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Found 9 results

  1. Here are some things that need attention before the full game is released. Vehicles/Players need 'Grand Theft Auto-style' animations for entering and exiting. Vehicles should have moving doors. Players should spend time getting into and out of vehicles instead of teleporting. This also goes towards fixing the horrendous responsiveness of the current system. Cover mechanics while riding in vehicles. Players should be able to 'crouch down' while riding in a vehicle. This would force the camera into first person mode and restrict visible angles. The driver could also do this, with obviously dangerous consequences for not being able to see ahead. Getting out of vehicles while moving. Players should be able to exit moving vehicles without taking such severe damage. Knock-outs are reasonable above certain speeds, but the current formula for speed and damage is very messed up. Exiting a moving boat should cause little or no damage except at the highest speeds. "Tuck and Roll" animations for players who get out of moving vehicles. An additional cost of getting out of a moving vehicle should be disorientation from rolling. Physics rework, obviously. Players should not be ejected from a vehicle if they are knocked out. This is clearly just a temporary thing, right? Because it's absurd to even consider. "Johnny was buckled up, but then he got shot so his body temporarily phased through matter." Only players on motorcycles or in the back seat of a buggy should be thrown from the vehicle. Clearly the current design is intended to address problems that H1Z1 had with vehicles. For anyone who isn't aware, in H1Z1 players were able to exit vehicles traveling at any speed and take no damage because of the teleportation mechanic for (entering and) exiting. This allowed the use of a tactic my buddies called "trailer parking" wherein you boost towards a player, launching the vehicle at them, while simultaneously jumping out to shoot them. Other abusive tactics also existed, enabled by being able to get out at full speed with no penalty. I don't want to see a return of this at all, but I also think the current design is hardly an improvement. There are some simple things that could be accomplished to make this game feel tremendously great. I think these are among them. So many people have very high hopes for this game and believe it can finally be the success story above others that fell short.
  2. weapon

    Hello Survivors, this thread is created to get feedback in weapon balance. i personally feel that the balance of weapons especially by looking at the sniper rifles isnt optimal. i recently made my way to some air drops during the last days and i was really excited what i found in it. it was always an awm a x8 scope an a guile suit. i was like yes man now im gonna take em out 1by1 im a ghost huehue. in the end it doesnt work that way sadly. idk but since the high quality rifles are hard to get cause u will take high risk by getting close to an drop box since there are always peapole camping it. the impact atleast for my self is not that much. stat wise the awm is the best sniper ingame but it doesnt kill with 1 bullet. and tbh i stopped aiming on the head since server performance isnt that great till now, i tried it once on a not moving target with an distance of idk 500meters or so. i take the time and aim for the head guess what i missed idk how but he doesnt die. same target same distance aim for the chest direct hit he doesnt die. idk but this seems bad u have 1 shot before ur position can get revealed and it dont kill in 1 hit. i need to move my ass after my 2 shots to get into the safezone and well i got shot from the guy who should be already dead he needed 3 shots with his sks and killed me. ffs with a level 3 kevlar. so in the end i stop taking real sniper rifles when i could take a m16 or a akm since the difference isnt that huge and i can shot multipe times in short time so my chances to kill are much higher. what do you think? anyone else got the same feeling that sniper rifles are a lil underpowered or is it just me maybe i need to git gud idk.
  3. I cant help but feel that the game is based around who made it to the first gun. Its also very rare to ever come across a weapon without ammo, but I feel that should be more of the focus, not "here's a gun and its fully loaded... oh and here is 2 more fully loaded clips laying on the ground next to it". Melee weapons are made obsolete as soon as someone near you picks up a gun because chances are its fully loaded. Make having a melee weapon useful. Hell, maybe even give it a real purpose like using it to pry open crates that have better gear inside them. Make people want to have them, because right now its just something attached to our backs that we never use because you cant sneak up on anyone anyways... which is another suggestion for another thread.
  4. I wanted to suggest that if a player is outside of the zone he should be revealed on the map for other players, or atleast be "pinged" once every 10 seconds or similar showing his location.
  5. Am I the only one thinking damage is kind of weird ? I dont know the cause of this, but many times I get shot down in 2-3 shots after i clearly hit 5-6 even 7 body shots at my enemy. For me it is kind of frustrating as the game is more towards stealth and positioning. This is the kind of gameplay i like, but i feel my efforts are ruined when i shoot someone i stalked for 5 min in the back 5 times and he just turn around and instantly kill me at full health with lvl 3 helmet or armor. I can get the arcade shooter influence there telling you to aim at the head instead and in a way to get the player a chance to return fire, but i feel that in a hardcore shooter like Battlegrounds, the player getting ambushed like that shouldn't have a chance if you hit your shots. After all, it's his fault if he isnt aware of his positioning and surroundings.
  6. Hey guys - I've had this idea for a while now and I thought I would make a quick video explaining what I envision a more balanced circle mechanic would be. This is a short 5:42 video and I would appreciate that you watch it in its entirety before judging. Thank you! *** I miss-spoke at around 2:05 and 2:18 - I meant to say 100 seconds *** Code:
  7. Considering that snipers are already powerful in most situations, I think they would be more fair without silencers attached to them. That way there will be a risk reward scenario for using snipers since they make a loud noise when fired, but currently when someone has a silencer attached to their SR, they can't be detected even if they constantly miss their shots on the target...
  8. So I just got done with a match where I run up a hill, pause for a second, turn around and there's a guy running directly at me maybe 10 feet away and autos me in the face. I could hear NOTHING. This has to be improved someway, this can't be how the game goes. Sure you can hear footsteps maybe when you're in a building, or outside a building sometimes, but there's almost nothing to hear when out in the hills, flatland. That, or there's a bug. Please do something about this, maybe like a ruffling of grass, or a cracked stick, maybe even just the gear that the player is wearing (sound of metal clacking, etc).
  9. These major points of the game need intensive work and balance (both bugs and suggestions): - Connection to server and lag/lag compensation are pretty bad at the moment - Parachutes can get stuck in trees and keep the character there for extensive periods of time - Character movement isn't fluid. Very bad motions - Third Person shooting camera is terrible and has terrible hipfire accuracy - Characters can get stuck in trees and be unable to move - Long Rifles and AKM's have horrendous accuracy - Shotgun range is very far. You can be outgunned by a shotgun in a ranged battle. Absolutely needs a nerf - Arranging items is lengthy and annoying - Cars can't run through basic fences (wire or metal). They should be able to - Cars also flip way too easily Additional points to be added