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  1. lobby takes way too long

    I never spend more than 2 mins in the lobby. I actually think the frustration of having to wait that one to two minutes is a great aspect of the game. It makes you even more gutted when you get killed early. Everything about this game gets the emotions going, and that wait in the lobby is all part of it. I reckon you'd get over the game a lot quicker if you could simply just drop straight back into another game once you die. If anything they could really crank up the tension of playing by making the lobby wait longer. Imagine how intense the game would be if you knew you had to wait 5 mins before playing again. Would you play differently??
  2. Connection Closed

    Update...it's working now thanks. Problem solved!
  3. Connection Closed

    Same thing here. This is the first time for me. I've always been able to connect until now. Just go home and I can't even get onto servers. I just get connection closed. Date Seen:7/19/2017 @5.51pm NZ time Server: No Server, main menu connection Error Message: Connection Closed Other Information: First time I encountered this since I got the game 3 months ago Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarted the game, restarted steam, restarted computer. Nothing works. Launch Options: Nothing has changed. System Specifications: i5-760 GTX 1060 3gb 8 gb Ram Windows 10
  4. The things you enjoy the most in PUBG

    The best thing for me is just how intense the game can get. Heart pounding, adrenaline pumping, intensely focused, nervousness. This game more than any other I have played gets all the emotions going. You really get into it, and in large part I think that's due to the audio aspect.
  5. Server Lag Report Thread

    I get exactly what el_topo42 is experiencing. It only started after the update last week. I was playing before the update with no issues what so ever, then took an hour break while the update came on line. From the first game when I logged back in I immediately noticed lagging at times. I too get the game hanging for a second or two and then I'm 10 meters away from where I was. I'm on a good fibre connection with 100 mbs download speeds. I'm looking forward to this latest lagging issues being resolved as I'm loving the game! And after getting owned for most of the first 100 hours I'm now starting to win gun fight and make regular to tens. Can't wait for some smooth gameplay again.
  6. Region and mode deselect

    Every since last night's update this has been resolved for me. I can select OC server and it stays that way which is great. The lag I now get while playing however......
  7. I was playing last night and then took a break while the update was getting sorted. The moment I can back online and started playing I noticed lag. Regular lag where I suddenly miss a whole bunch of frames. It was really bad on the island pre-game, and still very noticable in game. I had no lag before the update. The game was running smoothly. I'm in fibre with a 100mbs download speed so it not my network. Date Seen: 13/07/2017 Server: OC, the only one I play on Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarted the game Other Information: Launch Options: Use all cores System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 750 Ti CPU: i5 760 oc'd to 3.6mhz Ram: 8g
  8. Server selection

    It is possible to be able to select which server we want to play on and have it default to that? It's only a small thing, but having to manually select the server every time I play is a little irritating.
  9. As far as hacking

    I've played between 100 and 200 hours and I can't say I've definitely run into any cheaters. Maybe I have and I didn't know, but most of the time I die, and I die a lot, it's my mistake. I now use the shadow replay system in Nvida GeForce every time I get owned so I can go back and see again exactly what happened. Every time when I initially think I've been hard done by, the replay shows it was me missing shots or making poor tactical decisions, and the outcome was exactly the way it should have been. If I have a reply that show's anything close to cheating, I'll put it up here. That's what everyone should do. I don't have any. There are obviously some issues with the game still as it is in early access, and no doubt there are cheaters out there. 25,000 were banned recently. But it's FAR from ruining the game, at least for me. I thoroughly enjoy it, even if once in while I think my untimely death was in no way fair!
  10. System requirements question

    I've been running it at around 30-40 fps since the last update with an i5 760 (overclocked slightly to 3.5Ghz), 8 Gbs Ram, and a GTX 750ti. It's been totally playable and really enjoyable. 1080p medium settings.
  11. Why Should I buy PUBG?

    Here's my advice. Buy the game now, assuming you have a rig that can run it at reasonable frame rates. It really is the most fun (and frustrating) game I have played in a very long time. The fact it's so hard when you first start is what drives you crazy and makes you want to play more. I started playing on an old pc which had an i5 650, 8 gig ram, and a GTX 750ti. It was tough going with low frame rates and I was getting owned. But I was still addicted. The latest patch made a big difference, I've now got a better processor and a GTX 1060 on the way. All purchased solely so I can play the game more and hopefully better. It's a lot of game for $30, believe me.
  12. WOW. What an improvement!

    I'm running a very subpar rig, and hadn't played the game for about 3 weeks. I logged on last night downloaded the update and was shocked at how good the improvement is. I really enjoyed the few games I played on the OC server, before I had to hit the sack. Frame rates were much better, so smooth. I could even take shots at moving targets in the distance and register hits. That was never possible for me before. I'm currently building a new rig (just so I can really play this game the way it's meant to be played) but until that's ready I can actually enjoy gameplay on my old i5 and GTX 750ti. Without a doubt the best update so far from the development team. Great work!
  13. "Connection Timeout" every game

    I'm getting the same freezing issue. But I never even make it into the plane. The countdown gets to 30 or 40 seconds and everything freezes. I'm using very sub-par equipment but the game has worked up until now. Albeit at very slow frame rates. I normally play on the OC server, but I've tried the AS server today as well and the same thing happens there.
  14. Shotgun nerf: unnecessary/excessive?

    That vid make me feel a whole lot better. That's pretty much my game play 75% of the time. I get the drop on someone, often they don't even know I'm there, I get one or two clean shots on them, before they turn around and kill me in one swift move that seems to take them 3/4's of a second. I cannot win a gunfight. Granted I'm playing with very poor hardware and it's nearly a slideshow for me, but it's pretty frustrating. I have a PC upgrade in the process and I was hoping my new rig with significantly better frame rates would help, but looking at that vid, maybe it won't make that much difference?