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  1. Am I getting hacked in this video ?

    Somewhere between 0:07 - 0:09 you see a shot hit the left side of the chimney wall, maybe you were also being shot at from the apartments.
  2. Stream Snipe Question

    I'd imagine if they can prove the person watches the stream, has killed them more than once, or if they get video of the really obvious stream snipers that kill them and then run up shouting their name like idiots. I'm 100% positive no one has been banned for steam sniping without any proof.
  3. Stream Snipe Question

    If a streamer plays over about 7 hours, there are plenty of chances for stream snipers to try and get into a game with them. Since Bluehole are partnering up with content creators to help show their game to the world, it is right that they ban any obvious stream snipers as it ruins streams.
  4. Stream Snipe Question

    I easily got into the same game as my favourite streamer, simply by clicking start just before he did on the stream, I didn't stream snipe him cause i'm not a child but it was stupidly easy to get into the same game.
  5. The Mk14 EBR

    Honestly better off camping crates and picking off the people that go for them, than getting whatever is in the crate. Would prefer more spawn guns.
  6. Shotgun range

    Shotguns have a good range in real life...
  7. why no stopping power?

    You're using a shotgun and a crossbow with 22 left alive, what are you trying to prove?! lmao. But the shotgun did great against the first two guys, if your team had been with you the last guy wouldn't have stood a chance.
  8. Does the test server include 1PP servers today?

    Think the patch notes said it would come on August 3rd
  9. My biggest complaint

    Maybe post some of your videos, would love to watch you get one tapped by an uzi
  10. Campers that Play to Lose are ruining the Game

    Put it this way, misery loves company, if you are at that circle that is chunking you you are on the last chunk less than a metre from the circle, you have a shotgun and someone in the circle is close enough to get killed by you before you go down... are you not gonna shoot them just because you are gonna lose anyway? Thought so.
  11. Steam friends offline in game

    Are you appearing online on steam?
  12. Whats your favorite part of the map ?

    Stalber, nuff said.
  13. Show off your rig??

    Not much point in showing my PC since it's just the standard Lenovo y900 case. Got I7 7600, GTX 1080, 16GB ram, runs like a dream
  14. Forum down time

    Are the forums supposed to be white? I thought they had a dark theme last week?
  15. If you can win the game dressed as a Multi-coloured unicorn, you are truly MLG.