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Found 6 results

  1. Enemies stuck under the map

    Sometimes when you are in the final circle you find yourself alone with no enemies on the map, even though the player count says there is more. It seems they are stuck below the map where they can't be killed nor seen. The only way to win is to place yourself in the middle of the final death-circle and spam meds, as the guy who is stuck can't heal. A semi-famous youtuber, Aculite, experienced this recently. Here is a link to the video: (Watch from 35:40-39:30)
  2. If anyone else is feeling the itch to pause on playing, pile in. I've been playing this game straight since it was first released. It was quite enjoyable, even if framerates were low, and some major lag was messing up fights. However, it's been a while and new issues are arising. Hacking is now out of control. If you scour youtube, people are starting to release more hacking vids, and there's a good reason, more people are increasingly hacking. This is screwing the leaderboards, and screwing the community. With that said, we've been waiting for the network fixes for quite a while, and I know they'll be released soon, but I think it's time to pull back. This network issue needs to be really ironed out. I hope the upcoming fixes will address things, but I'm willing to wait a long while before I check back in. I'll come back, because I think it has a good mixture of mechanics and will certainly be a major competitive game. C'ya around.
  3. Hacking and Cheaters

    This game needs to sort out the problem of people using hacks or it will die a quick death like all the other games before it. Infestation: Survivor Stories is a classic example of what will happen to this game if they don't put in serious anti hack software. There are already multiple YouTube videos of people hacking and because a lot of younger kids play this, you can guarantee when they start t get owned all the time my experienced 1st person shooter players they will turn to hacks.
  4. So i was playing a solo match in SA Server and 2 guys start shooting me together, they are a team, a duo on the solo mode. What a shame, look guys, at the white tree in my front, 2 guys shooting me. What you guys think about that?
  5. Just made it to the top 2. Last guy conveniently froze me up.
  6. I have an issue with squad that has me wanting to stop playing the game all together, because it happens so frequently. You join a lobby and get some of the most toxic and ignorant people imaginable and it literally ruins this game for me and I am sure for others too. The link below is just a small clip of the type of players usually found in squad matches. If you can just get rid of people like this or create a report function like seeing the names in lobby and allow us to type/attach files like the forums it would solve so many problems people would actually use some common sense knowing they can get reported. Right now it's just a free for all and with no consequences this is why you find people sitting in lobbies screaming the N-word or adverting for cheat engines then leaving before it starts... I really enjoy the game but please create some form of in-game report function. I only want to see the community improve!