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Found 3 results

  1. HEYOOO So the title is prettty self explanatory and straight forward. I would love to hear what are your guys's favorite part of the map/hiding spot/looting place and why. I attached a photo to this thread with my favorite spot to camp . Its close to the middle of the map, and from my experience theres always good loot there. The houses are really big and theyre protected by little dunes so you cant get sniped from windows. The houses also have nice corners for combat and camping.
  2. I think the game lacks in teamplay, not because there is no communication tools, more because the unability to split and flank by your own. "Why?! you asking, well, the answer is simple: REVIVE. The revive mechanic is not well implemented, the player sldnt be able to crawl around, and the only way to wake him up, should be using a medical item. and instead of giving us 30 seconds to revive, we should have a nice 3 minutes counter, and it CANT be put down, (i mean, is inmune in this timeframe) so we can actually help our comrade, and we are not so dependent of his company in combat (AKA be close, otherwise i dont have time to revive in the worst case scenario). If its done this way, the solo game play combat would be the same in duo, giving the players more flexibility. To counter this 3 minutes, the player that is down, should have a very blurry vision, so he cant be giving info to the other player in the meantime, and move even slower, plus the requirement of medical equipment, and a longer cast t actually revive him. About the killzone, i think player outside should have a debuff to their vision, more like H1Z1 were you cant see shit outside of it. (Always getting killed from the outside, by players that are so far, that they are actually dead already)
  3. I like how the electric field or "gas" is at the moment. It's not to fast or damaging the in early stages to punish people looting, nor does it restrict tactics and play in the final stages imo. However, I do find that people like to play the edges as a tactic in the game quite a lot. Which I have no problem with but, I find that they wait so long to make sure they're behind everyone, they get a couple of kills then die to the electric field. Which isn't fun to die to and feels like they play just to ruin the experience of others. Now, I don't want to ruin the tactic of playing the "edge" but I think being inside the electric field should be more punishing. My friends idea was to keep the damage as it is at the moment and the speed which I think is fine, but have the electric field act like an EMP and actually disable the HUD and Optics of people inside the Electric field punishing them for shooting from inside it forcing them to use iron sights. Thoughts?