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Found 9 results

  1. Hello All . i want buy System For PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS please help me for buy give me name and model ram . cpu . mother board and any need only give me best system for play this game i want fps more than 60 or 60 i want remain stable please Not too expensive ok? sorry for bad engilish regards.
  2. So iv done some guides and the games run great mostly above 50 fps and not much lag My specs are as follows 960M Nvidia Graphics card intel r core tm i7 4720hq cpu 2.60ghz 8 gbs of ram windows 10 64- bit system But after playing the game maybe after 20 minutes the game I THINK the game just decides to switch from my gpu to my cpu and i instantly get less than half fps and get sound stuttering, now i think gaming laptop users only get this issue and i would love if this got sorted maybe next update, theres no way to check the game is using my gpu at the current time im playing, but i have set it to use the gpu but the game seems to refuse after a while. I then have to restart the game and get another good 20 minutes before it goes to crap again. please add to bugs The date was as follows 23rd of april and 24th of april 2017 (Yesterday i did not have any launch options and the game still had this issue, adding it today only added fps but did nothing to the issue) -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4
  3. Bug Description: Game is taxing processor and, to a lesser extent, the GPU resulting in a temperature related shutdown to prevent damage to hardware components. Even on lowest settings, the only improvement that is seen is a slightly extended amount of play time before thermal shutdown is triggered. In my individual case, CPU is triggering thermal shutdown, but based on rates of temperature increase, GPU would also do so, but is cooling itself slightly better than my CPU manages. Date Seen: 4-9-17 through 4-20-17 Server: NA - Production Server Troubleshooting Attempted: All settings except for draw distance were reduced to lowest settings, computer was opened up and compressed air was used to remove all dust, verified that all fans were spinning properly, installed a temperature monitor and monitored while using other programs to attempt to rule out possible hardware failure, computer was reseated to attempt to improve airflow, box fan was used to attempt to draw off excess heat, MSI Afterburner and Speedfan were installed and configured to set fans to maximum RPM prior to loading the game. None of them suceeded in preventing overheating to the point of thermal shutdown. This is the only application I have run into in the years since building this machine that has taxed my hardware to thermal shutdown. Other Information: The worst temperature spikes appear to occur in the initial lobby area prior to the game starting(seriously, get rid of it. It serves no point and needlessly stresses machines) and after dying while in spectator mode. Launch Options: No launch options are being used System Specifications: See attachments, I can provide further information if requested.
  4. Hello players, I have taken some pictures with the ARX App from Logitech to visualise easier the usage of my CPU and GPU. Note: the Clock speed are false. Spec in my Account description. These Pictures are taken in Georgopool nord in a Soloplay on the newest patch from 20.04.2017. I have an avg FPS of 110. I have an 144Hz monitor so my aim is going for 144 FPS. Settings: Fullscreen @ 1080p. Look at Screenshot So I noticed that my GPU jump all the time between 30 to 87 % Usage. The CPU the first thread is always like 70-80 % and the others jumping like on the pictures. But it is strange that the Game don't increase my FPS to the desired 144 if my GPU and CPU usage are low. Greetings Vlamesneaker
  5. Debating weather overcloking my i7 2600k 3.4GHz will fix my issue as im only getting 15fps on battleground which is completely unplayable. From what people have told me Battlegrounds is using more CPU than GPU power currently (until an update?) thats why im looking to overclock but will this defo fix the issue as my GPU is pretty old now (AMD RADEON HD 6950) My bros PC has an i5 7500 3.4GHz and a AMD RX480 GPU and it plays like a dream. His processor speed is the same as mine (3.4GHz) so wondering if my issue could actually be graphics related? Or is it that his processor is 7th gen and works much better? Is it worth an overclock and if so what speed should be good on the i7 2600k?
  6. Will overclocking my amd fx 8350 make this game run better?
  7. I have been playing on my laptop until I can replace my desktop. My laptop has an i7 6700HQ and a GTX 960M. I know these aren't the best in the world, but they aren't total potatoes either. I have no problem running the game, and with settings fairly low I can get 60-80 fps for the most part, sometimes upwards of 100, sometimes as low as 45, but usually in the 60-80 range. I have read that currently, the game is more CPU intensive and is not utilizing our GPU's as much as it will when properly optimized. So here's the problem... My game doesn't look all that great. I can accept this, it isn't a huge deal, but when I see popular streamers and whatnot play the game, I can count the individual leaves on the trees and the game looks really good. My trees are green splotches for the most part. Kind of fuzzy looking. I understand that their computers are much nicer than my laptop, and they probably have i5 7600's or i7 6800/6850's with GTX 1080 Ti's, but I feel like my game should look a little... cleaner, than this. Even with all settings on ultra, the trees and far away water towers and things like that look jagged and fuzzy. I can run Battlefield on Ultra/High settings all day and it looks fantastic. I understand that Battlefield has a huge budget and is fully optimized, but my point is that I should be able to handle this game with what I have. Is there anything I can do to increase the capabilities of my CPU/GPU, for this game specifically? I need to double check my Nvidia settings when I get home and make sure I have everything bumped up, but as I said, I have heard from several sources that this game is more CPU heavy than GPU heavy, at least for now. I am also aware of overclocking, but I usually get a decent 3-3.2 GHz without having to do so, and I really don't like overclocking laptops.
  8. I bought Battlegrounds yesterday after playing DayZ for many years and I also started H1Z1 a week back too. I love these type of games and looks like Battlegrounds could be the best of the lot! My concern is my PC seems to be struggling with the game even though its still good spec and can manage every other game on medium/high specs absolutely fine. It seems very choppy, laggy and jumpy - so basically unplayable. Now I have just moved my PC to my girlfriends and her internet is only 14Mb but should this affect it like this? My PC spec is: Intel Core i7 2600k 3.40GHz 16GB RAM 2 x AMD Radeon HD 6950 (Crossfire) That spec should play it fine shouldn't it? My first concern was its Graphics but I turned on Crossfire so I have 2 x AMD Radeon 6950 and its still the same, even if i go to "Ver Low" setting. Arrrhhhh!!!!
  9. Hello, Wasn't 100% sure where to place this post but is anyone else having an overheating issue with PUBG? This is the only game that is giving my "Gaming Laptop" an issue. It's putting my GPU and CPU from 95-102 Celsius and feels like its burning a whole through my keyboard and the bottom. I have a Lenovo Y700 Gaming Laptop. Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M and the CPU is i7-6200HQ. I have played many different games on my laptop with no issues at all but for whatever reason PUBG puts it to its max. I have graphics on the lowest. The bottom of my laptop becomes so hot you literally could not hold your finger to it and the heat radiates through the keys and physically burns, its crazy. Any thoughts? suggestions? or similar issues?