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  1. Mellun Gaming Content Page

    I finally found a use for the SKS! Make sure to like and subscribe if you guys enjoy the video
  2. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    Yeah with all the server hopping that people do, at least you will be able to test it out. I play on every single server, and NA when I wanna tryhard, and I only notice slight lags (I am from NA) when playing on other servers.
  3. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    They are going to be live in the next patch, which I think is either august 1st or 3rd.
  4. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    Thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion and an ordered manner. The headbob, and just whole first person camera as a whole is so bad right now, but I have faith they will fix it. I don't think 3pp is not awful persay, it's just not competitive in the slightest. That can mean awful in some people's eyes, but for casual players, I can see why they really enjoy the feel of 3rd person. But for someone like me, who is very competitive, i think I'll lean towards 1st person, while still playing 3rd person here and there.
  5. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    Thank you! And I was talking earlier with someone about how they don't think that 1st person servers are necessarily the answer to the peeking, and proning, and vision issues. So many things can be done to make the 3rd person camera more fair for an aggressor that are just not being touched upon, instead they just give us 1st person servers. While I am not complaining (super hyped for the servers) I do think it is a band-aid to core game mechanics that they haven't addressed to my knowledge.
  6. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    That is a big problem. A lot of people are not a fan of the 3rd person mode just for the fact that it makes hiding in houses such a prominent strategy. My biggest thing right now is the field endings. For some reason I have had a lot of games end in fields and it's just really frustrating when the game is decided on a circle because no one can see each other, so the first person that has to stand up loses. I just hope they do it right, and that it lives up to the hype.
  7. Mellun Gaming Content Page

    Insane 1v3 late game clutch in the field. Nice 11 kill game for me. Hopefully you guys enjoy!
  8. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    Yeah it seems a lot of people have been leaning towards 1st person, let's just hope that it lives up to the hype. One of my friends who is very against 1st person is a very slow, and tactical player with not the best gun skills. Which is okay, because that's how he enjoys playing the game. But I believe for people like me, who love to run and gun and get into the action ASAP, 1st person servers will be the way to go if done correctly.
  9. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    Agreed. That is one thing that the h1z1 devs did correctly. When you prone the camera is almost on your back, behind the butt area. Which greatly lowers where your camera is positioned. This would fix some tall grass problems in pubg, as well as field endings.
  10. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    I couldn't agree more, but the devs had said nothing (to my knowledge) about acknowledging and fixing the 3rd person camera problems, which is why a lot of people are excited for 1pp, including myself. I am excited for 1pp servers, but I do think it is a band-aid to a bigger issue, which is that they are ignoring glaring 3rd person camera problems by shutting the complainers up and giving them 1st person mode.
  11. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    The current verson of the 1st person camera is bad to say the least. As you said, it is around the chest area, maybe even a little lower. That needs to be fixed to give more of a realistic feel. I don't know how they are going to fix the ADS, since the bullets come from your gun, not your eye level, like other games.
  12. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    I think that one of the things that makes the 3pp a little unrealistic is that you have a 360 degree view around you, which is just not okay in my opinion. I personally think that 3pp is not a problem as a whole, my biggest problems are the following: Being prone You SHOULD NOT be able to be prone in tall grass and have a 360 degree view around you. I think that if the dev team made it so that the camera angle is on the same level as you when you are prone, I feel that would be a huge step foward. Being able to soft scope and shoot someone prone, having perfect vision of them, while they can barely see you, is just not a healthy game mechanic. Bushes The same thing as I said above, but with bushes as well. Being able to be in a bush that makes you next to invisible (unless your opponent has great scopes, 8x, 4x, etc.) while still being able to see 360 degrees around you is not healthy, nor realistic. Being in heavy foliage should limit your vision. I do agree with a lot of your points, I don't think 1pp is the end all be all to the problems in the game, but I feel that the dev team can still fix 3pp drastically to improve the realistic aspect of the game as well as make it more fair for the aggressor in an engagement.
  13. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    I still am a firm believer in 1pp PUBG as the game mode in their esport, if they ever bring it to the big stage. I just feel that with the 3rd person camera, it will be too slow paced because of how safe you are behind cover, while still being able to see so freely around you. When money is on the line, when your job is on the line, you aren't going to be dropping military base with 30 other people, this game will be very slow paced in an esport form, and it will be beyond boring with 3pp in my opinion. BUT, only time will tell.
  14. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    I agree with you completely, but we must highlight what you said at the end though. (IF THEY GET IT RIGHT) If the dev teams screws up 1pp servers, you will find the huge majority of the player base still playing 3pp servers. For esports as I said, it has to be 1pp, there's just no way around it. But let's hope they fix the FOV and the camera, because its current state is laughable.
  15. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    Haha yeah that's exactly how I feel. Right now the camera is in the chest area and it's just so nauseating to be in 1pp for more than 10 seconds, hopefully that gets fixed.