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Found 5 results

  1. Bug Description:Clipping through the ground due to poor optimization Date Seen: 7/20 Server: 51D79F. Other Information:playeruknown refusing to properly optimize the game. The game is completely buggy and Needs actual work done within the game to improve optimization, Playdough like textures and models are extremely common, as well as poor FPS. I realize you stated you don't really plan on improving performance for "lower end" builds, but you have to, otherwise stuff like this will continue happening due to your stubbornness Launch Options:I'm not using any command line options, System Specifications:Windows 10:GTX 750 OC:G3258:8GB DDR3:
  2. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    I don't even know how I got into this, I think I came in from the top.
  3. Guns clipping again

    Devs- I'm sure you already know, but guns are clipping through walls again. Please fix... such a downer. **Mental note** Stay away from walls. kthxbai, -x
  4. So recently I've been having an issue when doing Duo and Squad matches, but never Solo. Buildings are shapeless with no details, and you can never find the door. I can however just phase through them and start rubber banding. This allows me to see completely through walls and floors, and pick up items, etc. What I recently learned, after landing on a roof somewhere, is I can see down and at everyone else in the building while in my perspective I'm hovering. I picked up a shotgun and my team mate got downed a couple floors below. So I just started shooting at where the enemies were, and I killed two. Through two floors down. My friends and I know we've been shot at like this, and after that happened we knew what must have occurred when it happened to us. I get these shapeless buildings every game of squad and about fifty percent of the time during Duo games. Not sure why never Solo. My friend suggest I get an SSD so I load faster, but my room mate and I have pretty decent computers and don't think we should have to shell out for an SSD just to install this game on. Is there any other fix to make buildings load in faster, or just be there already? If you could post a link where this is already being discussed, if it is already, that would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Clipping/launch pad bug

    I just found this on the subreddit. Bummer for this guy but didn't look like anyone posted this particular one. Here's a link to the gif showing location and the event itself.