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Found 7 results

  1. crashes

    Bug Description: at first it would just close down with out anything, and now i got a crash report. pretty much im mega confused and can't play with my friends anymore :^) Date Seen: 2017/04/20 Server: Live server, Troubleshooting Attempted: i did this and it now got me to show me the crash report Launch Options: None System Specifications:
  2. game crashes everytime I leave a match
  3. Bug Description: The last few days since the new patch I"ve ran into a problem where my game will just crash. No warnings, no alerts or messages just freezes me and then when I go to the Task Manager it shows that PUBG is "Not Responding..." and I have to force quit the game to get back into the game. Prior to the new patch I never had this issue, I'd sometimes get a graphic memory lock up and if I waited a couple minutes it'd unlock and I could keep playing the same match, but that's not whats happening now. Typically when in a match my CPU is using most of it's core space running 80-95% capacity but I've noticed when these new crashes happen my CPU usage drops back down to normal levels, so its like the game is still running but has completely shut down so my computer recognizes the client is still open but that it isn't requiring any resources. Date Seen: April 21-23 Server: Live Server, Squads and Duo's only so far hasn't happened in a solo match yet. Troubleshooting Attempted: Control/Alt/Delete Force quit is the only way out of the client to restart it. Other Information: Cake or Pie??? Launch Options: Default, I don't mess with changing things this is BETA... System Specifications:
  4. Hi, Yesterday we've experienced allot of game crashes. As know, this is "normal" since the game is in Early Access. The thing is, we might have found a problem which causes the game to be crashed. Most crashes are caused by BattlEye. BattlEye removes itself from the memory what causes the game to be crashed. This results in unexpected game closes without a message or a game crash with the Memory Written error. Now. If you go to your Event Viewer on Windows and go to Windows Events -> System you'll notice the following: Bestandssysteemfilter 'BEDaisy' (versie 10.0, ‎2017‎-‎01‎-‎11T05:01:10.000000000Z) is uit het geheugen verwijderd. In English it means, that BEDaisy or BattlEye has been removed out of your memory. After that, the game crashes. Then BattlEye starts itself again. As attachment, check the .evtx file, you can open this by clicking on it. It will open the Event Viewer. crash2.evtx crash1.evtx
  5. My game stopped working every end of the game when I click to go back to the lobby
  6. Bug Description: when starting up game around 5 or 10 min in the game will freeze then crash without no warning Date Seen: 30/03/2017 Other Information: this will {sometimes} crash when game crashes System Specifications:
  7. after patch i got crash in 2/5 games, befor i had crash only 1/50 games. thx.