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  1. There's also Mosin, vz. 52, Mauser bolt action rifles (FR7 and FR8) and M1 even.
  2. Isn't the honey badger itself a 7.62×35mm? But has full auto too, I believe. Also not a true SMG but a PDW. Of course the difference can be quite blurred sometimes.
  3. Erangel.
  4. I've not heard about that being in the works. In my private and personal opinion it doesn't necessarily fit the pace of BG that well but it's really up to the designers.
  5. Arma is guilty of many things but being the only game that allows reloading with used mags isn't one : ) From recent releases, R6 has that in tactical realism mode.
  6. Hi! I'm the Associate Community Manager for Battlegrounds and have similar responsibilities to Daniel, who already introduced himself, though we have slightly different foci. I've been enjoying building this fun, friendly and nurturing community together with you and can't wait for our game to be out in the public again. Soon! : ) I like FPS and strategy games. I've been playing Arma for a long time and have my own milsim community. I've been playing A3 BR since 2014. Right now I play a lot of R6. I'm originally from Tbilisi but have been living in different European cities for years. I currently live in London. I'm always around if you need any help on the forum and you can call me Andro or FWG. Fanks!
  7. Ok, I think we're done here. My gratitude to all those who engaged in this discussion in a civilised and friendly manner. This thread is now locked due to constant regression into conflict. Please avoid such conduct in the future.
  8. Please let moderators and admins decide if the thread has gone off topic. It is not OP's responsibility to somehow moderate it or tell people off.
  9. The topic is kill counter. The examples are about kill counters.
  10. I think we're discussing a permanent counter on UI like "Kills: 3 Players left: 19" etc.
  11. There's a kill counter in A3 BR? Well, I guess I haven't played for a month or so.
  12. If there is any more name calling in this thread, it will be locked. This is a final warning.
  13. This is a friendly reminder that it's ok when people don't agree with you or you don't agree with them. We can all still be friends
  14. Noted. Debate on this subject is very welcome as long as everyone remains civil. We follow and appreciate feedback from both camps.
  15. I think the only thing that was said so far was that you should expect min ram to be 8gb.