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  1. Add stealth entries into buildings.

    First of all you would have to get to the building first. Regular walking makes huge amount of sound and can be detected very far. If they made silent entry they would make sound inside the house.
  2. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    I tend to treat 1st person as real life so I don't do the ballsy moves unless I have to. The 3rd person aspect gives you that confedience to do safely secure situations which means more exciting plays people create within them.1st person is kinda reserved playing. But when i hunt I have this feeling when I'm making my move to kill or track I know they don't see me until they turn their head.also other people won't be looking because of the lack of true sight would give them the chance to even see me making my play which kinda gives me hope I'm kinda in my own 1v1. Sometimes I catch others following me when I stop my movement after I cut their line of sight and stray off to a flanking spot and get them. I just treat both viewing perspective very differently. People will learn the 1st person way and understand they don't have to camp because of the learning curve will be there.
  3. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    A player can be in a ditch that don't expose them from all sides. But having such a high point of view.you can tilt and spot everything around you. Getting that much power is what makes the game play oddly unfair. When in first person that player in the same ditch would have to expose to get any Intel and to what direction is very limited. 1st person allows more freedom to move in the open spaces. More chances of a person not focused or not looking at a wide range being cover won't be seeing you. The angles of camp spots are very limited and only pro squads will have to set up.proper to section off only.a.part of.a.city. there will be people in houses camping and I believe it's up to the player to weigh in the risk.vs.reward.to. run.arouND houses and clear them by wildly running into.them and.snatching everything up before clearing their house. Or they feel they have the right to loot every house 1 by 1 next.to.each other.
  4. Melee Weapons & combat dIscussion

    Imo what is hindering the melee experience is there is no real combo or follow up system that allows clean melee kills. At best it would be discribed as slippery, t-Rex, hitscan get wasted by a pistol easily. I would like to see these things be added to melee combat. 1. Camera punch this is aim punch but also when not shooting or about to shoot or even hip firing a strike with a melee weapon will jostle ones camera. 2. Movement staggering. Upon receiving Merle hits players should be staggered where they can move fast for .5 seconds allowing players to follow up with a second hit. I would like to see knock sound animations maybe even knocking someone backwards would be cool. Players who are hit can choose what directions they want to walk/recover also they can choose to shoot or swing back but will suffer the camera punch till that .5 second us recovered. 3. lunge attack. When at full spring we should be able to lunge and cover some distance to close.certain gaps or to provide a powerful attack. 4. Jab swings and power swings. Thanks Noon
  5. So you can make a flip book by poking out and spotting someone multiple times? I like it. These are the systems that enhance the emersiveness. Peeking behind cover is a bunch of nonsense. As a first person fanatic I support this system. Just hope they have the ability to do such a task for it to work properly for everyone and also bring fairness. What issues may occur is bush or grass manipulation. As it must.be treated as an object or they choose to process what you see through the blades or shrubs as it renders in partially. Anyways everything should be tested to 120 degrees for first person and then apply that to the 3rd person and maybe slap a hard core sticker on it for those who already use 3rd person as a crutch.
  6. An OP tactic

    It's okay Ben just join up when the first person servers pop up.because I had to deal with so many people on grass.that just tilt their cameras down just to spot others in the grass.
  7. Third person discussion

    You either drop the camera reducing those big angles of abuse and people will complain about the camera being blocked by the head. Or you have a blackout system that blocks everything not in line of sight. It will look ugly but it will simulate line of sight. As stated earlier ghost system is very odd you will have the full beauty of the game. My system of blacking out what you cant see around corners objects or even hills would make this game feel like a artsy horror survival shooter. I wouldnt mind it but I think many many people are just too use right now in using the camera for crutches not using the camera for just peripheral vision.
  8. An OP tactic

    Yep 3rd person classic shooting no right click at all can be decent. When pressing right click in 3rd person all you have to do is line your Target up under them by tilting your camera and then quickly raise it up to the location where the grass blocks that vision and single tap away.
  9. 3rd person aiming is halfway broken

    First person gets effected but illustrated greatly in 3rd person. Test it out. We are right hand dominate. I wouldn't mind choosing right hand or left hand dominate and either switch Gunn hand to camera or have a reach to weak hand side from strong to weak and have a non stable reach to weak style aim.
  10. first person only server coming!

    Stress have you even played in 1st person servers? You have so much freedom from the lack of angles People can hold by using 3rd person camera. People will camp in buildings silently but I have seen that in 3rd person games too. I always felt people can clear houses effectively using 3rd person by just running around the first floor peaking at all angles and listening at the same time then advance to too floors after. Anyways the lack of sky camera will allow more freedom of movement and people can actually dive into grass when being shot at and can be lost easily.
  11. First Person Game Mode Feedback

    Basicly You bois are saying in grass you would like to make an imprint or have your gun barrel push blades away from the scope?
  12. Shotgun v lvl 3 vest

  13. Grenade Improvements & Additions

    anything is better than flashbangs that you need to flash the character not the invisible camera when most of the time they are wallbanging an object. Make it mustard gas that hurts too so they just dont sit still and tank the gass.
  14. This when I walk into the shack and he pre fires and I just keep pushing and firing, I think this is wrong what I just did to the guy. Recoil is hard enough to control nad he needs to slide to the side Im pushing? and the dude was using an UMP, I think I should have gotten held up at the door frame at least while taking that barrage of bullets.
  15. A suggestion to end to camping in houses

    As you play you will learn which spots are the strong holds of 3rd person camping, stairs, with choke points. and you have to make a decision will I push into them or not. Watch for tell tale signs of missing loot doors opened and possible throw a nade or smoke to allow you to push up. its 3rd person and I hate to say it but people will abuse what ever they can manipulate and make of it. thats why Im going to be playing in 1st person servers and learn the Strong Hold Points in them.