford it, BlueHole is not... They picked UE4 and didnt know about it? didnt test it? Anyway, im frutrated and i would love just to see that devs care about it as much as we do by talking to us.
  7. Two shots point blank with shotty and I die (VIDEO)

    Amen, someone that have brains and opinion. That is correct my friend, at least the vest or helmet should have gone. And i will not even point out that she was aiming at the wall. ( oops)
  8. Two shots point blank with shotty and I die (VIDEO)

    I think it should be a kill. IF... IF the spread is even, i would say she got a few bullets in the head too. Mostly in the chest. Anyway, i think shotghuns sucks in this game. all of her torso is inside the crosshair... I will start recording all the BS i get in this game. So the Devs see what a joke it is right now.
  9. Two shots point blank with shotty and I die (VIDEO)

    So you are complaining about the people who complain about the people who complain about the complain
  10. Two shots point blank with shotty and I die (VIDEO)

    Does not matter how much prove you have, they will aways say you missed the shot, or something about lag... The crazy thing is: SO MANY PPL COMPLANING ABOUT IT. I see things like that happening to me every game, no joke. The Third shot... if that was not a hit i dont know how ppl die in this game, cuz for sure is not by getting shot at the chest with a saiga. I took a video today lets see what they will say:
  11. Keys not working properly

    Bug Description: Almost every single game the keys F, TAB and R does not work. It simply dont do anything untill you remap it. I had this issue about 6 times of the 10 games i played the last couple days. F sometimes dont work at all or starts openning the inventory even though its binding to "interact". R dont reaload. In order to make ir work i have to binding it again. TAB just stops working and then come back again for no reason. Date Seen: 7/14/17 Server: Live Server, NA Troubleshooting Attempted: Other Information: N/A Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 8.1 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1050 TI CPU: Ryzen 5 1400 Ram: 8gb
  12. OMG are you guys some kind of Shrink? Stop the bullshit. He is pissed because he is losing unfairly... i also get pissed when i die due a lag or some other crap on this crap game. This game is garbage for competitive players, so hear this. If you Dont want get mad about all kinds of shit that happens in this game, play silly. If you start playing seriousli you will end up mad and some will end up breaking things. Break your shit does not mean you are immature, means you are fucking pissed. People smash shit when their are so angry that they have to "explode" somehow.
  13. Consistent lag spikes in CQC

    SA servers are unplayable right now... Really, really, really bad... i got stuck trying to open a door because i pressed F, i didnt open... i pressed again, then it opened and closed... got stuck like this for 10 secs...

    SA servers are unplayable right now... Really, really, really bad... i got stuck trying to open a door because i pressed F, i didnt open... i pressed again, the it opened and closed... got stuck like this for 10 secs...
  15. Game Crashing/Freezing - Stuck on Loading Mega Thread

    Ok, im a SA player. Dont know if it is happening only with me. Im getting a 15 secs screen freeze, the game still running "normaly", the sounds keeps working "normaly". This Issue/bug/whatever started happening today, i dont know if Devs changed anything. Its killing my games, because im getting killed by it. Happened twice. One time when i was falling from the plane and the other time when i opened a door while rushing in to kill a enemy. Does not seem like the trigger was the door, because i opened it and a few seconds after, like 3 secs, it froze. Same for the plane, i jumped, fell and almost when i was to land... froze.