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Found 6 results

  1. I really like the idea for tactics and a chance for people to have an opportunity to actually gear up at the start of the round. My only question regarding it is what would happen to some that say is afk, or for people with lesser quality pc's and it takes longer to load in. Will it still auto eject them over land and or maybe kick them? Other than keep up the excellent work dev team!
  2. afk killers

    So I think there should be an AFK check before the plane kicks you out. AFK players should get kicked and returned to lobby. OR Make points for kills scale with time. The first 5 mins, kills are worth 0 points. What I currently do is wait until the plane kicks me off and then I kill all of the AFK players and then I try to die as fast as possible. I play for about 2-5 mins and get a couple hundreds credits (points) towards rewards. and I keep farming credits. I don't think that I should be allowed to play like this.
  3. Two reasons for this. First one is obvious, adds for more tactical gameplay. If someone wants to play risky, and pull their shoot really late in order to get to the ground first to gear up and kill the people parachuting around them, than I think people should have that choice. High risk, high reward - you can get to the ground first and start looting to get a head start on the enemy squads who dropped at same location, or you can lose half your health or even die by opening it way too late. The second reason is to combat a rather disgusting meta that has developed. The other day my mouse went haywire, causing me to lose control of my PC, meaning I couldn't alt-tab back into the game during the airplane portion. I finally gained control well after my squad had jumped out and landed (I couldn't operate push to talk to tell them I lost control) and came back as I was drifting down with all the AFK people. There were about 15-20 AFKs who landed and just stood there. Except, 4 of them immediately started knocking the others out and killing them, as soon as they saw me moving all four started chasing me, it was clear it was a squad. After finally catching and killing me they went back to killing the AFKs. Curious, later that night after my friends all logged off for the night I parachuted down with the AFKs a few more times to see if this was common. Sure enough, game after game, there are people who drop with the AFKs to pick up a half dozen to a dozen free kills. Did it 4-5 games in a row and this happened every game. Frankly I found it disgusting, and dishonest; people killing AFKs game after game to pad their statistics page. Making parachutes manual operation only would prevent this completely, because all AFKs would simply drop to their death, preventing scummy players raking up free kills from them. So to me, making parachute operation manual only, is win/win. It makes the game more tactical adding another risk/reward opportunity, while preventing scummy game metas. Only one concern would be new players constantly splatting, which could be solved by adding a flashing "PULL" text along with audio warning (like airplanes) around the time the parachute normally would have auto-deployed, continuing until the player either pulls their chute, or splats.
  4. afk killers

    Only noticed this cause my friend DCed and spectated him, I watched a guy sit with the AFK/crashed players then slaughter 6 people at the start. 6 free kills to start the game? That's not fair competitive stats. People should not get auto kicked out of the plane they should slowly/instantly die so people don't abuse that for kills.
  5. Hey together. at first, thanks for giving us that awesome game with awesome developers who knows their jobs. Personally i dont like the complete parachute thing. I know, its early access, i know there is working in progress. I just want to say something and want to share my ideas with you guys and community. I dont know, if the developers already said something like that, but it would be awesome, that I could decide when to open my parachute. The movement of the parachute in stage 1 is completly okay. If stage 2 starts, i prefer a little more speed to stretch to somewhere. In stage 3 im completly in rage. Its way too slow. I would generally prefer to open my parachute when i want. If this would be possible - all AFK-guys would die instantly as they fall to the ground. This would solve a few problems and thoughts about the ranking in form of kill-counts etc. And speed the stage-3-parachute up a little bit please Sorry for my english, i suck
  6. So I've counted and I may just be one unlucky one, but so far, I've had up to 15 people who were afk and 7 consecutive. I wouldn't think much of it if it happens once in a while, but this is a little bit too much imao. I don't sit with a solution to the problem, but consider it as a feedback! Good hunting!