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  1. Random Things I Learn

    - SKS can 1 hit kill someone at full hp with a lvl 2 helmet from range. - Get a garbage flight path? Drop at the intersection of a road. Probably wheels there. Then, hightail it to a city not by the flight path. - When there's 24 people left, and that airdrop comes in the 3rd to last circle, leave it. Take your scope, and pick off people going for it. It's not worth a death. 3rd game in a row I went for it and died, when I could have just sat back, picked off goer after goer, and raked in coin.
  2. The Mk14 EBR

    Unless it's the final circle or the one before? Never.
  3. Random Things I Learn

    Had some goofy bugger miss me 5 times last night. Bad aim. - Nades! I poo-pooed them for how many hours as useless. They're 100% idea for flushing out people from rooms. Who wants to go running in and 'hope' they miss a few shots? Flush them out! Toss in a stun or nade and they always come bounding out. Set up shop on a side of the door, or around a corner from the door if you can. Easy kill.
  4. Random Things I Learn

    - Don't bother crouching in a firefight. Just go to sights and connect. You need the side to side mobility to counteract your opponents aim. Crouching just makes you 'fatter' and slower. - The time between shots for the S1897 is obscenely long. Use any other weapon in the game. Unless it's an absolute 'it's all I have'. - When it's the final 6? And you get someone close to you? And it's the final 2 circles? Don't bother looting. Just ride it out. Stopping to snoop puts your guard down. Final 6 is a very good chance at chicken. Eyes up! - Open a door? Unsure if the building is occupied? Walk past the door first and look in. Often, Eager Beavers just blow holes into what they think is a person, but you haven't gone in yet. - Depending on the gun your opponent has, you can count them! S12K? Count to 5. They're yours after shot 5.
  5. Ever have one of those days....

    Why would I go with Random people when there's a forum here with plenty of people that use mics and are at least semi-skilled? Ask around!
  6. Collecting and throwing out loot

    All the time, every time. Find two AKM's in the opening two minutes? You can find them by the tree outside the house. Ammo is always dumped outside. Scopes I keep until I get Chicken or Die.
  7. I appreciate RNG as much as the next person

    Uh huh. See you over in the 'Suggestions and Feedback Forum'.
  8. I appreciate RNG as much as the next person

    Who doesn't like playing the passive/aggressive game? Doesn't matter if it was 'at me' or not. The irony of my post asking you for a solution? Do you know what irony means? You're running into gun vs no gun far more often than others are. Also, I don't believe it happens to you nearly as often as you claim, unless you're landing on an apartment with 3 other people. Have a little faith in Bluenote. They're aware of what's on the line. RNG as you claim will not be in the full version of the game. Relax. Take an Ambien, go have half a Key Lime Pie, then a nap. Pissy? Who's pissy? The passive/aggressive game is fun. I do vehemently apologize, Rob. I wasn't aware I needed you to reply directly to me. I didn't know it's not an open forum where I can reply to whatever I like, whenever I like. Oh, the egg on my face. If you think I'm 'silly'? I think I'll survive as you haven't backed your point beyond 'I don't like 8x scopes in 1 spot! People are shooting me and I don't have a Gun too! /pout'. Any evidence? Multiple videos of your misadventures? Nothing beyond a random claim? Alright. Seems reasonable. Small Edit: I've just the place for your thread. http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/8-suggestions-feedback/
  9. I appreciate RNG as much as the next person

    OH! We're playing the passive/aggressive game! Well, Rob, if you'd bother to read my post beyond skimming, you'd notice I asked you directly 'What would you do to fix the RNG issue you claim is ruining the game?" I didn't see an answer in your post. Would you like to try again for an actual solution beyond explaining the current System in place?
  10. I appreciate RNG as much as the next person

    Sure. Let's go down the rabbit hole of 'Bluenote doesn't know wtf they're doing.' Let's wax fantastic a minute. Bluenote is on your doorstep. "Rob, we need help. Saw your thread about RNG. What would you do? Please, for the love of god, help us. We don't know what we're doing." Lead on, Rob. Enlighten us as to what you would do to rectify RNG as a whole in the game. The floor is yours.
  11. I appreciate RNG as much as the next person

    Rob, I take games seriously also. Getting 'worked up' about them is fine also. To get 'worked up' this early in it's development? It's jumping the gun. Debate or not. Same thing as freaking out over a trip you're going on, but you just now arrived at the Airport. Give it time. Or, let's all rage.
  12. I appreciate RNG as much as the next person

    I think some get really worked up over a game. It's not even released yet. If this was a year after release with glaring flaws (looking at you Overwatch) then by all means, flip out. But she's not even out of her egg yet. Give it time.
  13. off days?

    It'll happen on a throwaway game you're not expecting.
  14. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    My only chicken dinner was exactly as you described. Sitting in cover, last circle, field with a hill, waiting. Popped the last 3 people because they stood up. I guess that's how things go at the end for most games?
  15. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    This can't come soon enough. I've had so many games where the other player has a significant advantage due to terrain to have 3pv. Buildings especially.