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Found 12 results

  1. These guns would make a great addition into the game. 2 great SMG's and 1 great looking Assault Rifle. Of course, these weapons should be implemented after release so that you can focus on making the game better before adding in new weapons. This would up the SMG gun total from 3 to 5 and the Assault Rifle gun total from 4 to 5. 1) MP5 2) AKS-74U 3) Honey Badger
  2. Is there a chart or guide that shows you or explains each attachments metric to each weapon? I.E. showing the numerical gain in MAGAZINE(it's not a "clip" ladies) capacity, numerical or percentage gain in stability, with the specific weapon model, etc? If not, I'm sure others would like to see one paired or available with the weapons charts as well. Thanks!
  3. Hello there, I'm going to start off this thread by asking that we keep the discussion clean and free of salt. This is, after all, a suggestion. Nothing good will come from the game by flaming as hard as our little fingers can type, and no attention will ever get paid to posts that harbor nothing but arguments. Right. So let's jump into the core things I've found could help the revolver out a bit. I've seen some people pick this weapon up out of desperation. We've all been there. Here's the bottom line: the weapon, in it's current state, is horrible. One attachment slot, long reload times, and the infamous problem that every BR game seems to get wrong with revolvers: One shot every 2 years... for some reason. Have you ever fired a revolver? Or even seen someone fire one? You can literally fire, say, a Colt Python as fast as you can squeeze on it (or fan it, depending on if you're feeling like a cowboy.) My point is, I get it. Powerful weapon. long time resistance to fire. But it's those things that can break you if all you manage to find is this weapon. Let's touch down on the attachment issue first, and then we'll double back on fire rate/damage ratio. So currently we have an attachment for a long trigger timed weapons, or reload time weapons, to make things move a little faster: bullet loops. Here's the question I have, why was an attachment like this never even conceived upon implementing the revolver into the game? A quick loader? Easy peasy. And before you throw up the stop sign and tell me to hold on, because that would literally make the weapon broken due to it's damage output, please let me direct you to that very topic below. Alright, so now that's out of the way, time to talk damage. The revolver in this game uses 7.62, I get it, big round, big damage. For the most part is very correct, but there's also the issue of barrel length, to travel distance. Like a typical revolver, sure, if you can hit a nice shot, you can do some serious work... at close/possibly mid range. But why take the decision out of the player's hands? This weapon is damn near unusable at a close range unless you got Global flick skills. Why? Because if you miss that first shot, your enemy has time to get in you face, even with a melee, and put you down. Sorry, but if it were my life on the line, I have a revolver, and some rando dude is charging me with a machete, I'm gonna straight up empty the wheel on him, no question. Fire rate limitation on a weapon that has no limits, but your itchy trigger finger, makes no sense to me. Back to damage really quick. The revolver has a nice big round, but the barrel length, as stated above, doesn't make it a high powered sniper rifle. Maybe consider bringing down the damage ratio/effective distance a touch to compensate for being able to fire it as fast a revolver should/could be fired. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. This is just some stuff my buddy and I were discussing yesterday as we were playing. This isn't coming from a salty death in game, despite this gun getting me killed... a lot. I really wanna love/use this gun. In it's current state, I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe I'm just throwing this out here, and someone has already suggested stuff like this, but I really think that this gun, of all the guns, needs and deserves the most attention. I look forward to your replies, and seeing what kind of feedback we can get rolling. Please note also, I do not claim to be a weapon expert. I know a little about the inner workings of firearms, but I don't have things down to a science. If you have the know how, I'd love to get an explanation. Thanks! TL;DR: Drop damage/effective distance possible a hair or two, give us a quick loader attachment, and remove the reset timer for fire rate. -Shishy
  4. Hi everyone I have a couple suggestions about the vetcor. 1) I think it should spawn like the micro uzi, without attachments, as you can see, there is a pic of vector without stock. Once you loot it you need to have one stock, magacine, grip and compensator or whatever you want to put on the cannon 2) Talking about the stock we have 2 in game atm (micro uzi and m416) both should be used on vector like you can see on this pics 3) Grips, looking on the last pic what i post, you can see an angled grip on it, actually you can't use it on vector and should be posible to attach it on the vector Thanks for reading, hope you think on it, i will be so excited if i see it on game.
  5. Is there way to take off all attachments from the weapon in one-click or something else?
  6. First of all , this game is amazing and i had alot of fun playing it already. Sorry for my bad english it is not my native language. 1. Weapons This is not a high priority but it would be nice to see more weapons in the game for an early access game it already has a decent amount of weapons. Some people are complaining about there are not enough weapons , i must disagree with that doesn't mean it would be fun to see more weapons. For example my personal favourite guns: * The " M14 EBR ( Enhanced Battle Rifle ). This could have the same stats as the " SKS ". It is an semi automatic sniper/marksman rifle that uses 7.62 ammo. It would be a nice alternative for people who aren't into the " russian guns " or simply like the M14. The M(K) 14 EBR has a really good look with alot of rails for attachements ( i will come to this later on " 2. Attachments "). * The " Tavor-21" or better known is " TAR-21". Is an iseralian weapon that is using 5.56 ammo. Why do i reffer to this weapon it looks absolutely beautiful ( in my opinion ). But also there is no single bull-pup gun in the game yet. Some alternatives for bull-pup guns could be " Famas " , " Aug " , " Type-95 " or the " L85a2 " as i said i personaly preffer the tar-21 due hes looks. * The " Spas-12 " due it's iconic look and been in many games this is probably one of my least favourites about: my favourite guns It just feel so mighty like you are invincible and no one can take you down. * The " M200-sniper rifle" Could be found in supply drops it looks gigantic almost like you have to compensate things ;). * The " Mp5 series especially the mp5k " are missing in the game it would be so nice to see the german classic being added to the game. * The " Red-zone control button " Can be found in supply drops and you willl be able to send out a redzone for one time. If the cirkel is closing in or is really small it will have be a ratio 1:10 due the cirkel. Just an idea. *** You can add so much more weapons for example: G36 series , Scar-h (7.62 ammo ) , Fn fall , p90 ,.. As i said before this is absolutely no high priority but i think people would like to play with there " favourite guns ". I listed up my favourites which doesn't mean you have to agree with me comment which gun you would like to see in the game. 2. Attachments This is not a high priority either just some suggestions More modifications would be nice it wouldn't change the gameplay to much but having a diffrent scope can be fun right ? * Flip side scope: A flip side scope is created by 2 scopes which one can be " turned a side " so you get a regular red dot. The other one amplify's the red dot very simular to the " 4x acog sight " that is in the game already but this would mean you get a 4x zoom with red dot. How would this work like if you are aiming down the sight ( ADS ). you could press your interact key that is bound on any button you desire mine is on " f " so for example i'm ADS and press my F-key. it would " flip " my scope to the side or flip it back in front of my red dot so you can decide which one is better in your particular situation. * Bipod: For more stability deploying a bipod would be a nice option keeping in mind you are limited to your field of view ( fov ) to the left and the right and you are pinned down for a couple of seconds before you can move around again because you have to pack your bipod. This has some pro's and con's i'll start with the pro's: * You have more stability means less recoil * you can peak out windows or ledges instead of shooting the frame ( happend to me couple of times thought i was shooting outside the windows i've never been so wrong before ). Con's: * You have limited movement * You have limited area you can cover ( not being able to turn 360° ) Which brings us to a fun factor to play with the person using a bipod have more stability but less movement meaning ( lets call him bipod-guy ) the bipod-guy is more likely to get a headshot because is limited movement but the guy who is being shot at has a slightly disadvantage because the bipod guy has less recoil. It can be a fun factor to play with. * Tracer bullets: After every 5 bullets you get a " green " one. you are more likely to re-adjust your aim because you see where your bullets are flying. But your opponent has an advantage on you because he also see the tracer and is more likely to spot you quicker. * Laser sight: For close combat it can be fun to being able to activate a laser on the side of your gun so you can see where you'll be hip firing to. In the miliarty firing range and the bunkers it can be very useful or charging into a building. It can be added to guns with tactical rails like the: Scar , m14 ebr , tar21 , ... 3. Weather This is probably far-fatched but i'm going to write it down anyway The weather system at the moment is very nice you only got 2 weathers , rainy stormy day , or sun shining summer day. It would like to add some more weathers. Let's give them fun names: " Windy sunday " and " Winter wonderday ". You can go as far as you want: Windy Sunday: It would be nice in my opion again , to see the tree crowns flying from left to right and right to left. Having troubles with listing to foot steps due the wind is whisteling in your ears ( headphones ). Winter wonderday: A snow coverd map would give the game a whole new experience you should also loot the " white shirt and the white combat pants " to be less likely being spotted. You would come to places you wouldn't reconize due the snow. Those weather ideas are probably not do-able because if it would be a snow coverd map it would blow out your cpu i guess .. not sure. Anyways , this were just some ideas you don't have to agree with me it is just my opinion and thoughts. Those ideas could improve the game later on when everything else with high-priority is fixed. feel free to discuss in the comments but please be kindful to eachother and do not hate each others ideas. * if i " stole " someones idea i'm sorry i didn't ment to do it. It are clearly all my own thoughts. ADMgg
  7. What is the difference between the vertical and the angled foregrip? Searched the forums and didn't see another thread... There are no tooltips so I also don't know what the supressors really do other than reducing volume (such as perhaps reducing range/damage etc.) or what the compensators do at all. If anyone has a link for a comprehensive guide containing this stuff that would be much appreciated as well I haven't found anything.
  8. Hello everyone! In this thread I'm going to present the ideas I came up with while playing. Whenever I come up with something new, this thread will be updated while trying to not name anything that has already been adressed by the devs. Would love to get some of your thoughts and ideas on the things I came up with! Attachments -Bipod (equippable in the grip slot, will deploy when leaning your gun over a wall/windowsill [increases weapon stability at the cost of setup time/being unable to move instantly]) -Bipod/Grip combo to be obtainable from airdrops only -Variable scope (combination of Holo or RedDot and 4x you can switch between) QOL -Make it possible to "draw" on the map in Duos/Squads Vehicles -Mountainbike (about 2x as fast as sprinting, makes less noise than a car and maybe pistols could be used while riding it) Weapons -Scar-H long-barrel sniper setup (Semi-Auto / 7.62 cal.) -Slingshot (to make the pistol slot more usable in mid/endgame implement a slingshot which allows to launch grenades further at the cost of arming time) Edit: Aligned the categories alphabetically.
  9. Are we going to get under barrel attachments like shotgun attachments, smoke launchers, Laser attachments, Tactical Flash Lights?
  10. I couldn't find any discussion on this topic and thought it was worth discussing. Problem: The current weapon attachment design makes specific weapon attachments more powerful artificially because their negative attributes can be worked around by rapidly swapping them on and off during combat. Solution: Add "change speeds" (which could include animations) for weapon attachments that are at least as long as the time it takes to switch to a different weapon. IMO the 8x scope is the best item in the game. That isn't to say it is completely broken but anytime I find one I feel like my odds of winning increase significantly, and this is because anytime I am being pushed by someone I have plenty of time to either remove the scope and use iron sights or even swap it to a 4x/RDS. This is especially powerful on ARs which can utilize the range provided by 8x and still be useful up close when a different scope is attached. I feel like this issue will be even more dramatic when hardcore first-person only servers are introduced and the 8x would put someone at a major disadvantage if they did not have access to third-person firing. Alternative examples of this also apply to the suppressor and toggling it between an AR and the Saiga. One attachment can easily be used for both guns which makes finding a single suppressor that much more valuable.
  11. In my point of view, there are some improvements that can be made in the gameplay area. I don't know if anyone has already posted something similar to this, but, I think this should get some attetion: - The jumping in the game is very poor. For e.g. you barely can jump a step in a ladder. The jump while stopped should be able to make the character go higher, and the impact on jumping while running should have some reduction. I just think maybe a small change, can make it a lot better, in both cases. - The hitmark when you get shot won't allow you to have a good perspective from where it came from. It's already hard to find players, when they're hiding in houses or buildings, and when you get shot from them, it's almost impossible since the hitmark on your screen won't show precisely the direction from where the shot came. So an improvement on the hitmark should make the gameplay get better as well. - Show the durability of itens just by passing the mouse through it. When you kill someone and you want to check if his vest has a higher durability, for example, you have to wear it. Showing the durability of an item without having to wear it should improve the gameplay. - Showing the benefits and describing what atthachments do in the description of the item. "Using a silencer in your rifle will reduce the damage of your gun but it'll improve your recoil and make it difficult to enemies to find you since it'll make less noise." and then showing the stats on how much the damage and the recoil will be affected, for e.g. I think for now it's my suggestions that might improve the gameplay and make it easier and better for everybody. Feel free to say whatever do you think about those things I mentioned. GustaFPS.
  12. I'm not sure if I saw anything discussing guns besides maybe bugs with them but my main question is are there any differences in the 5.56mm round guns as far as damage or accuracy that might not be displayed?