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  1. The title speaks for itself. I have a general discussion point to make but can't post in the general forum. Why?
  2. official game release on pc?

    I didn't say all of them... Stop putting words in my mouth!
  3. official game release on pc?

    A game like this won't ever be finished. That is until it stops generating money. Calling a game Early Access when you have 3 million users is a little hard to swallow, Why not just never go to Full release and that way you can always get away with excuse for bugs and crashes. I'm not suggesting that PlayerUnknown is doing that, just that it is an issue with the way games are being 'released' currently.
  4. official game release on pc?

    With 3 million users already its kind of hard to think its not already released... I wonder what the player base will end up as... In other games you have to wait in lobbies for ages to run a game with a fraction of the players in PUBG. Yet already you join a game its seconds before there is at least 97 players.
  5. Hi :) Intro myself

    Hahaha lol would be awesome if you could deflect bullets with the frying pan baseball style My strategy is to place a a marker in said locations not in the vector the plane is going in. Most people jump out and dive... I use parachute as soon as possible and fly to a destination horizontal from the planes vector. Always no one around and access to all the military gear
  6. Hi :) Intro myself

    With three million players world wide at early access its hard to think we are the early adopters I have come third too as my best, the final circle was over a bridge and I was in the water lol
  7. You know I use both gamepad and mouse and keys. Gamepad for parachute and initial looting if in areas where no player is... Mouse and keyboard for combat. I have to admit I sometimes get finger twisted sometimes, but I put the down to being new and not yet having the muscle memory to react without first thinking. Science says 50 repetitions is needed to learn something, in PUBG that is a lot of games given the situational difference in each game. Just keep playing and learning is how I'm approaching it. Besides I'm having fun while I'm learning so all is good.
  8. Hi :) Intro myself

    Thanks man So much to learn, absolutely loving the game. Its been a longtime since there has been such a fluid dynamic game as this. If it doesn't win awards it would be a travesty. I'm enjoying playing solo, I can see the benefits of setting up ambushes in duo or team though
  9. When can we expect the new map?

    Whats needed is a random seed generator to fractal geo create the land. a new place every time...
  10. Hi :) Intro myself

    Hi fellow players, Been playing for the last 30 hours or so and love this game, I have learned much already but there is much I need to learn I think. I know where to good weapons tend to spawn and how to get to them before anyone else. I can get into the top 10 but always get killed by some idiot waiting outside of the safe zone even though they will die anyway... why do people do that? Anyway, Good to know you all.