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Found 163 results

  1. Когда запускаю матч вылетает игра, до обновления такого не было, что делать? Мой пк: i5 3330 gtx 760 12gb озу
  2. Please Post All Issues with Mid Game UI/Inventory/Crashing Here. Also, please Use the Bug Reporting Format and any work arounds/fixes that you have tried or that have worked for you. Make sure you state what you were doing right before the freeze/crash. Date Seen: 25 FEB 17 Information: Windows 7 - 64 Bit (Pro) Intel i7 - 940 Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 12 gigs RAM Settings: Very Low (all) Bug Description: When opening the inventory I get a ~1-2 second fps lag/stutter and the same lag/stutter if I have the inventory open and I switch equipment/clothes. (It feels like an issue with the 3D character model being rendered and having the render updated with new equipment shown.) Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: 100% repeatable when opening the inventory or when changing gear/clothes while the inventory is already open.
  3. 2nd time I've crashed since new update. First crash was lost connection to host about 10 minutes into game. Second crash gave me this error (attached).
  4. After the the most recent update the game has crashed in every single game I have played. 5 games in a row, 5 crashes. The game will be playing absolutely fine (solid 70-80fps), then freeze on the most recent frame, forcing me to restart my PC. On the last time it crashed I left the PC for about 15 minutes and came back, however it was still on the same frame. It happened once before the update about 5 days ago. Specs: i7-4770k, GTX 1070, 16gb DDR3. Any help would be much appreciated thank you.
  5. Hi, I am a decently sized streamer and I am having problems with the game. I am unable to stream because after 3-4 games, at the end or start of games, the game makes my pc restart, which greatly affects me as a content creator who uses twitch to earn a living. I would appreciate a fix, thank you!
  6. I upload the logs of the crashes, it only happend after the patch today , before it was run very nice and never got crashes plz help me,
  7. Hello, As soon as I run the inventory, the game crashes with the error message in photo. Do you have an idea ? I play with the settings at the lowest. i play with iMac 27 and Bootcam (windows 10 64b) - i5-4690 3,5Ghz - 24 Go Ram - SSD - AMD RADEON R9 M290X 2go My drivers are up to date. I uninstall and install the game several times.
  8. Got this error after the patch. If there's any other info I can provide let me know
  9. So this is easily the most tilted the game has made me. Playing squads, I'd already racked up 6 kills, there were 33 people remaining and I was about to run a guy over in the boat and get another kill.....then.....crash....complete game shutdown.....error message.....omg was I tilted, you can even see the blood spatter as my boat "hits" the guy on the beach.
  10. So I wasn't sure if this would work but since the game is still having a few problems, my husband and I, along with a few other friends have experienced random game shutdowns/crashes. Our game runs fine but at times, without warning, the game will just close without even an error message. I was wondering if there could be a feature where the player could have a chance to rejoin their team? I have played a few MOBA games where if you experience any sort of disconnection from your game, you get the opportunity to rejoin the game you left. So far, when a friend disconnects due to a game error, the only option is to use friendly fire and loot their body so the opponents don't have that opportunity to take advantage. What do you guys think - would this work? It can be very frustrating when you are doing well in a game and you don't even have a chance to try and rejoin your game because it decided to crash on you with no warning. Or if you lose your internet connection randomly.
  11. " LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\tsl\tsl-client-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 791] Rendering thread exception: LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\tsl\tsl-client-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 176] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG') KERNELBASE.dll TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe KERNEL32.DLL ntdll.dll ntdll.dll " I have no idea what this means so i how someone can help me out. bought the game yesterday and it worked fine, but today when I started the game the bluehole logo flickered and then it sent me the the menu. when i clicked duo or solo matchmaking the game would crash and the message above would pop up with the crash report. specs:
  12. I just had a game where the game crashed and told me that I needed to install .net framework 3.5. I know for a fact that 3.5 is enabled so it should not give me this error. It was mid round, I was just running around close to the sunken town. The only Windows log message at the time is that the VSS stoped due to inactivity but I can't really see it beeing of any importance.
  13. Bug Description: 1) A red zone explosion happened two times inside a building. First time - I was in a bathroom near the window. The door exploded, windows too. Almost died. Second time - I was in the middle of the second floor of a two story building in Pochinki (not with a flat roof, a triangle one). I died. Bug 2 : I crashed without any errors to desktop. The last few frames I saw were Network Lag Detected. Date Seen: Today Server: Test server, B4FC88 for the first bug. Second - also test server, but session ID unknown. Troubleshooting Attempted: None. Other Information: None. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: i7-4790 Ram: 16 GB
  14. when i launch the game the battleye like this and if i find match then in game 3 sec and the game crashing help me plss
  15. Hello ... ... my pc did twice a reboot by itself while playing battlegrounds (first happened 3 days ago, second happend one hour ago). -there is no automatic restart for BSOD activiated, and there is no BSOD or systemerrorlog (just an unexpected shutdown is logged in controlpanel) -it happened first time without launchoptions, secondtime with launchoptions: malloc=system -maxMem=12000 -refresh 144 -no overclocking at all -systemfiles und gamefiles scanned -no viruses or adware (avira antivir and addional scan with malwarbytes) -Battlefield 1+4, Titanfall 2, CSGO and Overwatch never rebooting my PC -Memtest86 and Windowsdiagnostic tool without an error on my RAM -Hardisk with Windows tool checked -all temperatures are normal at all time (max. CPU: <60°C, max. GTX970: <70°C , all fans are working) -12V, 3V and 5V are normal ingame setting aa: medium, shadows medium effects medium, everything else on high, resuliotion scale on 100 my System Xeon E3 1241 V3 @ 3,5Ghz (Haswell-Refresh, similar to I7 4770 without onboard graphiccard) Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H (Bios F7 all settings at standard) 16 GB 1600MHz Kingston HyperX PSU Corsair CX850m 850W SSD Crucial mx200 500gb (Systemdisk) HDD Hitachi 7K3000 2TB (Steam and Game installed here) Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming (not overclocked) Win 10 Pro 64Bit Creators update installed nvidia driver 381.89
  16. This usually happens within the first 15 minutes of the game, I will be stacked with an m4 ready to own some noobs, then my game crashes. The crash reporter pops up afterwards and I try to send a report, but the crash reporter crashes too. This isn't the only problems I'm having with this game. Nearly whenever somebody shoots/runs up on me I lose an immense amount of frames. I also rubberband when running around the map, especially when parachuting. SPECS: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core Processor 3.20GHz 8GB RAM Windows 10 (Unregistered) AMD Radeon rx 380 Graphics Please help, I've been moving up in the ranks but I keep getting set back by dying from getting kicked out of the game or lagging in a gunfight! IGN: LavaSquid
  17. PUBG crashes after 3-6 hours of continuous playing and says out of video memory, I have gtx 1070 so I have 8gb vram. There is something wrong, but idk what. I hope it gets fixed soon I see a lot of people with the same problem. My full computer specs: Mobo: Asus PRIME Z270-A Processor: i7-7700k @4.5Ghz GPU: Asus Strix RGB Aura GTX 1070 RAM: 16Gb DDR4 3200mhz PSU: 750W
  18. The game has been crashing since I bought it but very randomly. Sometimes it freezes, then force closes and the crash uploader pops up. Sometimes it displays some 0x00000ffffff thing and some other weird code. My crash uploader gives a System.Net.WebException every time i try to send the crash report. Tried verifying game cache (says all files are good), tried launch options -sm4, -useallavailablecores and -malloc=system, NVIDIA drivers are fully updated and cleanly installed. pls send help, I like this game SYSTEM: Intel i7-6700k 24gb Ram GTX 1070 8gb G1 Edition Game installed to HDD
  19. every time i tried to open inventory, game will freeze for at least 2sec, and then when i close it, it freeze again, and a notification pop out says network lag detected, and my character was locked for 1 sec, as i mentioned above, every time i open inventory, it will cause me standing still for about 5sec, which is very dangerous, plz dev team, fix this bug as soon as possible
  20. Hi i'm Myjo Recently a friend gifted me PUBG and it keeps crashing when trying to join a game. (crashes game and occasionally display driver) the weirdest thing is that it doesn't always crash i have managed to play several matches in between the crashes. PC specs: OS-Win 7 Ultimate CPU-Intel Core i5 750 @2.67GHz Ram- 8GB DDR3 GPU-NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570 <(below minimum) now i am aware that the GTX 570 is below the minimum requirements yet it has played several matches without any mayor problems. so i don't understand what the issue actually is .. Fixes i have tried. run steam as admin, run game as admin update drivers, clean driver install Lowest graphical settings (caused more crashes then just Low settings) i would love some help with this as i cannot refund the game as it is a gift
  21. does enyone have same bugg that make game crash every second game and get this message ? i have a nice pc and my other 4 buddies gets the same isue, and if goggle crome is on same time pc becomes a trashcan, i run i7 1070 msi and 16 gbram so im not out of date . if 1 start get the isue we all 4 need reboot pc so none get kicked out after waiting on 100 players its liek a dam desease =(
  22. Since the last Update. Windows 10 Prof 64Bit GForce 1070 GTX
  23. the game is working fine but suddenly when I tab trying to take weapons or something it crashes with the error: "the memory could not be written", I tried verifying cache + deleting stuff from c: + updating the amd drivers and i even tried to lower my graphics so much i barely saw something and it still happens. plz guys i need help Btw: I have 8 RAM if it matters + I play gtav, rust and dayz on high quality
  24. i cant run PUBG because battleye isnt working. Whenever i try running the game battleye says it has stopped working and i cant run the game. Ive tried alot of things and im all out of ideas
  25. Date Seen: 16 APRIL - 16 May 2017 Information: Windows 10 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU 2.40 GHz Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce GT 750 8GB RAM Settings: all very low Server: Main server. Bug Description: Game crashes out to desktop almost everytime i play this game. 9 out of 10 times my game will crash and go to my deskop. no matter im in a car, jeep, on a bike, running, opening door, looting items on floor. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Updating video card drivers Restarting computer Restart Game Validate game files Re-download game from steam Format my laptop i've actually formatted my laptop and the same situation still occurs. always occurs on AS server but a little less when im on OC server. Launch Options: -maxMem=7000 -malloc=system -force-feature-level-11-0 -sm4