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  1. servers

    especially 2nite, terrible gun sounds on loading screen and juddering graphics
  2. servers

    is anyone else having sound and lag issues on EU servers tonight?
  3. weather

    Have I missed something or has rain been removed?
  4. reshade

    I was under the assumption that player unknown stated that use of reshade was allowed
  5. reshade

    Hi. Is anyone using reshade and if so, does it make a huge difference to view distance. Thanks
  6. WOW. What an improvement!

    Loving the twilight environment, it makes the map look different on the ground
  7. aim

    I have played a few times today and just wanted to say has something happened to to the aim mechanics, or am I just crap today? I dont seem to be able to hit anything at close range
  8. Cheats

    I do understand and appretiate that certain things we see as cheating but are in fact not, but cheats do have a knack of circumventing software installed to catch them. I know this from running an Arma 3 server for 2 years. Regardless of how many times I updated BE, I still had to physically catch cheats. The incident I was referring to was I got killed by a player from 200+ mtrs, with a p92 pistol, one shot. I was alone in a building, with the high ground, armed with a kar. I hit him once then he turned and shot me, once, with a 9mm pistol. Cheat or bug? I don't know but somehow wrong. I have no evidence, just my word and the players name.
  9. Cheats

    No unfortunately I dont, sorry. I just want to enjoy this game so much that this is ruining it for me. Maybe the buildings didn't render, I can't answer that but I have had 2or 3 instances of what could be called dubious play. I like to think the best of people but I have talked to friends who play as often as I do and they have experienced similar things. They cant all be wrong. I have no idea whether the devs read these but if they do, please try your best to sort this otherwise many honest players will desert the game. I will start running xsplit to record instances, if I see them happen. Many thanks
  10. Cheats

    I am nearly done with this. I hope someone in the team reads this because my enjoyment of this game is being ruined by cheats. I know this is early access, I can live with the occasional crash, poor server connection, lag and all the things linked to early access games but the amount of blatant cheating going on is destroying my experience. I don't care how powerful your gun is, it can't shoot through solid concrete walls.Please sort this before it becomes a game killing issue. Rant over
  11. Cheat or Lag

    I just played a game where I saw a player walk through a door WITHOUT opening it(sorry I didnt get his tag). Has anyone seen this before? Is it lag or a hack? I am a trusting old soul so i would like to believe its lag......Thoughts
  12. auto deploy parachute

    sorry, ive only just joined the forum
  13. auto deploy parachute

    I would love to see the option to disable the parachute auto deploy. This would give you the opportunity to test your courage, how low dare you go before you deploy. I seem to remember this was an option on arma and you had to traveling less than 17kph to avoid damage. Its just a thought and I am open to both suggestions and derision