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Found 14 results

  1. Following situaiton: I was inside a shed after being revived. An enemy was outside the shed reloading. i went out and moved around the corner and stood with my back against the wall of the shed while aiming at him. At this moment I saw my head filling the wole monitor but not my crosshair! I was unable to kill the reloading guy cause i could just not aim. A second later he killed me! This would hve been an easy kill but the camera was totaly weird in that moment. p.s.: Also can you please allow us to prone when we are directly standing at a wall? It takes time and highers risks to step back before we can prone! Well in generall everytthing needs to feel just smoother but priority has the camera views while aiming plus the wall glitch thing! And why do we have to wait a second before we can enter a car? Make the "F" to enter the car visible when its ready to enter at least!!!! otherwise people enter and leave and enter the car again.
  2. Bug Description: There is currently a bug where if a player throws a grenade just before the plane spawn occurs, their 3rd person camera can get shifted. I have encountered this bug on the last patch as well as the most recent patch. In the screenshot below, taken in the prior patch, I am in the hut on the left, but my camera is shifted to the right. (it's not only shifted to the right, I've also had it shifted higher above my head. With the camera shifted, it makes 3rd person tough to play in. This comes with the ability to see through walls. Actually I just had a game where my camera was shifted without throwing a grenade. I was punching. So it seems that certain actions done just as the countdown timer ends on the pregame island can cause the camera to shift. Date Seen: 4/22/2017 Server: LIVE server Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing seems to fix this - just have to get to the next game Other Information: Actions taken before spawning in the plane. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Pro Graphics Card: 2x NVIDIA Titan (Pascal) CPU: I7 5930k @ 4.5GHz Ram: 16GB 2400MHz Corsair
  3. Hi again! I discovered a new bug that I've managed to happen twice now. It all has to do with the parachute landing as far as I can tell. Basically what happens is a weird chute landing results in the third person camera being angled in a weird position, basically it latches a meter to the right of the character instead of where it should be. Notes: First person, aim down sight and vehicles seem to work as normally. But what happens when this bug occurs is that the camera attached to the playermodel is ahead of the player, so you can see through any object if you stand close to it. Computer specs: Intel i7 4790 16 gb ram AMD R9 390x2 Video: Hope you can fix this, 'cause not only can it be misused a bunch but also it's so awkward to play with! Hate it. //Esoeth
  4. I believe it has to do with the motorcycle. Road from Mylta power to Georgopol and noticed the 3rd person cam was zoomed further in and offset to my left. I recorded it. You will see the problem with said bug.
  5. I just played a game and upon landing i noticed my camera was bugged, in third person it looked like the camera was placed in top of my head and i could barely see my body and when walking near a tree or wall the camera would snap through it allowing me to see and loot through the walls, was not able to shoot through though. Close up picture of the tree to show in the next picture me looking through it. Same location.
  6. bug

    Camera bug: In some rounds i have been experiencing this bug which causes the camera to not move the character so you can turn the character and when trying to go in first person you dont actually go in first person and the camera will look off set as if it was on your shoulder. This bug also will not let you shoot or use and item which is game breaking. I tend to run into this bug about 1 in rounds which is really annoying making that whole round unplayable. Death Screen bug: In the past 24hrs i have encountered this death screen bug 3 time when ive been playing in duos or squads and when i was the last person alive , im not sure if its in solo tho, the bug basically doesn't show the correct death screen because usually it would show the summary saying kills , points and amount of bp credits earned but instead it only shows a camera angle of your dead body and you have to wait til someone wins to show the normal end of game screen so if you want to play a game straight after you died you have to restart the game or if your lucky some times it says exit to lobby in the bottom right corner but wont get the stats of that game added which is annoying because ive got a good few kills in those games. I'll try add some screenshots of theses bugs when I encounter them again.
  7. Hey there. I have encountered a bug where i glide a long distance by opening the parachute early on dropping off the plane and landing with a misplaced camera. The camera usually gets misplaced either too much to right or left and makes it possible to see through walls and etc. (No picture included coz being stupid and not taking picture.)
  8. So, I have to admit this snuck up on me. I wasn't aware that you can now lean in full third person mode (not targeting mode). I'm not sure when they added it, but I believe it was in this recent monthly patch. I didn't see it in the patch notes though, so who knows. It confuses me though. since you're moving as slow as leaning in Targeting mode, and I really don't know why. But even more confusing than that is the fact that when adding this they're STILL shying away from adding proper perspective switching in third person. Before, I figured that lean keys in full third person mode (not targeting) would switch the camera position, but it's still missing, and now we have this. I have some choice words about the lack of the camera switching feature, but I don't necessarily mind this leaning, and There's no reason it couldn't happily coexist with the ability to switch the camera. All that really needs to be done is have the camera toggle sides when you press lean outside of targeting mode, just like it does in it. Holding it will lean, in addition to switching the camera, just as it does in targeting mode. I don't expect it to be as effective as the right side, after all you still have to peek with most of your body, but it's still important to have the visual information. It's essential. I get killed when forced in a situation like that by someone who knows what they're doing, and i do the same to others. There's nothing good about fights being basically decided by that though. It turns close engagements around things like rocks or trees into ring around the rosie as people desperately attempt to avoid having to think about using this currently shit system to peek left, and it both looks and feels pathetic. It needlessly draws out what could otherwise be decent engagements into standoffs that give one side a huge advantage. It's bad as it currently is. valve pls fix
  9. The game runs normally until I am hit by another player. Then it is as if the mouse is dragged up towards the sky. The only way for now to make it stop, is to quickly tab out and back into the game. If I am then hit again, it happens again. Maybe I'll be able to make a video of what this looks like. It has only started occurring after installing the new patch yesterday. Never had any problems before.
  10. Hi devs, I really hope you will get an opportunity to read this feedback. I have played for over 30 years and well versed in games such as yours. I also happen to have a background in the game industry, so this feedback is related to my insight into how things work. In most games, including yours, the camera view is rendered differently than the gun-aim. Unfortunately, in your game, this generates issues when the character is in prone position or generally when the camera and the gun-aim differentiate due to world geometry coming too close, such as covers, walls, doors, anything solid that displaces the camera from the gun-aim. I have died more times due to this viewport method than I have to anything else, including today where I was the second last person alive, was in prone position, went into aiming down my holo-sight, could clearly see the opponents head coming over the terrain and in reality and if the game did not render viewports like this, I would have had first chance at detecting and shooting him before he sees me in prone position. Yet, because the camera view and gun-aim are separate and their separation becomes a clear issue when solid geometry, in my case the ground in front of me, gets in the way, I ended up shooting in the ground in front of me, despite the gun-aim aiming directly at the opponents head. This really needs to be addressed, otherwise we will continue to have this issue throughout whatever iteration and gameplay changes are introduced. I think you have a solid Battle Royale attempt at your disposal and your approach is very promising, which is a sentiment shared by many of my friends playing your game. Yet, some issues clearly need to be ironed out and this viewport issue is one of crucial ones. Best regards and I hope to have reached someone in charge with this.
  11. There's a rare camera glitch I've gotten a few times over my 30 hours of playing the game. Only thing I could find by searching that was close to this is the bug that lets you walk through certain walls. But this bug permanently changes the position of your character to the right, witch makes me think it has something to do with the shoulder swapping?
  12. It's a pretty universal system for games like this, to be able to use a hotkey to change which player shoulder the camera is overlooking. For instance right now its defaulted to looking over the right shoulder of the player. Now if you are to walk up to a right corner of a building/wall you cannot see passed the wall without completely exposing yourself (the lean mechanic does little to nothing to aid this). I feel we should be able to use, lets say middle-mouse button, to freely swap out which side the camera positions itself behind the player to make peaking around corners viable from either a left or right corner.
  13. THIS NEEDS TO BECOME A THING. I know from my own personal experience that when I die, I get very frustrated and aggravated that I had no idea WHERE the HELL the person who killed me was even standing. I am not asking for a replay of my death from their perspective or anything of that sort. I just want to know where they killed me from! The easiest fix to this would be to just position the camera in the direction of the player who killed me. I don't need to immediately start spectating them and see exactly where they were, just point the camera towards them so I know where I died from... Sound in this game plays an extremely important roll, I get that. In my last game I know someone killed me from my left, but crouching behind a tree and seeing my body just instantly ragdoll from a headshot from a sniper rifle makes me want to flip my desk. If I at least SAW where the person was standing/sitting, then I would be able to at least say "Oh okay, damn, he was prone behind that rock, FeelsBadMan" or "WOW, he was so far away! I can't believe he got that shot, what a good player." With that I would be able to move on easily and realize I should probably check in odd places next time I play. It's all a learning experience and I REALIZE that the game is still in "early access/beta;" however, I honestly believe this would be a good addition to the game. It would alleviate a lot of frustration for myself; as well as MANY others I am sure. OTHER THAN THIS, I LOVE THIS GAME. This game is definitely very well done and I appreciate everyone at the studio who is working on this. I will spend many hours in this game I can't wait until it is fully released.