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  1. im 85 ( . Y . )
  2. no i dont like it
  3. oh really? u are genius
  4. i have this problem sometimes i dont know why , i played 2 weekend CBT but After EA release i have this problem
  5. still i have issues with voice chat i dont know how to fix it i cant hear anybody
  6. yay got mine
  7. i have the same problem and i dont know how to fix this
  8. playing rainbow six siege and bf1
  9. 56 h
  10. i know its push to talk but i cant hear anyone thats my problem i want to know why
  11. hey guys i want to know voice chat is working? cuz i cant hear anyone and i thing noone can hear me i dont know whats wrong, my microphon is working fine and i can speak to people in other games but in this game i cant hear anybody!! anyone know how to fix this?
  12. hahaha
  13. yea this is good idea
  14. this picture shows we have also 3 man squad?