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  1. Why would you engage multiple targets with a doublebarrel shotgun
  2. RNG is killing games

    I really dislike people begging to start with good gear! It's a survival battle royal, where good loot is scarce at first! if you don't like that then maybe think about avoiding zones where most players land and just gear up slowly.
  3. Hey all! Just bought the game a few days ago and I'm absolutely LOVING it! But there are many things that are not really explained to a new player: 1) is loot really completely random? for instance: is it possible to find a kar98 in a small building in the middle of nowhere? so far i have only found a Kar from a dropped loot crate and dead players. 2) same question but for vehicles! is it better to scout roads for vehicles or small towns? 3) can anyone please explain to me how the zeroing distance feature works? 4) will automatch in duo ever be possible or is that only for squads? 5) are there plans for other game modes? I've heard about the zombie mode for the future but what I would really like to try one day is a 50vs50 mode! Best of luck to all! See you on the battleground.
  4. a few questions from a new player

    Ah I see! Well, on my first attempt I was the odd man out then Thank you all for those quick replies.
  5. Hi, I bought this game a few days ago and I'm really enjoying it! But today the servers are acting weird? The home screen takes longer to load then usual, and ingame I stutter and lag all over the place! Anyone else currently has this problem? Everything worked fine last night.
  6. HI, could you tell me what server you guys play on? Thanks