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  2. https://twitch.tv/poachs LIVE NOW ACTIVE w/ CHAT - TOP SHELF GAMEPLAY
  3. I also just tried it out, I only have colorfulness on and i'm not seeing a difference am I doing something wrong? @Johnny Honeybee
  4. So i'm just going to use it for colorfulness, should I also turn on Vibrance? Does that relate to digital vibrance?
  5. I was talking about another program that I already use. Thanks though, trying ReShade now, is there much FPS drop?
  6. Thought that only works on CS:GO though? Is there a way to make it only run when you launch BG?
  7. Yup, you only got them from pre-ordering the deluxe edition. No longer obtainable. But they are all marketable and tradeable.
  8. I'm overwhelmed, they specifically said they would be only working optimization and said to expect the first optimization patch in the 1st week of April.
  9. It depends how you optimize it, I have a GTX 760 and I7 4770k and I get 70+ constantly. But I have launch options and very low settings in place.
  10. I noticed a FPS decrease after testing with and without it.
  11. I don't know exactly how it works, but from what I understand it lowers the directX version from 11 to 10, I know for a FACT it gives a huge FPS boost. Although there is a bug with 8x scopes while looking south it causes a glare.
  12. Launch options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 Best FPS settings:
  13. Fuck me, I knew that should of already been in the game. I just assumed it would be Shift drag and if it wasn't it wouldn't work at all.
  14. I +1 what you said, but something that DEFINITELY needs to be added is dropping certain #'s of items. I don't like how items stack now, you need to be able to drop ammo and meds in any amount you want.
  15. Just remove the line from the file?
  16. 10 kill solo win
  17. So Q & E while third person aiming if your settings are default.
  18. I said that?
  19. After a lot of testing I've found the best settings IMO for high FPS, I myself am running GTX 760 & I7 4770k and get almost always about 50 FPS and in rural areas or in general 70+ FPS. Also using "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4" in your launch options will help a lot, although sm4 causes glare in the scopes but I still use it because it gives a huge FPS boost for me.
  20. Surprised no one mentioned counter-strike, always my game
  21. I heard it default sets back to 3
  22. Oh really? Thanks, i'll try it when servers come back up.
  23. Is there a way to switch the crosshair camera angle to the left side? If I try to peek a player outside a doorway and i'm on the right side of the door he will be able to see and shoot me before I can because my crosshair is on the right side.