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Found 89 results

  1. Please only use this thread to discuss current bugs and known issues from the lists below. For any new bugs, please create a thread following the bug reporting format seen here: For bugs relating to map issues and getting stuck see this thread: BUG LIST IS CONSTANTLY UPDATED BY @Caesar of Roma and occasionally @Hawkinz.
  2. Tried to set up xbox one controller to play game by using built in game bindings (forward on stick instead of w, and so on) and controls are stuck for the controller even when unplugged and will not set back to defaults after hitting apply. Anyone else experienced this?
  3. During my game i experienced something new with the force field me and a friend were running into the safe zone when it hit us we took no damage and it kept moving past the set line that its ment to stop at we took no damage while outside the line and inside. it wont let me upload a 30 sec video so here is the glitch :
  4. When I try to play with my friends in-game, it says that their "offline" and there is no option to play with them even though they are online in steam and playing PUBG. Anyone else has this issue?
  5. I am lazy so im just going to take what I typed on reddit, pardon me if there is so harsh things or just poorly written. This is the second time for me, I was playing like I normaly do, killing people, having a great time.. When suddenly comes the last phase on the most open ground on PUBG and we are 5 people remaining. after some killing we are 3 left. I kill one of them and we are down to 2 people.. Im just standing there in the open jumping around trying not to get killed if he shots me or something.. but nothing is happening. I then scout every little bush I can find but there is no one there. There is no one else but me in the zone. And then it says that the zone is going to close one last time. and its gonna fully close. and im just standing there in the middle first aiding my ass of but then I just die and It says that I got 2nd place..... apperently someone else won that game... or something.. The only thing I could think of was if he was just constaly first aiding behind a rock or something but then he would've needed like 50 first aids.. and we all know that is near to impossible. Please don't let this happen again, cause I was on fire that game...
  6. Bug Description: Every 4~6 seconds my game micro freezes all the time. Moving or not. My character can still move during the stutters. Date Seen: May 2, 2017 could have been since April 23 but didn't notice it before. Server: US server Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarted pc, changed settings to lowest, updated drivers, used launch options. Lowered resolution and screen scale. Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit (6.1, Build 7601)Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 seriesCPU: AMD Fx(tm) -6350 Six core processor (6 CPUs), ~3.9GHzRam: 16384MB Can provide video footage if necessary.
  7. Hola a todos!!! Como estan? Hice un video resumido sobre las actualizaciones futuras y tambien los clips de las nuevas animaciones!! Me llevo bastantes horas hacerlo porque no se editar mucho! Pero lo hice lo mas simple posible para que no se aburran!!! Acepto criticas y nos vemos INGAME!!! LuPower
  8. For some reason in game my guns shoot without me pulling the trigger. This constantly exposes my position. Just finished a game where I was firing the weapon without pressing the mouse. It seems to happen under latency/server strain.
  9. When i try to get in the game it says this: 20:40:06: Starting BattlEye Service... 20:40:08: Launching game... 20:40:18: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 20:40:18: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "\??\C:\Users\jonas\AppData\Local\Temp\dv1A5B8.tmp\p2556552062am.sys". and i don't know what to do pls help
  10. pc specs. Intel i74790k gtx980 16gb ram just got the game and it worked fine for about an hour. When I try starting the game through steam it starts battleye but soon crashes saying Battleye Launcher has stopped working. I have tried deleting the battleye folder in the program files then verifying the integrity of cache but it doesnt work. Ive updated my nvidia driver and let my firewall allow PUBG. I've uninstalled once and it didnt solve anything. The main forums didnt help me so im hoping someone will know what to do.
  11. Доброго времени суток! Подскажите, пожалуйста, в чем может быть причина следующих лагов: во время игры, резких разворотов, а иногда просто во время бега (особенно в зданиях) появляются мелкие фризы, после которого тебя наоборот бросает вперед, как будто игра наверстывает упущенную пройденную дистанцию (прошу не путать с лагом на сервере, когда ты бежишь, а тебя возвращает на место по 10 раз. Это другой случай). Иногда подбегая к зданию, получается войти раза с третьего. Бросает постоянно то мимо двери, то оказывается что я уже пробежал пол комнаты. Ставил MSI Afterburner, думал увижу во время фризов какого железа не хватает, но в этот момент даже фпс якобы не проседает особо. Железо, ясное дело, уже никудышнее на сегодняшний день для подобных игр с такой оптимизацией, но хотелось бы понять, в чём основная загвоздка. AMD FX-6300, MSI 970A-G46 (MS-7693), Radeon R9 270x, 2x Goodram DDR3-1600 4096MB, SSD нету Неделю назад специально ради хоть малейшего улучшения производительности переставил винду, выиграл 10 фпс в лобби, по игре сложно заметить. Видеокарту настроил на максимум производительности, в ущерб качеству. Поставил файл подкачки на диск с игрой на 8 Гб на всякий случай. Все настройки игры для улучшения графики в файлах прописал. Параметры запуска так же включил для максимальной производительности. Пробовал Razer GameBooster, до сих пор не могу понять улучшает ли он что нибудь. Пинг на Европе 60-90. FPS в лобби 110-115, в игре в среднем 40-65. (скачки до 120 и просадку перед погрузкой в самолет до 25 не считаю) Короче говоря, что именно может вызывать эти постоянные "рывки" после микро-фризов. Возможно кто то уже сталкивался. Кардинальную смену железа пока не рассматриваю, но хотелось бы знать, из-за чего идет эта проблема. Заранее спасибо!
  12. Bug Description: I load into game just fine, no problems, no lag at all. Menu looks great, character moves smooth and match find moves smooth. Tabs open without delay. When I finish finding a match, that's when the problems begin. I can hear warm up and hear punches, gunshots, people moving, etc but I'm stuck in load screen. I hear the plane and I can hear myself jump as well as when I hit the ground. 4 games in a row I've played through this and twice I landed near or in water. I could hear myself walk/swim through it but still in load screen. Date Seen: May 1st, 2017 - May 16th, 2017 Server: North American Server, Non-Test Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Uninstalled game after verifying, deleted WindowsUserConfig then verified, I tried prioritizing the game for more power, nothing happened. I tried Clean Boot State, didn't work. I tried setting everything to bare minimum and still nothing. Other Information: Launch Options: System Specifications: Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad Core 3.60 GH/z Ram: 4gb
  13. Date Seen: 16 APRIL - 16 May 2017 Information: Windows 10 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU 2.40 GHz Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce GT 750 8GB RAM Settings: all very low Server: Main server. Bug Description: Game crashes out to desktop almost everytime i play this game. 9 out of 10 times my game will crash and go to my deskop. no matter im in a car, jeep, on a bike, running, opening door, looting items on floor. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Updating video card drivers Restarting computer Restart Game Validate game files Re-download game from steam Format my laptop i've actually formatted my laptop and the same situation still occurs. always occurs on AS server but a little less when im on OC server. Launch Options: -maxMem=7000 -malloc=system -force-feature-level-11-0 -sm4
  14. When I go into matchmaking and find a group it takes me to the black loading screen with the logo, After about 30 seconds it closes the game completely. Anyone else having this problem and know how to fix it?
  15. Hey Guys! Specs Here: Gtx 960m 6700HQ 16GB Ram 1TB ssd So, just after the first month update, i was receiving major fps drops when playing. I would be skydiving and then my game would just go down to 1-5fps and then shoot back up to 60fps. It completely un-playable as it is every 5-10 seconds. I have tried all the launch options and the scalability, gamerusersetting, and engine methods, none of them work. My pc is completely virus free and it happens on no-other game. Now, I understand that it is an early access game etc.. But the Lag did not happen before the major update. Someone please help, this game is my life! -Wolfy
  16. Killed a guy and went to loot. Got knocked out while falling. Video link attached.
  17. This is what happens when i start the game, the black picture is when i press space after started... have tried waiting like 10 min and see if something happens but it dosent, tried uppdating grapichs drivers and everything i've seen nothing happens just keep doing this...
  18. So i have noticed alot of things i find weird, annoying or just plain stupid about pochinki. 1. The fields, some of the small walk ways through the field seems to work more a wall than a slope. if i go under 50 km/h it stops me and damages me 2. The building near the church that has nice roof access. you cant pick up small items in that building or any building like that. I find this very annoying as i often have found compensators and suppressors there 3. The most south building. When look slightly south-west and up there is a little black thing. 4. The building in the middel with the chairs, you can get stuck in them. I've killed an been killed becourse we tried to jump over that. There is a lot of places like that. In mylta power the main building, bottom floor at some cardboard boxes. You probably already know some of these, but i will just make sure its out there. Hope these bugs gets fixed soon since Pochinki is such a good place in terms of position.
  19. Who experience this? I experience this couple of the times when I open the door by pressing F while my aim is pointed in floor (third person) instead the door should open I looted items behind the closed door. I should scaped but instead I died because of the loot I looted I delayed to scape. I don't have screenshot but I think most player have experience this I think. Another bug is in the second floor with tank. The loots is under the tank, you can see it but you can't loot it because it was stuck right under the tank. I think the item response is in the wrong area. That building have 3rd floor rooftop and 2nd floor like roof top and have water tank. I will provide screen shot here tomorrow.
  20. I was playing battlegrounds... Then this happened. I wanted to see how long it would last, so I stuck it out until I died. Turns out, the way the game was made makes this seemingly small glitch INSANE. I couldn't traverse through walls, but I could pick up items through them. If I ran into a wall I would do a weird jitter backwards. I thought "Man, this blows" But then something amazing happened. I figured out that hit registry... is clientside. This allowed me to shoot literally anyone, behind anything that I couldn't see. In the middle of a city behind 4 houses and 28 walls? Too bad, you just got headshot. At Georgepol behind 13 shipping containers? Too bad, just hosed you down with a Vector. I stuck it out until the end of the round and ended up killing 8 OTHER ENTIRE TEAMS ON DUO AND HALF OF THE REST OF THE MEMBERS ON 3 OTHERS. And I still died at #9! Needless to say, this is some crazy stuff that needs to be fixed immediately. People probably thought I was wallhacking, botting, something. Nope. Gotta fix this one ASAP devs, I almost won an entire match all by myself, my partner died 5 minutes after we landed. Sincerely, A Concerned Gamer.
  21. When I started up Battlegrounds today, my guy appeared on my screen with no shirt on, which several hours before I had my white button up on while playing duos. When I checked my inventory, my black shirt was gone and points were given to me equal to it(The white button up was still present). I never sold the shirt, so this is quite frustrating.
  22. At spawn island is ok, but landed anywhere pov shifted
  23. There is an annoying small stone wall in stalber that you get stuck in if you crouch and move towards it, there's no way of getting out of it and getting stuck there is certain death.