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  1. Ping limits yes, blocking servers no. I play with friends from all over the world. Some of them literally change continent on a semi regular basis. Wouldn't be fun to block us from playing with eachother.
  2. why dont bullets go through walls?

    I feel like walls should be able to be blown a hole in with nades (and future rocket launchers and/or other explosives). Would be so satisfying. Also ramming a wall with a car could have the same effect.
  3. Shotgun damage

    Shotguns in games are almost never represented accurately because it would be inbalanced. Shotguns are known for doing incredibly high amounts of damage, but in games they don't have the range they do IRL because of balance. No need to pull statistics into it, because most of the guns in PUBG aren't represented accurately.
  4. @LoManiac There is a bit of RNG, but cars generally spawn everywhere along roads. I drop on the edges of the map all the time, and when you have to run to the circle, you're doing something wrong. Identify a car before you start looting, and potentially drive it over to where you loot if there's a chance of other players nicking it. Easiest time to spot cars is when you are hanging in your chute. Have a good look around and you'll likely see one before you hit the ground.
  5. Looting is overrated

    We all got those teammates. Yesterday the whole squad took a bunch more circle damage because one guy had to loot one more building before hopping into the car. We entered the circle in the car at half health, and got wrecked. I'm sure the guys who shot us appreciated you bringing them that extra bit of loot from that one house. @OP, yes you can get a weapon early and camp in the middle. Why would you play this game to not play this game though. It's not all about winning, and yours is a shitty strategy to win as well.
  6. Circle RNG in the lategame is probably the biggest culprit. Maybe the 4th circle and onwards should always be in the middle? Even playing field for everyone, but you still gotta figure out the best spots. Also give the circle a counter to let people know which circles are going to be in the middle.
  7. Shotgun damage

    You get kills from 20-30m? I placed 3 well lined up shots on an enemy who was 10m in front of me yesterday. I got all the time in the world to aim because he hadn't seen me. I also had a choke on it. He didn't get hit by 1 pellet, and proceeded to casually rip me to shreds with his AK. I was yelling at my friends what the hell a choke is for if you can't hit a goddamn thing 10 meters in front of you. No i don't think shotguns are OP. They're a mess at the present.
  8. Title on Steam

    The title on Steam is in all caps, and it's extremely obnoxious. It made me skip over the game at first glance. The only reason i'm here is because a mate bought it for me, and i like the gameplay. Wouldn't have bought it myself though. First impressions are important. I know this is an extremely minor gripe, but i'm just putting it out there. ''PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'' would look 10x better.
  9. No update - but there is a lot of "events", gj dont optimize it ....

    I don't know why you would buy into this early access if you have a lower end PC. These games are always unoptimised as fuck. Just wait for release, i'm sure it'll be ironed out.
  10. When all is lost ! Deaths and deaths

    This is probably the main culprit. I rarely play alone anymore as it's starting to get frustrating. Duo's are great as you have twice the vision and awareness, and you can revive eachother. Squads are less fun again imo, because most of the time my friends either play too carefully or too recklessly. Then it ends up in a 2v4 situation.
  11. what about that crashed plane?

    Just need a smoke monster to run away from now.
  12. Silent walking

    No, Sennheiser. I have no trouble hearing where audio comes from. Pretty sure everyone experiences the horrible audio, especially in lobbies when everyone is shooting guns.
  13. Silent walking

    I find it strange that the audio is so fucked up in this game. Never seen that in any other game, even early access ones. It actually somehow manages to sound clunky, and that's impressive. How does this even happen?
  14. Why m4 loot rate is so low?

    I don't know why the AKM is getting the ''low tier'' treatment, i'm convinced it's the best AR in the game. When put on single shot, it wrecks stuff with pinpoint accuracy very far away. Yesterday i shot a couple of guys 500m away, with just a red dot sight. And besides that, put it on auto and it's a great spray weapon for in houses. Really an allround weapon.
  15. The Dropshot?

    ''Drop shots'' make you look like a special kind of tryhard. Doubt it's particularly effective in this game as well.