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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, Just started playing the game and I'm having a blast, but I would like to use my controller rather than my keyboard. I've tried with the default in game binds but I cannot find a list of what each button actually does. Is there a list of which button does what action or has somebody made a optimal bind setting? I realise I will be at a huge disadvantage and this isn't how the game should be played etc etc but I would like to play the game like this. Any input is appreciated. FightMe
  2. Hey guys(Devs and everyone else), ...ill make this short. I use a ps4 controller for the most part when gaming and with this game it was no different, set up was easy. The problem is the setting wont allow me to "invert the mouse". When I press "apply" to apply changes, it does nothing. Can you guys(The Devs) fix this? Has anyone playing solved this problem? Curious to know, more people would play for sure. Great concept, great game... wanna play more but keyboard n mouse make me an easy target(lol, I suck... bad). Thanks for reading this.
  3. I connected a controller, then binded a few buttons to my controller. I went into a game and all the buttons remapped, so I disconnected the controller out of game and restarted it and now I can't change a few key bindings. They are stuck mapped to nothing and I can't rebind them. Help please -- Please see this post:
  4. So I downloaded PUBG and wanted to use my xb1 controller. I plugged it in and bound the buttons in the settings and it seemed to go great, until i got in the game. Not only did the controller bindings not work, the keyboard bindings aren't working now either. Now i cannot play the game at all. It was the first game too, so I payed 30 dollars and have yet to play the game. Please help me
  5. So if there is another topic like this please send me a message and i'll delte this right away. But me personally think using a controller would be nice to make playing simple and easier for some people. Just an idea.
  6. PUBG G13 profile. Works well for me. Joystick set to character movement. Optimized for immediate prone while running, Peeking around corners. Can be used as a starting template and configured to your desire or needs. Save to the desired folder and use G13 software to import. Couldn't find one on the net so thought I would share for other G13 users Enjoy!! PUBG.xml
  7. I use an Xbox controller and have successfully binded all the necessary keys i need to my controller. However, no matter how much I change the sensitivity, aiming down sight always has such high sensitivity to the point where i cant even play the game. I've deleted the WindowsEditor files multiple times, so its not a problem with that. Has anyone figured out how to change this or modify it? I hope this game gets added controller support like almost all games do.
  8. Hey Guys, It would be great if we could disable the controller or at least the rumble somewhere. Because it's annoying to pull the plug every time I want to play PUBG. I hope that this is an easy change for you.
  9. I accidentally left my controller plugged, when i died it vibrated so i uplugged it at the start of the next game, but there was a notification that the controller was unpluged and i should press X on it.. there was no way to close the notification without the controller, might be worth fixin
  10. I may have done this to myself but I cant seem to fix the issue. I can no longer apply or change any settings under the controls panel. My interact key which should be F is currently blank, and every time I try and change it back to F, I press apply and yet it doesn't actually apply. I have tried uninstalling the game/settings but yet its still saved. Please Help Thank You!!
  11. Tried to plug in my PS4 controller because I'm not totally comfortable with mouse/keyboard in shooters yet. It didn't work so I unplugged it, and the game froze with a message saying "Player 1 please reinsert controller. X - to continue" but even plugging it back in did nothing, had to close the game and start again, no controller. I haven't even actually played so I thought I'd just point this out. Happened 4/4/17 Z170 board, 16GB RAM, i5 6600K, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti
  12. Greetings! My favourite way to play FPS and move is a joystick. My favourite way to play FPS and aim is a mouse. Please, let us do both. Do not disable the mouse as some games do when a controller is plugged in. Overwatch allows this and its wonderful. However, Overwatch also has 2 different UIs for which your using, and it swaps on every input you make. Please dont do this, so we can play the game without the UI going nuts. Or, have an option to "lock" the UI to a particular scheme. Thank you.
  13. It boggles my mind that any developer would consider controller support an "optional" feature in 2017. Aside from the fact that the steam store falsely lists the game as having full controller support. Aside from accessibility issues that prevent disabled users from playing the game at all without full controller support, it's simply a mandatory feature for any game of this type in this day and age. Roughly 20% of the player base for similar games is using a controller at any given time. Many players play on tvs, not monitors at desks. Many others can't use a M+K due to repetitive stress injuries. Many others simply prefer to user a controller for this type of game and will not purchase it without full controller support which is an incredibly simple implementation for any windows 10 / ue4 game. I personally know eleven gamers waiting for this one feature that will purchase the game the day it is added. I also know three people who were tricked into purchasing the game due to it being listed by steam as having controller support that asked for refunds when they discovered that was a lie. How is ANYTHING considered more important at this point than adding an utterly simple feature when that feature's absence is a deal breaker for AT LEAST one fifth of your potential customers. You may not see the need for this feature but the fact is that the broader gaming community considers it a mandatory basic fundamental feature of any title released since, oh, five years ago at least. But no, in this case not only is the developer completely tone deaf on this issue, they have gone one step further and broken the game for people attempting to use a third party solution (including the integrated steam remapping feature) to use the input device of their choice. There is NO WAY to bind actions to various keys as they are "hard coded" to certain actions meaning every time you try to reload you also vault or every time you try to interact you also go prone, and there is no way to correctly map aimdownsights to a controller at all. Get your act together and add full controller support IMMEDIATELY. Prioritizing ANYTHING else above full controller support is sheer idiocy and any further delays will result in larger and larger groups of eager potential customers losing interest and moving on to other titles disgusted with the lack of consideration for disabled gamers and people who prefer not to use M+K for any one of a million perfectly valid reasons. If I see one more patch added to this game that does not include this feature I will NEVER PURCHASE ANY BLUEHOLE TITLE EVER AGAIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Get your heads out of your asses and get this right immediately and stop alienating and infuriating your would be customers.
  14. Hi. Today I decided to play PUBG after playing some Rocket League, I was playing with M+KB when suddenly a big message appeared that said my controller was disconnected, press X to continue, I realised I had left my controller somewhere and it had automatically turned itself off after some idle time (xbox one controller) Problem is, the message will only go away if you use your controller and therefore you cannot control your character which almost cost me the game. So, after the game I turn my controller off, the same message appears (in the main menu here) only this time I can't make it go away even with my controller so I have to Alt-tab and force close the game and start it again with my controller turned off.
  15. Heyo, so I didn't notice this in my search. I have Xbox Elite controller that I use wirelessly, but I do not use it for Battlegrounds. However, if the controller is turned on and while in-game on Battlegrounds it turns off the "Reconnect your controller" message pops up and can't be taken down without reconnecting that controller and pressing, well it says 'X' but it's not, X. Simple solution, turn off your wireless controller before going in game, I know. Just wanted to throw this into the minor bug pile.
  16. In the game's current state, is it possible to play with a controller such as an xbox one or ps4? And if so, are there any programs needed in order to play with one, or is it just plug and play?
  17. Bug Description: After attempting to keybind necessary buttons to an xbox one controller, the keybinding settings started to fail. First, a change in settings would not allow to be "applied" and "okayed" after starting and restarting games. Eventually whether changing settings at the main menu or in-game the player can create new keybindings or restore to default, but the settings do not save. Date Seen: March 24, 2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: I restarted the game multiple times, tried only "applying", tried only "okaying" and both together. Tried to restart steam, then finally uninstalled an re-installed the game, but the settings have been locked into my account. Other Information: could be linked to controller usage. System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: gtx 1070 CPU: i7 6770k Ram: 16GB 2017-03-24 15-51-55.mp4
  18. Im using KB&M and I unplugged my controller cause it was vibrating to get these white boxes. Cant dismiss them at all until the controller is connected again.
  19. My friend tried playin this game with a controller which was working out fine until he could not change any of the different look speed slider options so then he wanted to go back to using a keyboard and mouse, and he can not even switch back because the keys will not restore to default for him and when he tried to move his character with his keyboard there were no keys mapped to it so he would put them back in over and over but they would never apply I later tried this myself so I could try to help him fix it but I could not get it to work either PLEASE fix this because as of right now we cannot play the game as is with these controllers and we have debated on refunding even though we absolutely love this game and I myself really really want to play more of it but as of now we can't I know we are not the only ones with this problem and thanks for making an awesome game.
  20. I usually have my Xbox 360 controller plugged in at all times, in case I want to play a game with it (and because of ease of cable management). Playing the beta today, it happend a second time to me, that my controller vibrated off my desk and fell on the floor when I died (haven't checked yet if it still works, but I'm not too worried). Almost gave me a heart attack when that happend the first time around. Even with other games that use vibrate but that I am playing with Mouse and Keyboard, with the controller sitting in the same spot, that never happens. So, I wanted to unplug it after the round, but I forgot the last time in beta that I tried it (maybe also alpha? can't remember), you cannot continue playing when you unplug the controller, a pop up prompts you to plug it back in (see screenshot). Despite me not even using it in this game. So, i have to quit the game, unplug the controller and restart the game. Basically, I have to requests: 1) Enable unplugging of the controller in a running game. 2) Dampen the vibration a bit or make a menu option of strength with medium being the default and less strength than it currently is.
  21. I'm currently playing with my controller plugged to the back of my PC and when I'm out of the zone it vibrates, when I die it almost explodes. Is there any way to shut off controller or turn off vibration in-game? If not one could be in handy