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  1. Campers that Play to Lose are ruining the Game

    i love it when streamers taunt people and accuse them of not pushing and hiding in a house, behind a wall or in a bush while they themselves are hiding in a house, behind a wall or in a bush.....then they talk about how first person will revolutionize the game....people will still hide and wait and listen....The only advantage streamers will get is that they are already better than most people who game and thus will have an advantage . 3rd person while being petty, keeps things interesting vs much better players.
  2. Campers that Play to Lose are ruining the Game

    if you are getting sniped from outside blue in final circles you arent moving fast enough or spotting people quuickly enough... you should know exactly where people will post up and snipe from.... the best part of this game is the contour of the land and how you can slide through a crack or a dip and then reposition to flank....gotta keep head on a swivel.
  3. Can the devs fix the foliage issue?

    good thing you arent running the financial side of things. 'The company would be broke within a week.
  4. Desync & Hitreg

    ya this one i dont understand... there cant be that many americans that want to play with folks from eu. i certainly dont know anyone from the EU. No one i play with throughout several states in the us knows anyone in the EU.. I'd be curious to know how many people they are talking about thats holding things up for the rest of us....They should implement ping lock and then when they figure out "some version of this" then they can unlock the servers and implement their plan....although i dont see any way of making people have low pings from around the world all on one servers....its like not even possible due to technology, money and distance.... am i right?
  5. Desync & Hitreg

    dont people playing with pings like this contribute to the problems? why is the experience better than EU? is the desync worse or the players griefers or what?
  6. how many extra slots do you get for utility belt? i thought it was a cosmetic item and offered no extra slots. Vests i know upgrade slots but utility belt?
  7. Cars, Fuel, and The Circle of Death

    its random, i have spawned numerous times in the circle and found cars with full fuel tanks.
  8. What is your definition of camping?

    damn wimps....If you arent jumping up and down in the middle of a field in the middle of the circle you are just wimps. its like people expect gentlemens old west duels....where you have to come out of your house and meet them in the middle of the street....at high noon.....everyone camps at some point in this game....Even the best players sit tight certain places each game.
  9. you had plenty of ammo and good enough scope to completely avoid Pochinki.....If you had armor and helmet and meds i would have headed for the hills....If you already had a new circle and it was goiing towards to hills i would have set up on top, overlooking people who were being flushed by gas. Once im geared i hate houses of anykind....Deathtraps.
  10. what? now the scope should decide how much energy a bullet has?
  11. Sorry, not playing this patch

    Theres either guns everywhere or nothing at all im finding
  12. the most fun part of this game for me is the contour of the land and the hills and valleys and ridgelines......Its i think the one thing that will really help you win towards the end or at least make it farther.....I dont think ive ever won a round sitting in a house.....always try and keep a ridge between you and where you think the enemy may be.... also the ridge doesnt have to be some super big hill.....in this game a 3 ft ledge or dip in the ground will sometimes keep you covered.....always keep moving towards cover and hills.....flat ground has no cover . a hill always has at least 2 sides to it, so its easier to avoid gunfire.....i would suggest watching team Viss on twitch.tv..... He in my opinion does the best by far at using terrain to his advantage......and the way he comms you can understand why he moves and to where....very imformative.... i dont have a win in solo yet, but i dont really enjoy playing alone.. i enjoy either squadding up with friends or just meeting new people ingame....both fun...got a few wins in squad play.
  13. cant you outrun the blue zone if you put guns away? or at least be as fast as it is. It only seems fast moving at the end because the circle is smaller.
  14. Shoes VS No Shoes

    me and teammates/friends dont wear shoes , bare feet are quieter and we know at beginning of a round if we hear shoes its not one of us.....has helped a few times.