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Found 16 results

  1. Bug Description: Occasionally, when switching to sights, I can't exit them with another click for several seconds, as well as my firing is blocked. I can look around still, and move, it's only my weapon that "locks up". This is pretty game changing if I'm in a heated combat situation. Date Seen: 28 - 30.03.17 (including after update) Troubleshooting Attempted: Spamming my right and left mouse button until it unlocks, and then it's fine again, until locking up again. I haven't noticed specific cases to replicate the issue, it seems random. Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? - Nope System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 860m CPU: i7 Ram: 16gb
  2. Hi, It would be awesome if you added the possibility to disable iron sight. What I mean by that is that by right clicking the mouse, the regular targetting action comes up, as when holding the right mouse button. I personnaly can't aim properly while holding the right mouse button and I don't like the iron sight either, at all. Any chance this would happen ? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, since the big content Update end of may I got a issue. Every one in the while my game will lag when using ads or inventory. Inventory is a known bug afaik but ads seems to be new. --- Bug Description: Game freezes for 1 - 3 sec when clicking RMB to aim. Holding RMB not affected. No pattern when this happens, every once in a while. Date Seen: Last today. Pretty much since may monthly update. Server: Normal servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: Turned graphics to low, freed up every bit of RAM. Kept an eye on my CPU/Ram usage, doesn't appear to spike. Other Information: Also got issues with the inventory randomly freezing. No idea if they are related. Launch Options: No launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: i5 4670 Ram: 8 Gb
  4. I expect this bug has already been logged, though I did not find a specific thread for it. Forgive me if it has been dealt with....included is me in spectate mode, watching my partner - her guns were floating above her. Further to this, when she aimed, it went directly to the grass (for me), yet she was shooting at enemies in the distance.
  5. When using just the bare reticle of a gun, maybe it should show being closer to the eye, I mean, being displayed bigger. Here is an example from Operation Flashpoint (good old game with a feeling similar to PUBG...) : Haven't shot a gun for a long time, but as far as I remember, at least when in prone position, you stick your eye closer to the first part of the reticle and thus get a vision closer to the one shown here than in PUBG. Having this closer reticle display makes it easier to use the bare reticle. Thsi could happen in prone position only... or in any position, that's up to discuss.
  6. After aiming down sights and shooting the reticle slowly rises i have to fight it by constantly looking more and more down it stops after changing the sensitivity then stars again after aiming again. its like its constantly applying the recoil even when not shooting
  7. Hi, This is not the same entry as "Free Look Aiming vs. Sighted Aiming", nor "Shooting over Ledges". I've had this problem a few times and I think it's a design flaw, but maybe it isn't and I'm doing something wrong. When you are at the bottom of a staircase and shoot somebody that is at the top of the staircase, a few meters away, while holding the aim-button (aimed hip-fire), the bullets will go lower than expected. This is different than the issue of being able to fire over ledges. Here, the gun has all the room needed to fire, and it does. The bullet actually does traver a few meters up the staircase, but the direction of the bullet is not consistent with where you aim, because it will crash on the staircase, lower than your reticle. IMHO, it would mean that the direction the gun is pointing is not calculated to make it point the reticle (white HUD reticle, not the real gun's sights), but to make it raise of the same angle that you raised your mouse. Thus, when firering from the bottom of a stairs, that angle mismatch makes you fire the stairs. (Actually it may be the vector's origin mismatch, not the angle... You aim from your eyes but fire from your gun... still... in 3rd person view, the game should rectify and aim at where you aim). It happened to me with the S12K, and I don't know if it happens with other guns. If I'm right, it's clearly a design flaw... the reticle should show where your gun points. Again, it's not the same as firering over ledges... I think it's normal that your shots come out of your gun, but it's not the same issue here. Tell if it was already reported, or if it's intended, but I'm pretty sure it happened that way, and that it feels completely off.
  8. I spotted a post about this in the tactics section and agree it's something that could do with adjusting if possible. At the moment it's extremely difficult to quickly and accurately judge whether your bullet will go towards an enemy or just hit the wall/window frame/door/rock in front of you. "Bullets coming from the barrel is realistic" is a common counter argument to the above but I disagree. Sitting at a desk with a keyboard and mouse is fundamentally unrealistic for a start. There's only a certain level of mechanical realism that can be implemented in a game before all sensory attachment is lost as we can only go on what we see rendered on screen. If I had a real gun in my hand then I'd know if I was aiming above a wall because I could see and feel the barrel of the gun. I can't do that while pretending to be a soldier on my PC screen. As gamers our only reference is what we see on screen and if what we see on screen isn't a true representation of what is happening then we are disadvantaged from the get go. So my suggestion: We just need aiming down sights as the one true representation of where the bullet will head towards. So we know, without surprises, where we are aiming. If you aim down sight and have no obstructions then in an ideal gaming world the bullet should go in that direction, not a few inches lower straight into the window frame. It would be a great quality of life improvement.
  9. Hi! Got into online gaming a few years ago and just realised why my aiming sucks. Had the sensitivity too high; only playing from the wrist, not the arm. Starting to reconfigure and relearn it all. But this i want to get it right from the start. So here is some questions. When tracking enemy movement; do you only use your arm or your arm plus your wrist? When do you use your wrist only, when your arm only and when both to aim? Is it better to have high sensitivity and low dpi or vice versa? Only got 22 inches of space for my mouse to move from left to right. Is this enough? Should i just adjust sensitivity so i can do a 360 from left margin of mouse pad to right margin and then practice with that in every game and never change again. Or do i have to get another desk solution so i have more space and can use even lower sensitivity?
  10. shooting

    Hi, I get this strange bug there if you hold right mouse button and shoot at a close range in full auto it sometimes jerks off to the ground and this is not a recoil or anything. It just aims directly at the ground and there it would be a defined kill ends up being you shot by other person. Whats up with this? The first bullet hit hits the target but then your character decides to look down like he had some stroke. It happens often with auto-shotgun and SCAR.Any ideas? I will try and make a video of it, but it is hard to catch this happening.
  11. It would be neat if you could alter the ADS to behave similarly to other comparable shooters - Ghost Recon Wildlands is a good example, where upon holding down the right-click mouse button, the first-person ADS pops up, and releasing right click causes the weapon to be unshouldered and the view returns to 3rd person. Just a thought - I'm not a fan of toggled ADS.
  12. Hello devs, When moving around, not always but quite often enough, I see this weird discoloration in yellow - usually stemming from the bottom left corner of my screen. See screenshot. My 2nd issue is when aiming down the sights with RED DOT SIGHT or HOLOGRAPH SIGHT, there's a twitchy black square that appears for split seconds at a time - but still noticeable. It appears right over, almost centered around the red dot sight and holograph sight. It's quite distracting when trying to aim a good shot from long distances. I couldn't provide a screenshot of that since it was hard to capture as it's not a constant black square - it flashes. I hope I'm being specific enough. If a screenshot is necessary - I'll do my best to try and capture it for you guys. NOT ON THE TEST SERVER. The only troubleshooting I tried was to lower my settings down from HIGH to MED to LOW and the issue still persists. No launch settings have been changed. ADDED MY SPECS IN SCREENSHOTS. Thank you so much, look forward to hearing back from anyone with good news! Jeremy Bitton
  13. Hi , Just two things I saw when playing , that might be a buggy or maybe my lag. When aiming with a weapon in 1st person , by pressing right click once it doesn't aim down the red dot / holo or any scope ,I have to double click to let it aim down sight. Don't know if you are aware of this. Second thing is , while I was driving the dune buggy car and climbing out at a bit of a speed , it seems that when I climbed out the buggy the back wheel hit me , obviously damaging me. It might have been the lag , bug just wanted to point it out. Not that major but can maybe help. Thanks. +South African server
  14. What does Targeting refer to under the sensitivity settings? I am assuming scope is red or holo sight. Scope 4,8,15 are pretty explanatory. Is targeting just regular ironsights? It did not seem to have any affect when I changed it.
  15. Hello all, I am not sure to call this a bug or feedback. In my thirteen hours of gameplay I found something that I feel should be fixed or maybe a countermeasure. I think this has not been added due to the fact there is still quiet a bit to fix, and this problem I have; hopefully some others can see this too. I have notice in a bunch of fire fights I have when I am about 60 to 75 meters apart even further at times 200 meters apart from the contact. We are trading shots but since people can stand up and move left and right constantly and hit you without getting a penalty for moving and shooting at the same time. I would figure sway would get in the way to make accurate shots but the game allows people to move shoot don't have any problems with but contact with their bullets. I find this very frustrating at cases where I have a good advantage over them with cover I am hitting them, same goes for the person I came into a gunfight with. They are still able to have good accuracy while moving! Hopefully, I was clear enough to tell this problem I see, and maybe some can agree with me on this one.
  16. The amounts of times iv died because iv held right click for half a second to long and did a small zoom rather than going to sights is insane. PLEASE Can we get a hotkey to change or flip what right click does? Hold to sight / tap to zoom and vice versa.