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Found 870 results

  1. Please Post All Issues with Mid Game UI/Inventory/Crashing Here. Also, please Use the Bug Reporting Format and any work arounds/fixes that you have tried or that have worked for you. Make sure you state what you were doing right before the freeze/crash. Date Seen: 25 FEB 17 Information: Windows 7 - 64 Bit (Pro) Intel i7 - 940 Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 12 gigs RAM Settings: Very Low (all) Bug Description: When opening the inventory I get a ~1-2 second fps lag/stutter and the same lag/stutter if I have the inventory open and I switch equipment/clothes. (It feels like an issue with the 3D character model being rendered and having the render updated with new equipment shown.) Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: 100% repeatable when opening the inventory or when changing gear/clothes while the inventory is already open.
  2. When I bought the game (yesterday) it worked fine, but today its not. In every match i get a sort of mouse lag. The game is running at a smooth 60fps with no part of my computer under full load. Randomly throughout the match the mouse completely stops responding for 2-5 seconds (with intervals of anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple minutes). I am still able to use my keyboard to walk around, I still have a great ping, 60fps and I see no spikes or alike in task manager. When i finally regain controll it quickly jumps to where my character would have looked if the mouse was responding the entire time. Specs MOBO = MSI 970 Gaming CPU = AMD FX-6300 GPU = AMD Sapphire R9 390 8Gb RAM = 16Gb DDR3 I have tried Reinstalling the game Lowering the priority of the game in task manager Restarting the computer Reinstalling mouse drivers Updating Windows drivers Updating GPU drivers Updating MOBO drivers Verifying game cache Lowering in-game settings EDIT: Day 3 now and the issue mysteriously disappeared, thanks anyways <3 EDIT2: Day 4, it's back, fuck.
  3. Bug Description: This issue I got with latest update, I haven't game graphic artefacts or bugs, only bug in display menu. Watch screenshot. Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 System Specifications:Operating System: Win10 Pro (licensed latest updates)Graphics Card: x2 1080Ti SLI MSI AERO (OC 2050Mhz core, 5887 Clock Memory)CPU: i7-7700K OC 5.0Ghz (AVX 4.8Ghz)Ram: Corsair CMK32GX4M4B4000C19R 3600Mhz 18-20-20-40 timings SSD: Samsung 960 Pro 1Tb (Paging file: 800Mb)
  4. I'm currently experiencing an issue with trying to change my settings in game. It isn't actually allowing me to select the setting I want. For instance when I click on the drop down box for My Voice it will begin to automatically start selecting the most bottom option until it stops at Mute. I'm unable to click on anything else because it'll go immediately back to mute.
  5. I've been playing pubg since the game came out and have never had issues like this before, but whenever i launch the game it shows a black screen. I can hear the menu music but it only shows a black screen, I've tried restarting my computer, steam, discord but nothing works. I also am not able to alt-tab out of the game, just shows my task bar at the bottom but wont show any other screens. I posted something on the reddit forum but no one is responding. I didn't want to post on here becuase last time i did it got no response. Hopefully someone sees this soon because i really want to play pubg with my friends...
  6. My friend stuck in the loading screen when he is joining the lobby after 10 minutes of waiting his computer bugging and he must restart his computer please fix the problem.
  7. I read that dev are happy with current FOV, but this cannot be right? It is totally unplayable. Win7x64 ASUS x99 Deluxe II5960x @4800 GHznVidia GTX690 (WC)Current Graphics driver : 382.53 32GB RAM 3-screens, 5040x1050 on MATROX Triplehead2Go
  8. I was playing a duo with a friend and I was recording my perspective (just video no audio) so I could review how badly I failed. We chased a couple guys up to a gas station and they ran inside. Once we moved inside to try to fry em they were no where to be found. At first I assumed they had slipped out the back and got away, but I kept hearing noises. They had just crawled through a boarded up door you can in no way interact with and were hiding inside a room that was clearly not meant to be used and were trying to poke their heads through and shoot us. I got both their names in the video and after the fact went back to check the door myself and made this second video of its exact location and how it looks. I would love if this was properly fixed and/or action taken against players exploiting bugs for their advantage. I can provide nearly complete video of my match if need be. video of how it happened: Video I recorded going back to test it.
  9. El problema es el siguiente. En solo, duo y squad puedo hablar, los demás me escuchan pero yo no los escucho a ellos. En Squad y Duo me aparece la animación del sonido al momento de hablar, pero la de los demás no. La configuración está por default salvo la tecla para hablar. ¿Alguna solución?.
  10. I'm not quite sure what causes this, but it seems to happen a lot to me because I leave it switched to All, then toggle it on and off (I keep off on plane and island, turn on ingame.) Bug Description: Voice chat occasionally switches to Always from Push to talk without prompting. Date Seen: Every other day since release. Server: Live servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: No real way to determine what causes this. Other Information: I always have it set either off entirely or on All. Launch Options: No launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 64 bit Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 CPU: Intel i7 7700k Ram: 16gb
  11. Hey everyone, after the Leader-Reset, my leaderboard/my statistics is not showing my kills. i have 2 kills in total of 4 games. but i had like 8-9 kills tbh. anyone can confirm the same bug? /edit: seems like the kills are updating very slowly. it feels like it needs like 30min to update the kills
  12. Bug Description: When I play the game and only this game all of my audio will randomly cut out. I will be in discord with friends playing squad and all sound will cut out so I can not hear call outs. This also happens while I am playing solo with no other sound besides the games itself. Date Seen: Every day I play. 6/25/17 6/24/17 6/23/17 and so on. Server: NA - Server Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried updating my audio drivers. I unplugged my headset and used a different one then changed where I plugged them in at. I reset all sound settings to default. Other Information: It really messes with me because I will be listening to someone's footsteps about to walk into my building and then sound cuts out now I have no idea where he is if he moved or what. Sometimes the sound will cut out for a second sometimes it will last like 5 seconds. Video I took today of it happening Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 System Specifications:
  13. A player got in the front passenger seat and I killed him, maybe as he was shifting to driver's seat. I got in the car, but 3rd person camera wasn't working properly and it looked more like 1st person. The camera was being blocked by his dead body. Even as I started driving it didn't work correctly and all I could see was his head flailing around. His body never disappeared either.
  14. I bought the game but when I click on play the game does not start
  15. Here's the video of me unloading roughly 8-12 bullets into this dude and he doesn't die... Just a video to see if the hit detection is ok because this dude should have died. I would have shot myself and finished myself off had I been shot that many times in my junk.
  16. Bug Description: After the last Update. I experience the 0x00000109 CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION randomly while playing. When it happens the screen gets the "got killed" red tint and stays like that for a couple of seconds before soft rebooting. Date Seen: 25.06.2017 Server: Live Server: AS and EU Troubleshooting Attempted: Standard procedure so far (Check integrity, drivers up to date, etc). It is ONLY happening in PUBG and I never encountered this Bluescreen code before. Other Information: Like I said it happened after the update. Game was running okay before. Launch Options: No System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: AMD XFX R9 280X CPU: i5-2500 Ram: 8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 Well this is certainly an interesting one.
  17. I loaded in seemingly as everyone was teleported to the plane, and I was not teleported as well, so i was stuck at the spawn island and had to have my friend pick me up with a boat
  18. Bug Description: Hello. I found a bug for missing buildings on the minimap on the area marked on the screenshot on the coordinates L5 B8. There is a loot in the bulidings, so buildings are working normally, but not appearing on the minimap. Date Seen: 24.06 - 25.06 Server: Solo, Duo Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried several new games day after. Even friends were able to see and go to the buildings not marked on the minimap, so basically they are missing on the minimap. Other Information: Looking at general known minimap, it is missing there as well, so my minimap should be okay. Launch Options: No changes. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 CPU: i7-4770k Ram: 16GB RAM
  19. Title says it all. Stuck between a wall and a chair. Threw smoke grenade and tried to jump but couldn't. Check attached images. This sucks... Please fix it!
  20. Hello fellow players and mods I encountered this curiosity in game and I was the only one of my friends to see that at that moment. So I am bit curius if this happened only to me or is there any other players who saw the same thing. First appearence of this mysterious floating city happened 22nd June (cca 10pm CET - Europe servers Squads) after latest update... I even tried to jump onto stairs to get into building but I didnt quite make it because it was too high even tho my character bounced back so it wasnt only visible texture but solid object... and after shooting couple rounds into those stairs (bullets made hole marks like they normally do) whole city disappeard. It was near Severny coast to east. I made couple screens and let that thing pass ... But something happened again and I saw another floating city today between Pochinki and bridge to Sosnovka today(25 June 3-4 am CET, Europe duos) but this time higher in the air. Is this bug dangerous/possibly game breaking? When I was able to "touch or collide" with those stairs and if there will be similar city closer to the ground or hill and if some players can jump/walk on those stairs I think they can exploit this bug rly bad. my specs: intel i5 , gtx 1060 3gb, 8GB RAM, win10
  21. Please do not merge this with another thread of stats not recording, this is a different issue, the stats are recording but the rank points are 0 The other day I finished 7th and gained 0 points yet the stats, kills, boosts heals etc all updated, I checked pubgtracker and found that I had gained 0.07 points for coming 7th.
  22. I've experienced this bug a few times, it seems that when an enemy player destroys a closed door. The door is still there for everyone else but it's just invisible? You have to open the door to pass through it, even though it's not visually there. Here's an example of what I experienced: Pardon my anglais in the video, mute it if you don't like swearing my bad. Date this happened 6/21/2017 and it was on the EU Server
  23. Pues lo del título... Me he llevado días jugando sin ningún tipo de problema, y tras la actualización vuelvo a los problemas que tenía hace unas semanas... Los FPS bajan de 110 a 0.0 al entrar al lobby, se genera un molesto ruido que parece ser como un eco repetido, y siempre que se hace alguna acción como disparar caen drásticamente los FPS... Sólo me pasa con PUBG. Tengo un montón de juegos y todos van como la seda... ¿Alguien tiene alguna solución? Os dejo un video que he subido para que lo podáis entender mejor... Saludos!
  24. Bug Description: Texture of these specific weeds repeat creating some weird pixels Date Seen: 6/24/2017 Server: NA Official servers Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing. Other Information: I think the texture is repeating. Just a guess. Launch Options: Yes, here they are: -refresh 144-maxMem=13000-malloc=system-USEALLAVAILABLECORES-sm4 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 1060 3GB CPU: AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition Ram: 8 GB 4x2GB
  25. Hi guys, i am brazilian and i have one problem in my game, is one bug after starting one match!! This error occurs after my game loads the match, when it loads and I must go to the waiting lobby of other players, the game ends up crashing and giving the errors that are in the images If anyone can help me please check the pictures !! Please guys.. I really want to play but this is preventing me in all ways My config: GeForce GTX 750Ti Intel core i5 2.67GHZ 12GB RAM