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Found 13 results

  1. So I wasn't sure if this would work but since the game is still having a few problems, my husband and I, along with a few other friends have experienced random game shutdowns/crashes. Our game runs fine but at times, without warning, the game will just close without even an error message. I was wondering if there could be a feature where the player could have a chance to rejoin their team? I have played a few MOBA games where if you experience any sort of disconnection from your game, you get the opportunity to rejoin the game you left. So far, when a friend disconnects due to a game error, the only option is to use friendly fire and loot their body so the opponents don't have that opportunity to take advantage. What do you guys think - would this work? It can be very frustrating when you are doing well in a game and you don't even have a chance to try and rejoin your game because it decided to crash on you with no warning. Or if you lose your internet connection randomly.
  2. When i try to get in the game it says this: 20:40:06: Starting BattlEye Service... 20:40:08: Launching game... 20:40:18: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 20:40:18: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "\??\C:\Users\jonas\AppData\Local\Temp\dv1A5B8.tmp\p2556552062am.sys". and i don't know what to do pls help
  3. pc specs. Intel i74790k gtx980 16gb ram just got the game and it worked fine for about an hour. When I try starting the game through steam it starts battleye but soon crashes saying Battleye Launcher has stopped working. I have tried deleting the battleye folder in the program files then verifying the integrity of cache but it doesnt work. Ive updated my nvidia driver and let my firewall allow PUBG. I've uninstalled once and it didnt solve anything. The main forums didnt help me so im hoping someone will know what to do.
  4. so im starting to get annoyed now, as the crashes happen every single game now and i cant get off of the island in the lobby, is used to be random now i cant even start to play Bug Description: every time i go to play it freezes and crashes, used to only do it in game randomly and now it crashes on the lobby island every single time Date Seen: today twice, and every time i play Server: oc Troubleshooting Attempted: page file modification launch options game graphics settings Other Information: sometimes i go to report it and the bug report sender cant send it Launch Options: i have used a couple , using none at the moment as i wanted to see if i removed them if that would help( it did not ) System Specifications: Operating System:win 10 64bit Graphics Card: gtx1070 CPU: i7 6700k Ram:16GB ddr4
  5. Bug Description: The issue I'm having is described in this thread here: However, the "fix" provided by DashEWz' doesn't solve my problem... To start with, my game is installed to a different location than described in the related thread. My game installs to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG I've searched through all folders of the game directory and have not found a gameusersettings.ini file Date Seen: 5/1/17 - Present Server: All? Troubleshooting Attempted: - Installed the game on the same hard drive as my OS (C:). Originally installed on my 2nd HDD, where I install 90% of my games without issues. - Created directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and inserted the GameUserSettings.ini file from thread above. Other Information: I was able to play the game for 4 rounds before the game crashed and this issue began upon re-launch. Launch Options: I have not changed launch options. System Specifications: dxdiag screenshots: Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide some help!
  6. So I can consistently finish one match, regardless of how long the match lasts. Which is interesting because once I start up another match it inevitably crashes after about 10 mins into the match. The way I've gotten it to work is after a match ends, I completely exit out of the game and Steam, wait a minute or 2, then launch into another match. Haven't had any crashes since doing this so I'm wondering what the issue could be. I should also add when the crash happen it tries to send a crash report to Bluehole but it always fails. Any suggestions would be awesome.
  7. Bug Description: at first it would just close down with out anything, and now i got a crash report. pretty much im mega confused and can't play with my friends anymore :^) Date Seen: 2017/04/20 Server: Live server, Troubleshooting Attempted: i did this and it now got me to show me the crash report Launch Options: None System Specifications:
  8. game crashes everytime I leave a match
  9. Bug Description: The last few days since the new patch I"ve ran into a problem where my game will just crash. No warnings, no alerts or messages just freezes me and then when I go to the Task Manager it shows that PUBG is "Not Responding..." and I have to force quit the game to get back into the game. Prior to the new patch I never had this issue, I'd sometimes get a graphic memory lock up and if I waited a couple minutes it'd unlock and I could keep playing the same match, but that's not whats happening now. Typically when in a match my CPU is using most of it's core space running 80-95% capacity but I've noticed when these new crashes happen my CPU usage drops back down to normal levels, so its like the game is still running but has completely shut down so my computer recognizes the client is still open but that it isn't requiring any resources. Date Seen: April 21-23 Server: Live Server, Squads and Duo's only so far hasn't happened in a solo match yet. Troubleshooting Attempted: Control/Alt/Delete Force quit is the only way out of the client to restart it. Other Information: Cake or Pie??? Launch Options: Default, I don't mess with changing things this is BETA... System Specifications:
  10. Hi, Yesterday we've experienced allot of game crashes. As know, this is "normal" since the game is in Early Access. The thing is, we might have found a problem which causes the game to be crashed. Most crashes are caused by BattlEye. BattlEye removes itself from the memory what causes the game to be crashed. This results in unexpected game closes without a message or a game crash with the Memory Written error. Now. If you go to your Event Viewer on Windows and go to Windows Events -> System you'll notice the following: Bestandssysteemfilter 'BEDaisy' (versie 10.0, ‎2017‎-‎01‎-‎11T05:01:10.000000000Z) is uit het geheugen verwijderd. In English it means, that BEDaisy or BattlEye has been removed out of your memory. After that, the game crashes. Then BattlEye starts itself again. As attachment, check the .evtx file, you can open this by clicking on it. It will open the Event Viewer. crash2.evtx crash1.evtx
  11. My game stopped working every end of the game when I click to go back to the lobby
  12. Bug Description: when starting up game around 5 or 10 min in the game will freeze then crash without no warning Date Seen: 30/03/2017 Other Information: this will {sometimes} crash when game crashes System Specifications:
  13. after patch i got crash in 2/5 games, befor i had crash only 1/50 games. thx.